Sikorsky HSS-1 / SH-34G Seabat

This model is a version of s-58 H-34

c/n 58-564

Year 1957

Helicopter Sikorsky HSS-1 / SH-34G Seabat Serial 58-564 Register 143886 H-3406 used by US Navy (United States Naval Aviation) Không lực Việt Nam Cộng hòa (South Vietnam Air Force (1955-1975)) tentara nasional indonesia angkatan udara (indonesian national defence - air force). Built 1957. Aircraft history


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usa 143886
US Navy
Sikorsky HSS-1N / SH-34J Seabat
USN HSS-1 d/d 22Jul57
conv HSS-1N (ASC 84)
soc NARF Pensacola, FL, 06Aug70
usa 143886
US Navy
1960 asg to HS-7 and on the USS Randolph (CVS-15)
south vietnam 143886
Không lực Việt Nam Cộng hòa
Sikorsky UH-34G Seabat
xfer VNAF as UH-34G, 143886, unk
usa 143886
US Navy
rtnd USN as UH-34G, 143886, unk
indonesia H-3406
tentara nasional indonesia angkatan udara
Sikorsky S-58T
sold California, unk
conv S-58T unk
del FMS to Indonesia, TNI-AU as H-3406, 1978
xfer 6 Sqn.

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