Part I

Hiller Helicopters Part II

January 10, 1957: RotorCycle XROE-1
The Hiller Model 1033 was a one man, foldable, self-rescue and observation helicopter. Two prototypes built for the US Navy.

Additional 10 units build in England as Saunders Roe G-46

1959 : X-18 World's first transport-size VTOL aircraft
RotorCycle XROE-1

1960 : Hiller E4 A four-seat version of the UH-12E

July 1961 : Hiller Ten99 Proposal of a US Marines assault helicopter.

1963 : Hiller joined Continental and their flying Crane project was the winner of the US Army 's industry wide heavy-lift helicopter competition. The program was canceled before a prototype could be built

January 26, 1963 : Fairchild-Hiller FH-1100 ( OH-5A )
The YOH-5 was designed for the US Army LOH competition and lost against the Hughes OH-6, but 246 units were built for the civilian market

- Crew: 1+4
- Length: 8.50 m
- Rotor diameter: 10.80 m
- Height: 2.80 m
- Weight: 621 kg / 1247 kg
- Powerplant: 1 × Allison 250 turboshaft
- Speed: 105 knots
- Range: 560 km


1964 : Vought-Hiller-Ryan XC-142
Designed from the X-18, was the winner of a contract for a tri-service VTOL transport plane.
With a max weight of 19000 Kg and a top speed of 690 Km/h remains the largest VTOL aircraft ever to fly until the development of the V-22 Osprey. Only 5 units were built

1966 : Loss of the LOH contract was a crucial factor in the Corporation. Hiller Aircraft ceased to exist as a corporate entity in 1968 when was merged with Fairchild.

1973 : Hiller Aviation. The company was refunded when acquired production rights of the UH-12E from Fairchild.

October 1999 : FH-1100 The Type Certificate was bought by Mr. Georges Van Nevel. Spare parts have been making since that time.

February 2002 : FHEONIX Van Nevel and his son Remy are remanufacturing the FH-1100. The new design, renamed Fheonix, will be presented at the HAI in Orlando, Florida.

April 20, 2006 : Helicopter pioneer Stanley Hiller dies, aged 81

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