canada Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver, British Columbia

6.9 37CAK7 Childrens Hospital Heliport, British Columbia
8.7 30CBK4 Vancouver General Hospital Heliport, British Columbia
10.2 32 West Coast Shipbuilders, British Columbia
11.7 28CBC7 Vancouver Harbour Heliport, British Columbia
11.7 21 Coal Harbour, British Columbia
12.3 25CYHC Vancouver Harbour Seaplane, British Columbia

49° 11' 41.28'' N - 123° 11' 2.39'' W

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By Date | By Serial

107-iiC-FHFW 01feb99
205AC-GJTH 19may07
206AC-FCQE 11feb05
206AC-FOKU apr80
206B-2 Jet RangerC-GIKS oct80
206B-2 Jet RangerC-GMXE 02mar04
206B-3 Jet RangerC-GOPK apr81
206L-1 Long RangerN3174P 14jan07
212C-GBHJ aug80
212C-GMUJ 01jan81
234LRN239CH 01aug09
369D / 500DC-GSZT jan81
407C-FFCH 04aug16
407C-FMOT / 202 15jan07 04nov10 05dec11 05mar12
407C-GDOT 27jan10
412C-GKHS may81
412EPN266MS 02feb17
412EPN267MS 02feb17
ab139I-FIPS 08nov09
AS350B EcureuilC-FHHY 20sep03
AS350B EcureuilC-GYYR 17feb06
AS350B2 EcureuilC-FJHH 24mar12
AS350B2 EcureuilC-GHHV 21feb04
AW139C-FPSE 09oct08 12aug11 08oct14
AW139N33WX 22jun13
AW149I-AWCE 25sep15
bo105cbs-2C-GCHX / 357 05jul04
CH-124 Sea King12412 11dec03
CH-124 Sea King12419 15nov11
CH-149 Cormorant149904 05dec11
CH-149 Cormorant149909 18feb10
EC120BC-GMPT 01may06
HH-60G Pave Hawk92-26472 05apr07
HH-60J Jayhawk6025 / 163825 19jul13
S-61NC-FDOH apr81
S-61NC-GBSF 29dec09
S-61NC-GOLH jan81
S-61N Mk.IIC-GHJU 01apr00 01may04 08feb05
S-76AC-GHJL aug94
S-76AC-GHJP 01jun00 25oct03 01apr04 30apr05 04may07 11may10 22sep14
S-76AC-GHJT 15aug02 22oct03 01apr04 22apr06 15apr09
S-76AC-GHJV 15apr00 22jul03 31jul05 25jun07 29dec09 16apr11
S-76AC-GHJW 01oct97 01sep00 01jan01 09jul01 22jul03 21feb04 05feb05 07nov10
S-76AC-GIMQ jan81
S-76BC-FIRW 27jul11
S-76CC-GCHJ 19nov11
S-76CC-GHHJ 24sep11 12may12 20jul13 25feb15
S-76CC-GNYO 12may12
UH-60L Black Hawk91-26349 31may07

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