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Westland Helicopters Part II

1934: Cierva C-29 Five seat gyroplane produced for Cierva, a single prototype was built but never progressed beyond the ground running phase due to ground resonance for which no remedy could be found.
Cierva C-29

February 5,1935: Cierva CL-20 Two seat gyroplane built for Cierva and Le Pere. Development abandoned due to threat of WWII

Rotor diameter: 9.75 m
Length: 6.17 m
Weight: 636 kg
Power: 1 Pobjoy Niagra S (90 hp)
Cierva CL-20

Note: The above two projects were undertaken at a time when the Company's main activity was concerned with fixed wing aircraft. It does however indicate an early interest in rotorcraft within the Westland organisation.

Westland Heritage

January 10,1947: Westland signed a licence agreement with United Aircraft Corporation to manufacture the Sikorsky S-51. This event signalled Westland's move into the helicopter business.

October 5,1948: WS-51 Dragonfly Westland built version of the Sikorsky S-51
Rotor diameter: 14.63 m
Length: 17.54 m
Weight: 2004 kg - Max.2675
Power: 1 Alvis Leonides 50 (540 hp)
Range: 482 Km
Acommodation: Pilot plus 4
No.Built: 149
WS-51 Dragonfly

November 12,1952: WS-55 Whirlwind Westland built version of the Sikorsky S-55, used for Search and Rescue, Transport and Anti-submarine duties.

Rotor diameter: 16.15 m
Length: 18.94 m
Weight: 2415 kg - Max.3265
Power: 1 Pratt & Whitney Wasp R-1340-40(600hp) or One Wright Cyclone R-1300-3 (700hp)
Range: 483 Km
Acommodation: 2 pilots plus 10
No.Built: 289
WS-55 Whirlwind

August 23,1955: Widgeon A five seat general purpose helicopter involving major re-design of the WS-51, including cabin, metal rotor blades and re-engine.

Rotor diameter: 14.99 m
Length: 17.72 m
Weight: 1960 kg - Max.2676
Power: 1 Alvis Leonides 521/1 (520hp)
Range: 499 Km
Acommodation: Pilot plus 4
No.Built: 15

May 17,1957: WS-58 Wessex (HAS Mk1) A general purpose and anti-submarine helicopter, using the Sikorsky S-58 airframe and transmission, modified to accept a turboshaft engine.

Rotor diameter: 17.07 m
Length: 20.04 m
Weight: 3446 kg - Max.5715
Speed : Max. 212 Km/h
Power: 1 Napier Gazelle 161 (1450 hp)
Range: 1038 Km
Acommodation: Pilot plus 3 (ASW)
No.Built: 167
WS-58 Wessex

June 15,1958: Westminster A single rotor transport helicopter research vehicle, Wholly funded by Westland based on the Sikorsky S-56 rotor and transmission system.

Rotor diameter: 21.95 m
Length: 26.44 m
Weight: 9635 kg - Max.14965
Speed : 241 Km/h
Power: 2 Napier Eland E229A turboshaft engines (3,150hp)
Range: 241 Km
Acommodation: 2 pilots plus 45
No.Built: 2

February 28,1959: WS-55 Whirlwind (Series 3, HAR 9 & HAR 10) The installation of a single Rolls-Royce Gnome turboshaft engine into the Whirlwind airframe represented a considerable improvement, used primarily in the SAR role.

Rotor diameter: 16.15 m
Length: 18.94 m
Weight: 2486 kg - Max.3538
Speed : 175 Km/h
Power: 1 Rolls-Royce Gnome H-1000 turboshaft (1050 hp)
Range: 514 Km
Acommodation: 2 pilots plus 10
No.Built: 75
WS-55 Whirlwind

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