American Sportscopter

Heli-Eagle Inc

Founded in 1990 with the dream of achieve light weight and low cost in order to put rotorcraft flight into the hands of most ultralight and helicopters pilots. Since 1993 mass production of the parts and components of three models have begun and the helicopters are being offered in a modular "Quick Build" kits home build helicopter

1990 : American Sportscopter Inc is founded in the US by a team of engineers

July, 1993 : Ultrasport 254 Single-seat ultralight helicopter
Rotor diameter: 6.4 m
Length: 5.8 m
Height: 2.2 m
Empty Weight: 115 kg
Gross Weight: 239 kg
Engine: 1 Hirth 2703 of 55 hp
Speed: 101 km/h
Endurance: 1.25 hs
Ceiling: 3600 m
Ultrasport 254

July, 1994 : Ultrasport 331 Single-seat, a grown version of the 254
Rotor diameter: 6.4 m
Length: 5.8 m
Height: 2.2 m
Empty Weight: 150 kg
Gross Weight: 295 kg
Engine: 1 Hirth 2706 of 65 hp
Speed: 105 km/h Max: 167
Endurance: 2.5 hs
Ceiling: 3600 m
Ultrasport 331

July, 1995 : Ultrasport 496 two-seat ultralight trainer
Length: 6 m
Height: 2.2 m
Empty Weight: 225 kg
Gross Weight: 493 kg
Engine: 1 Hirth F30 of 95 hp
Speed: 105 km/h Max: 158
Endurance: 2.25 hs
Ceiling: 3600 m
Ultrasport 496

1997 : Ultrasport 496 OPV The Ultrasport 496 has been modified as an Optionally Piloted Vehicle (OPV) that is, it can be flown either manned or unmanned. The OPV use the Bell 205/206 series rotor hub.
Utrasport 496 OPV
The 496 OPV is shown in comparison with a Bell 212 ( UH-1N )

On January 8, 1998, a team led by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) has been awarded a contract by the US Navy for its Vigilante vertical take-off and land (VTOL) unmanned air vehicle (UAV) based on the Ultrasport helicopter kit.
For its military role the Vigilante can be transported on and deployed from frigates and other Navy ships which are likely to reach the battlespace before aircraft carriers. As a result, the Vigilante will be able to supplement the mission of the Navy's jet fighters by providing early reconnaissance and payload capabilities. quickly and cheaply.
As modified for the Navy's use, the Vigilante will carry enough fuel to allow it to operate for up to 16 hours. Its imagery payload, the Wescam 12DS, has an infrared imaging sensor and a daylight color television camera.

Contribution: American Sportscopter Inc

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