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    Kaman Aircraft was founded in 1945 by Charles Kaman. During the first ten years the company operates exclusively as a designer and manufacturer of several helicopters that set world records and achieved many aviation firsts. Since 1956 Kaman begins to diversify as an aerospace subcontractor of Mc Donnell, Grumman and others.

    December 1945 :
    With $2,000 and his invention of the servo-flap controlled rotor, 26 year-old Charles Kaman founded the company.
    Charles Kaman

    January 15, 1947 : K-125 : Charles Kaman's first helicopter which utilized intermeshing rotors and his patented servo-flap stability control.

    One prototype built. A second prototype, called K-190, was an improved aircraft and flew in April 1949.

    July, 1949 : K-225 An improved version, the US Navy bought two and Coast Guard one for $25,000 each. Later, they will receive the H-22 designation.

    Evaluation of the K-225 by the US Navy led to an order for 29 K-240 known as HTK-1 to be used as primary trainer.

    December 1951 : A modified K-225 equipped with a Boeing 502 engine becomes the world's first gas turbine powered helicopter , ushering in the turbine age for helicopters. This aircraft is now at the Smithsonian

    US Navy K-225 The K-225 under evaluation by the US Navy

    1953 : Kaman produced the first electrically powered drone

    April 1953 : HOK (OH-43)

    1954 : K-16 A V/STOL designed around a rotoprop

    March 1954 : A modified Kaman HTK-1 becomes the world's first twin-turbine powered helicopter

    September, 1956 : HH-43 Huskie A variant of the OH-43, equipped with a Lycoming T-53 turbine engine

    Rotor diameter: 14.33 m each
    Length: 7.62 m
    Height: 4.74 m
    Weight: 2000 kg - Max: 4150
    Engine: 1 Avco Lycoming
    T53-L-1B of 825 hp
    Speed: Max: 190 km/h
    Range: 450 km
    Service Ceiling: 7600 m

    July 1957 : QH-43 Another modified HTK-1 becomes the world's first remotely piloted vehicle

    1958 : K-17 A cold-tipped jet powered helicopter

    Rotor diameter: 11.3 m
    Weight: 430 kg - Max: 900
    Engine: 1 Turbomeca Turmo of 600 hp
    Speed: Max: 120 km/h
    Endurance: 2 hours
    Service Ceiling: 1500 m


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