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    Sikorsky Helicopters Part IV

    Aug 26 1970 : S-58T Twin Turbine New turbine civilian version of the S-58. In a 1977 's issue, Popular Mechanics invite us to Go where you've never gone before with a S-58

    Aug 27, 1970 : S-67 The first Blackhawk

    S-58 featured in 1977 Popular Mechanics

    1971 : S-68 Not built.

    Oct 26, 1972 : Igor Sikorsky dies due a heart attack at the age of 83. His last day in his office at the Stratford plant of Sikorsky Aircraft was the day before

    Jul 29, 1973 : S-69 ABC (XH-59)
    The ABC (Advancing Blade Concept) was designed to prove the viability of two counter rotating main rotors on a common axis as a means of achieving higher speeds and better agility
    Its simple design eliminates the tail rotor for anti-torque and directional control. Rudders in the twin tail are used instead, as in a fixed-wing aircraft
    The concept also offers lower operating and maintenance costs. The ABC has been extensively flight tested as a pure helicopter and, with auxiliary propulsion, flown at speeds in excess of 480 km/h
    This system had the additional advantage of eliminating noise caused by the tail rotor and its transmission.
    XH-59A serial number 73-21942.

    Mar 1, 1974 : S-65E Super Stallion (H-53E) Three engine version of the twin turbine H-53A/D

    Sikorsky VH-53F Super Stallion Six units ordered for the USAF but with US Navy bureau numbers ( 159123 / 159128 ) for VIP transport by the 89th Military Airlift Wing. These were cancelled before deliveries could take place.

    Sikorsky S-71 : Not built, was the Sikorsky entry for the AAH program. The models chosen were the Hughes 77 (as the YAH-64) and the Bell 409 (YAH-63)

    Sikorsky S-73 : Not built, was the Sikorsky entry for the HLH program. The model chosen was the Boeing XCH-62

    Oct 17, 1974 : S-70 (H-60 Blackhawk)

    Oct 12, 1976 : S-72 RSRA

    Mar 13, 1977 : S-76A Originally designated Sikorsky S-74 was changed to tie-in with USA bicentennial. Sikorsky used the H-76 Eagle unofficial designation to promote a military version of this model

    Sep 1977 : The S-70B wins the US Navy LAMPS III competition ( Light Airborne Multipurpose System)

    End, 1978 : US Army received the first UH-60A

    Dec 12, 1979 : S-70L SeaHawk (SH-60B) (Former S-70B)
    The naval version of the Blackhawk, the SH-60B, designed as an anti submarine, anti surface-ship warfare system capable of operating from frigates and destroyers. Second naval variant is the SH-60F, CV-Helo, as the new aircraft-carrier-borne ASW helicopter, replacement of the S-61 Sea King.
    SH-60B Lamps III

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