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Mil Helicopters Part II

1961 : Mi-10 Harke A crane, derivative from the Mi-6, the Mi-10 can carry loads up to 15000 Kg.
Picture from Roy's Russian Resource:

1964 : Mi-10k Harke
A new version of the Mi-10 which has a shortest length and shallow fuselage

1965 : Mi-2 Hoplite

1967 : Mi-8 Hip E / Hip F

Attack versions of the Mi-8. With up to 6 rockets launchers, 4 AT-2 anti tank missiles and a machine gun, it was one of the best armed helicopters of its time.
Mi-8 gunship

July 10, 1968 : Mi-12 Homer
Largest helicopter yet flown.
Only 3 were produced, it was a mix of two Mi-6 joined

August 6, 1969 :
A Mi-12 lift 40.204 Kg to 2.255 m
This big "helo" had a max capable weight of 105000 Kg

September, 1969 : Mi-14 Haze The naval version of the Mi-8, the Haze is a coast-based ASW (Antisubmarine Warfare) helo.

Rotor diameter: 21.29 m
Length: 25.3 m
Height: 5.65 m
Weight: 8000 kg - Max: 12000
Engine: 2 Isotov TV3-117A of 2200 shp each
Speed: 240 km/h
Range: 500 km

September 19, 1969 : Mi-24 Hind

1972 : Mi-22 Hook C A cargo helicopter, was a Mi-6 development.

December 14, 1977 : Mi-26 Halo Biggest operational Helicopter of the World

1981 : Mi-17 Hip H A newest Mi-8, the Mi-17 has an improved structure and better electronic systems. Uses the Mi-14's Isotov TV3 engines

November 10, 1982 : Mi-28 Havoc

Middle 1980s : Mi-30 / Mi-32 Tilt rotors projects, not built.

1986 : Mi-34 Hermit A light helicopter, the Hermit is primary used in civilian missions.

Rotor diameter: 10 m
Length: 11.4 m
Height: 2.75 m
Weight: 1450 Kg
Engine: 1 piston engine M-14B26B of 350 hp
Speed: 225 km/h
Range: 360 km
Service Ceiling: 5000 m
Mil Mi-34

1999 : Mi-38 The replacement of the Mi-8 / Mi-17 family

? : Mil Mi-44 Projected utility helicopter version of the Mi-34
Mil Mi-44

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