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HH-60J Jayhawk
70-1698 60 Jan18 at ATC Mobile
OH-58A Kiowa
40049 68-16735 this aircraft first came to D Troop 2/4 Cav in Ansbach Germany along with 10 others in order from 68-16730 to 68-16740. I had 68-16734 which is now on display at Ft Rucker, AL
US Marine Corps
US HMH-362
1988-1992, I was assigned to HMH-362. Assigned to the USS Saipan (LHA-2) in 1989/90. Someone noted that the tail code on one had an ME on it. I've always known us to have the YL, and every database I searched showed this to be true. I took the pictures, so I know they haven't been tampered with. Any thoughts why we would have had the ME on there? Thank you for your help. Ken Schubert
US Navy
US HSL-37 Easy Riders
Jul75, I was one of the enlisted team that commissioned HSL-37 at Barbers Point. CTRCS Ben H. Furnas
US Air Force
US 1550 ATTW
1971-1973, I was there at Hill as a crew chief on N and H models. . Wish I could get in touch with Rick Neal, RC Miller Marty Martinez, Al Magnum. Langerbe. I remember working long hours to meet deadlines, and training mandates. Dan Browm. Im on facebook
Fleet Air Arm
UK 824 NAS
When C Flight aboard the Fort Grange as she was then (now Fort Rosalie), sailed for the Falklands, it had three HAS Mk2 Sea Kings not two. One was permanently tied down on the flight deck in the lee of the hangar.
US Navy
US HS-15 Red Lions
1982-1985, HS-15 SH-3H pilot. Checked in on a Saturday June 1982 and left 3 days later on 6 month deployment on USS Independence (CV-62) to the Med as an Ensign (Fleet) pilot for 4 of the 6 months! My 2nd deployment with HS-15 on CV-62 was Oct 1983 - only 6 hours out of Norfolk we were turned south for Grenada ops. Skipper CDR Harve Fielding (w/ LCDR Gerry Carroll copilot) received Helicopter Pilot of the Year award for a rescue of 13 Army personnel. We also performed the rescue of the first successful 4-man ejection of an S-3. Straight to Beirut after the Marine Barracks bombing. Gaddafi had threatened to put a torpedo into an American carrier. LCDR Palko and I were ready to drop a live warshot torpedo on an unknown submerged contact closing the carrier but were not given permission to drop. Very close. My third cruise with HS-15 was 84-85 to the IO as an LT. CDR Arnal Cook USNR RET
US Navy
US HC-6 Chargers
1982-1985 Aboard the USS Santa Barbara (AE-28)
US Air Force
US 37th ARRS
Detachment 7, 37th ARRS: I was stationed at Minot AFB from 31jan79 to 20apr87. We switched from having 5 F-model Hueys (1215--put on display on base...I hoisted it up there with an A-16 Crane and Pony,1238, ??66, ??65 are the ones I remember) right after I got there to 5 HH-1H Hueys. H-model tail numbers I remember: 2476, 2477, 2483, 2486.
US Navy
US HS-85 Golden Gattors
my father Joseph Larsen was part of the, sadly i don't remember his rank but he worked on the helos. bringing memories back of his and our time in NAS Alameda with his recent passing
Army Air Corps
UK 660 squadron
Also detachments at Long Kesh in 1975 with 658 Sqdn and in 1976 with 654 Sqdn. Scouts in 1975, Gazelles in 1976. Gazelles in 1975 were XW 892, 893, 896, 897, 899, 900 Scouts 1975/1976 included XV135, XR595, XT620, XP894, XT617
31643 158558 1990/91 was mine, asg HML-767 while we deployed to Desert Storm Desert Shield. Great aircraft, flew excellent and no major component changes or down time the entire Gulf War.
102 - Delivered to flight test Vertol(Boeing)for FAA certificate assurance 1962/63.Intention to be used by PanAm to fly port to down town roof of the Pan Am building NY.
2187 152565 True the aircraft was destroyed in 1985 but was during night VERTREP to USS Iwo Jima (LPH-2). Rotors came in contact with guy wires for antennas around super structure and the aircraft fell on the forward gun, broke apart and crushed a cobra attack bird. I Was there, sister detachment from HC-6. Pilot and crew were friends.
2197 152575 Confirmed: Pallets of milk were weighed in kilos but crew thought it was lbs. Aircraft was over weight when attempting to land aboard the America. I personally talked to the crew following the accident as I was in their sister squadron, HC-6 and deployed to the “Med” at the same time.
7149 - Deeside Flight Simulators by Jan18 as i/a
UH-60A Black Hawk
70-014 77-22720 Jan18 at Western Army Aviation Training Site (WAATS), Arizona National Guard
SA365N Dauphin 2
6102 N365ME Was with STAT MedEvac for a bit
HH-60J Jayhawk
70-2281 6040 Jan18 CGAS Elizabeth City, NC
UH-1H Iroquois
10080 - 2017 in the "Taller Regional Quilmes" School
SE3160 Alouette III
1415 A-415 Pilot in command: Dirks. (Royal Netherlands Air Force) Apprentee: Klasema (Royal Netherlands Marine Corps)
SA330H Puma
1513 558 w/o 12jan18 shown shot down in a Boko haram video released by Sahar Reporters
US Air Force
US 7th SOS
1985-1987, I was a crew chief on 69-6606 at Ramstein AB. These same four aircraft were there, and had been reconfigured to VIP airlift. Tim Riley
US Air Force
US 21st SOS
The 21st was also tasked Eagle Pull for the evacuation of Pnom Penh, Cambodia
US Navy
US HS-8 Eightballers
Apr73-Nov75, Served under CO's Caine, Silva, and Coats in HS-8. Was aboard when we lost Andy. Worked most of the time for "No-Ass" Arlie Plemmons in 1st Lt.'s Office because I never changed from seaman to an airdale. Cdr Coats took the hit for losing Andy, but scuttlebutt has it that he was doing as he was ordered. With the shortage of parts, we seldom had all of our birds available. You can blame the Pre-Reagan Congress for that. WestPac 75 was still amazing! We spent more of our time in Subic, with stints in Yakouska, HK, and pining to make it home. USO show aboard the Kitty Hawk in November. I never lost my admiration at seeing a wave-off from Vulture's Row. Tomcats, Phantoms, Vigilantes.....
US Air Force
US 6514 TS
1975-1979 at Hill AFB H-53 Helicopters performed drone recovery missions over test range using MARS system.
31502 ZS-EOS 27oct17 in Liberia
Airbus Helicopters
H135 / EC135T3
1220 G-POLS 03dec17 12:41 hs flying around Aberdeen
UH-1B Iroquois
451 62-1931 03dec17 in storage on ramp at Gadsden, AL
0511 M-WHAT 09dec17 at Drake Bay, Costa Rica
6101 MM80972 Preserved at Roma Ciampino Airport as gate guard
9241 N145RP Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia, PA from Dec17; PennSTAR by Jan18
AW109E Power
11771 PR-WBA 27dec17 at Torre Continental, Cidade Jardim / Jardim Panorama, Sao Paulo
OH-58A Kiowa
40467 69-16246 B Co, 8th CAB became the 8th AHB and; C Co became the 18th AHB
UH-1D Iroquois
4269 ? Preparing for pending transfer to Spokane County Sheriff's Office, WA 19jan18

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