united kingdom Dyce

Aberdeen, Scotland
united kingdom

9.6130 Telford Jetty, Scotland
72.4314 Dallachy, Scotland
73.3200 HMS Condor, Scotland
85.9187 Bell Rock / Inchcape, Offshore UK
88.1310EGQS RAF Lossiemouth, Scotland
88.5264 Coire an t-Sneachda, Scotland

1934 to present

57 12 N - 2 12 W
5nm NW of Aberdeen
Elevation: 215 feet

Land acquired in 1931, opened in 1934. Initially for linking the Northern Isles with London. Became an RAF base in WWII and although fighters were based there during the Battle of Britain, it was mainly a Photographic Reconnaisance base. In 1947, it became part of the British Airports Authority. The first energy industry rotary wing operations began in 1967, and as the offshore hydrocarbon sector grew, so did traffic. In 2003 with over 35000 helicopter movements, Aberdeen was the busiest rotary wing base in the world.

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
2016/nowBabcock Mission Critical Services Offshore
2015/nowBE NHV (Aberdeen)H175 / EC175 2015/now
2001/16Bond Offshore Helicopterss-92 Helibus 2012/now
AW139 2011/now
super puma/cougar 2001/now
as365 dauphin 2 2001/now
2000/nowCHC (Aberdeen)
? to ?Bristow (Aberdeen)

News about this location :

CHC H175 Completes First Flight in Aberdeen, 05-Sep-17 : CHC celebrated the inaugural flight of the new H175 helicopter serving Shell to the Ocean Patriot from Aberdeen, Scotland

HCare Contract for CHC’ H175, 24-Aug-17 : CHC’s first H175 helicopter, based in Aberdeen Scotland, added to Airbus’s HCare Smart full-by-the-hour (FBH) service contract in order to obtain all spare parts and repairable items needed

First H175 Delivered to CHC Scotia, 02-Aug-17 : CHC take delivery of its first H175 for use in offshore oil and gas operations from Aberdeen, Scotland

CHC Two-Year Extension with Shell Aberdeen, 15-May-17 : CHC signed a two-year contract extension with Shell Aberdeen to provide helicopter services in support of their UK Continental Shelf operations

NHV H175 to Support SHL Offshore Wind Farm, 21-Feb-17 : Seaway Heavy Lifting (SHL) contract for NHV’s H175 helicopters to support construction of the offshore Beatrice offshore Wind farm 80nm from Aberdeen.

30-Jan-17 - Ithaca Energy Offshore Contract for NHV H175
23-Sep-16 - CHC Apprentice Programme at Aberdeen
03-Mar-16 - Heli-One Completes S-92A SLEP
18-Dec-15 - NHV With New H175 Helicopters in Aberdeen
16-Dec-15 - Bond Launched Aberdeen New Route Via Sumburgh
16-Mar-15 - AW139 and AW189 Aberdeen Supply Centre
22-May-14 - EC175 Demo Tour Stop In, Aberdeen, Scotland
16-May-14 - EC175 demo tour in England, Scotland and Norway

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By Date | By Serial

1974-apr-01 S-61NG-AYOM
1977-feb-01 S-61N Mk.IIG-BCEA
1977-aug Bristow212G-BCMC
1977-aug BristowSA330J PumaG-BERH
1978-jul-11 British Airways HelicoptersS-61NG-AYOM
1978-jul-11 British Airways HelicoptersS-61NG-AWFX
1978-jul-11 BristowS-61N Mk.IIG-BBHM
1978-jul-11 BristowS-61N Mk.IIG-BBGS
1978-aug-22 BristowS-61N Mk.IIG-BCLC
1978-aug-22 BristowS-61N Mk.IIG-BCLA
1978-aug-22 BristowS-61N Mk.IIG-BCLD
1979-may-27 S-61N Mk.IIG-BDKI
1983-sep-13 S-61N Mk.IIG-BBHL
1984-apr-09 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGI
1984-aug-08 AS332L Super PumaG-PUMB
1984-aug-08 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGM
1984-aug-08 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGU
1984-aug-08 S-61NG-BAKA
1984-aug-08 S-61N Mk.IIG-BCLA
1984-aug-08 S-76AG-BHBF
1984-sep-16 234LRG-BISP
1984-sep-16 S-61N Mk.IIG-BIMU
1985-apr-05 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGS
1986-mar-01 S-61N Mk.IIG-ATFM
1986-may-01 S-61NG-BFPF
1988-feb-01 AS332L Super PumaG-PUMI
1989-mar-01 S-61N Mk.IIG-BGWK
1990-sep-01 bo105dG-BATC
1992 BristowAS332L Super PumaG-BSOI
1994-oct-09 AS332C Super PumaOY-HMF
1995-sep-01 S-76CG-SSSC
1998-aug-26 heavy landingBritish International HelicoptersS-61NG-ATBJ
1999-apr-26 AS332C Super PumaG-BWWI
2000-feb-19 S-61N Mk.IIG-AYOY
2000-apr-15 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGL
2000-oct-27 AS332L2 Super PumaG-PUMN
2001-may-12 S-61N Mk.IIG-BIMU
2001-jun-01 AS332L Super PumaG-PUME
2001-jun-01 AS332L Super PumaG-BSOI
2001-jun-16 AS332L Super PumaG-BLRY
2001-jun-16 AS332L Super PumaG-PUMG
2001-jun-16 AS332L Super PumaG-BMCW
2001-jun-16 AS332L2 Super PumaG-PUMM
2001-jun-18 AS332L Super PumaG-BKZE
2001-jul-12 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGR
2001-aug-17 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGV
2001-nov-25 AS332L Super PumaG-BKZG
2001-nov-25 AS332L2 Super PumaG-PUMO
2001-dec-06 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGF
2002-jan-02 AS332L Super PumaG-PUMK
2002-jan-06 S-61N Mk.IIG-BGWK
2002-jan-26 AS332L Super PumaG-PUMD
2002-jan-26 S-76AG-CHCD
2002-jan-27 AS332L Super PumaG-BWMG
2002-jan-27 AS332L Super PumaG-BMCX
2002-feb-15 S-61NG-ATBJ
2002-mar-30 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGB
2002-apr-06 AS332L Super PumaG-BLRY
2002-apr-06 AS332L Super PumaG-PUME
2002-apr-06 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGF
2002-may-11 AS332L Super PumaG-PUML
2002-may-11 S-61N Mk.IIG-AYOY
2002-may-20 AS332L Super PumaG-BLXR
2002-aug-01 CH-149 Cormorant149909 / 909
2002-aug-20 AS332L Super PumaG-PUMI
2002-aug-23 SA330E PumaXW201
2002-aug-25 AS332L2 Super PumaG-PUMN
2002-aug-31 AS332L Super PumaG-BRXU
2002-sep-16 SA365N2 Dauphin 2G-BTEU
2002-sep-20 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGG
2002-sep-30 S-61N Mk.IIG-BCLD
2002-oct-20 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGS
2002-oct-20 S-61N Mk.IIG-BFRI
2003-jan-02 AS332L2 Super PumaG-JSAR
2003-jan-04 AS332L Super PumaG-BRXU
2003-jan-17 S-61N Mk.IIG-LAWS
2003-jan-25 S-61N Mk.IIG-BGWJ
2003-feb-01 AS332L Super PumaG-PUMK
2003-feb-01 AS332L2 Super PumaG-CHCF
2003-mar-06 SA341D Gazelle HT.3XW858
2003-mar-14 AS332L2 Super PumaG-PUMN
2003-mar-15 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGO
2003-mar-22 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGG
2003-mar-22 AS332L Super PumaG-PUMI
2003-mar-23 AS332L Super PumaG-BWMG
2003-mar-26 S-76AG-BVKR
2003-mar-29 AS332L2 Super PumaG-PUMM
2003-apr-10 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGB
2003-apr-10 S-61N Mk.IIG-BDOC
2003-apr-19 AS332L Super PumaG-BLRY
2003-apr-19 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGC
2003-apr-19 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGE
2003-apr-26 S-76CG-SSSC
2003-may-10 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGT
2003-may-10 CH-149 Cormorant149913 / 913
2003-may-10 CH-149 Cormorant149914 / 914
2003-jun-24 s-92 HelibusN492SA
2003-jul-13 EC135T1G-SASA
2003-aug-09 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGL
2003-aug-09 AS332L Super PumaG-PUMB
2003-aug-09 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGJ
2003-aug-09 AS332L2 Super PumaG-CHCG
2003-aug-25 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGS
2003-sep-04 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGF
2003-sep-04 AS332L Super PumaG-PUMD
2003-sep-04 AS332L Super PumaG-BMCW
2003-sep-04 S-61N Mk.IIG-BGWJ
2003-sep-06 S-61N Mk.IIEI-MES
2003-sep-20 AS332L Super PumaG-BKZE
2003-sep-20 AS332L Super PumaG-PUMA
2003-oct-11 AS332L Super PumaG-BLXR
2003-nov-06 AS332L Super PumaG-BLPM
2003-dec-29 AS332L2 Super PumaG-PUMO
2003-dec-29 SA365N2 Dauphin 2G-BTEU
2004-jan-17 BristowAS332L Super PumaG-TIGG
2004-jan-29 CH-47C ChinookZD984
2004-jan-29 CH-47D ChinookZA709
2004-feb-27 AS332L Super PumaG-BWMG
2004-may-01 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGG
2004-may-01 SA330L PumaZE449
2004-may-08 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGT
2004-may-08 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGS
2004-may-12 AS332L Super PumaG-PUME
2004-may-16 AS332C Super PumaOY-HEO
2004-may-16 AS332L Super PumaG-PUMB
2004-jun-05 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDJ
2004-jun-15 AS332L2 Super PumaG-PUMO
2004-jul-01 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGJ
2004-jul-01 S-61N Mk.IIG-BGWK
2004-aug-01 AS332L Super PumaG-PUML
2004-aug-07 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDL
2004-aug-13 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDM
2004-sep-01 AS332L Super PumaG-BKZE
2004-sep-01 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGO
2004-sep-01 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDN
2004-sep-01 AS332L2 Super PumaG-PUMS
2004-sep-01 S-61N Mk.IIG-LAWS
2004-sep-17 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDL
2004-sep-18 AS332L2 Super PumaLN-OHA
2004-sep-24 S-61N Mk.IIG-BGWJ
2004-sep-24 SA341B Gazelle AH.1XZ324
2004-sep-29 AS332L Super PumaG-BLRY
2004-oct-16 SA365F Dauphin 2246
2004-oct-23 AS332L2 Super PumaG-PUMN
2004-oct-23 S-61N Mk.IIG-BDIJ
2004-oct-31 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGC
2004-nov-05 S-61N Mk.IIG-BBHL
2004-nov-13 AS332L2 Super PumaG-CHCH
2004-nov-19 AS332L Super PumaG-PUMA
2005 BristowAS332L Super PumaG-BLPM
2005-jan-17 CHC ScotiaAS332L Super PumaG-PUMB
2005-jan-17 AS332L Super PumaG-BLXR
2005-jan-17 BristowAS332L Super PumaG-BLXR
2005-feb-16 CH-47C ChinookZA704
2005-feb-16 CH-47D ChinookZA704
2005-mar-03 BristowAS332L Super PumaG-BMCW
2005-mar-03 AS332L Super PumaG-BMCW
2005-mar-03 BristowS-61N Mk.IIG-BGWJ
2005-mar-05 CHC ScotiaAS332L Super PumaG-PUMD
2005-mar-06 BristowAS332L Super PumaG-TIGR
2005-mar-06 Bond Aviation GroupAS332L2 Super PumaG-REDM
2005-mar-10 NO Helikopter ServiceAS332L Super PumaLN-OMF
2005-apr-05 AS332C Super PumaG-BWWI
2005-may-06 AS332L Super PumaLN-OMF
2005-may-06 Bond Aviation GroupAS332L2 Super PumaG-REDL
2005-may-13 AS332L2 Super PumaG-CHCH
2005-may-21 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGF
2005-jun-07 S-61N Mk.IIG-BCLD
2005-jun-18 AS332L Super PumaG-PUML
2005-jun-25 AB206AG-GAND
2005-aug-15 EC135T1G-SASA
2005-sep-09 EC225LPG-ZZSB
2005-sep-15 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDO
2005-oct-08 AS332L2 Super PumaG-CHCI
2005-oct-08 Merlin HM.1ZH838 / CU-539
2005-oct-08 Merlin HM.1ZH842 / CU-585
2005-nov-13 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDM
2005-nov-21 AS332L2 Super PumaG-PUMN
2005-nov-27 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDP
2005-dec-17 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGV
2005-dec-28 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDL
2006-mar-04 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGO
2006-may-29 BristowAS332L Super PumaG-TIGO
2006-jun-02 CHC ScotiaAS332L Super PumaG-PUMA
2006-jun-02 CHC ScotiaAS332L2 Super PumaG-CHCH
2006-jul-08 AS332L2 Super PumaG-CHCF
2006-jul-08 EC225LPG-ZZSB
2006-jul-25 CHC ScotiaS-92AG-CHCK
2006-aug-04 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGV
2006-aug-04 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDL
2006-sep-01 S-92AG-CHCK
2006-sep-24 AS332L Super PumaG-PUMI
2007-jan-26 S-61NC-FTIG
2007-mar-05 CHC ScotiaAS332L Super PumaG-PUME
2007-may-03 BristowAS332L Super PumaG-TIGE
2007-may-21 AS332L2 Super PumaLN-OHE
2007-may-21 EC225LPG-ZZSE
2007-may-21 S-92AG-CHCK
2007-sep-06 S-92AG-CGMU
2007-sep-13 AS332L Super PumaG-PUMI
2007-sep-13 EC225LPG-ZZSD
2007-dec-02 S-61N Mk.IIG-ATFM
2008-jan-12 AS332L Super PumaG-BKZE
2008-jan-12 AS332L2 Super PumaG-CHCF
2008-jan-19 AS332C Super PumaG-BWWI
2008-jan-19 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDJ
2008-jan-19 AS332L2 Super PumaG-PUMN
2008-mar-15 AS332L Super PumaG-PUME
2008-mar-15 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGG
2008-mar-15 AS332L2 Super PumaG-CHCI
2008-may-25 AS332L Super PumaG-BKZG
2008-jul-30 EC225LPG-REDR
2008-aug-23 AS332L2 Super PumaG-PUMO
2008-aug-23 EC225LPG-CHCL
2008-sep-11 EC225LPG-REDT
2008-sep-30 DK CHC DenmarkAS332C Super PumaOY-HEO
2008-oct-11 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDL
2008-oct-11 AS332L2 Super PumaG-PUMS
2008-oct-11 AS332L2 Super PumaG-CHCH
2008-oct-11 EC225LPG-ZZSB
2008-oct-11 EC225LPG-ZZSE
2008-oct-11 EC225LPG-CHCN
2008-nov-29 EC225LPG-CHCM
2008-nov-29 S-92AG-CHCK
2008-dec-24 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDM
2008-dec-24 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDN
2008-dec-24 S-92AG-CHCK
2008-dec-30 AS332L Super PumaG-BMCW
2008-dec-30 EC225LPG-REDU
2008-dec-30 EC225LPG-ZZSD
2009-jan-17 AS332L Super PumaG-PUMB
2009-jan-17 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGE
2009-jan-17 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDL
2009-feb-08 AS332L Super PumaG-BKZG
2009-feb-08 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGG
2009-feb-08 EC225LPG-CHCL
2009-feb-28 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDN
2009-feb-28 EC225LPG-REDT
2009-feb-28 EC225LPG-CHCN
2009-feb-28 Sea King HAS.1XV705 / 29
2009-mar-31 CHC ScotiaAS332L2 Super PumaG-CHCH
2009-apr-11 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGC
2009-apr-11 AS332L Super PumaG-BLXR
2009-apr-11 AS332L Super PumaG-PUME
2009-apr-11 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGF
2009-apr-11 AS332L Super PumaG-PUMA
2009-apr-11 AS332L2 Super PumaG-CHCF
2009-apr-11 EC225LPG-ZZSG
2009-apr-11 S-92ALN-ONU
2009-apr-25 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDO
2009-apr-25 S-92AG-CHCK
2009-may-02 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDM
2009-may-02 AS332L2 Super PumaG-PUMN
2009-may-28 EC225LPG-ZZSD
2009-aug-08 EC225LPG-ZZSE
2009-aug-08 EC225LPG-ZZSH
2009-aug-08 EC225LPG-CFZE
2009-aug-08 EC225LPG-REDV
2009-aug-16 AS332C Super PumaG-BWWI
2009-nov-22 Bond Aviation GroupAS365N3 Dauphin 2G-REDF
2009-dec-29 EC135T1G-SASA
2009-dec-29 EC225LPG-ZZSB
2009-dec-29 EC225LPG-ZZSI
2009-dec-29 S-61N Mk.IIG-BPWB
2010-jan-06 EC225LPG-REDV
2010-feb-02 EC225LPG-CHCM
2010-mar-29 EC225LPG-REDR
2010-may-03 AS332L2 Super PumaLN-OHM
2010-may-03 AS332L2 Super PumaG-CHCF
2010-jun-23 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGC
2010-aug-15 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDJ
2010-sep-01 EC225LPG-REDW
2010-oct-27 S-92AG-CHCS
2011-jan-07 EC225LPG-REDW
2011-feb-10 EC225LPG-ZZSG
2011-apr-16 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGF
2011-apr-16 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGS
2011-apr-16 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDJ
2011-apr-16 AS332L2 Super PumaG-CHCI
2011-apr-16 EC225LPG-ZZSB
2011-apr-16 EC225LPG-ZZSD
2011-apr-16 EC225LPG-ZZSI
2011-apr-16 EC225LPG-REDV
2011-apr-16 EC225LPG-CHCL
2011-apr-16 EC225LPG-CHCX
2011-jun-28 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDP
2011-aug-10 S-92AG-CHCS
2011-nov-01 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDN
2011-nov-01 AS332L2 Super PumaG-PUMM
2011-nov-01 EC225LPG-CHCM
2011-nov-01 EC225LPG-CHCN
2011-nov-01 S-92AG-CHCZ
2011-nov-06 S-92AG-SARB
2011-nov-07 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDO
2011-dec-29 AS332L Super Puma5N-BGP
2012-mar-17 EC225LPG-ZZSG
2012-mar-17 S-92AG-CHCZ
2012-may-19 EC225LPG-REDV
2012-may-19 EC225LPG-REDT
2012-jun-26 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGF
2012-jul CHC ScotiaAS332L2 Super PumaG-CHCY
2012-aug-03 CHC ScotiaAS332L2 Super PumaG-PUMS
2012-aug-12 S-92A9M-AIH
2012-oct-20 BristowEC225LPG-ZZSP
2012-nov-14 NO Bristow Norway ASS-92ALN-ONS
2012-nov-14 BristowS-92AG-CGZS
2012-dec-18 BristowS-76CG-CFDV
2012-dec-18 BristowS-92AG-XCII
2012-dec-18 BristowS-92AG-CHKI
2012-dec-31 BristowAW139G-CHBY
2013-jan CHC ScotiaAS332L2 Super PumaG-WNSC
2013-jan-26 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGV
2013-jan-26 EC225LPG-REDR
2013-jan-26 EC225LPG-REDR
2013-jan-26 S-92AG-WNSH
2013-jan-26 S-92AG-XCII
2013-jan-26 S-92AG-CHMJ
2013-feb-11 BristowAS332L Super PumaG-BLZJ
2013-feb-11 BristowAS332L Super PumaG-BLZJ
2013-feb-11 BristowAS332L Super PumaG-BRXU
2013-mar-05 BristowAW139G-CHNS
2013-mar-14 BristowAS332L Super PumaG-BLZJ
2013-apr-03 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDJ
2013-apr-03 S-92AG-CHCS
2013-apr-03 S-92AG-CHHF
2013-apr-03 S-92ALN-OEC
2013-apr-05 KY CHC Cayman IslandsAS332L2 Super PumaVP-CHB
2013-apr-12 HM CoastguardS-92AG-MCGC
2013-apr-20 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDO
2013-may-14 BristowAS332L Super PumaG-BRXU
2013-may-14 BristowAS332L Super PumaG-TIGV
2013-may-14 BristowAS332L Super PumaG-BMCX
2013-may-14 Bond Aviation GroupAS332L2 Super PumaG-REDK
2013-may-14 CHC ScotiaAS332L2 Super PumaG-CHCU
2013-may-14 CHC ScotiaS-92AG-WNSG
2013-may-14 BristowS-92AG-CHMJ
2013-aug-12 Bond Aviation GroupAS332L2 Super PumaG-REDM
2013-aug-12 Bond Aviation GroupAS332L2 Super PumaG-REDN
2013-aug-12 BristowS-92AG-CGYW
2013-aug-12 CHC ScotiaS-92AG-WNSJ
2013-aug-12 BristowS-92AG-CHYG
2013-sep-15 S-92AG-CHYI
2013-oct-02 AB206AG-GAND
2013-oct-02 NL Heli HollandEC155B1PH-EQU
2013-oct-02 NO Norsk HelikopterserviceS-92ALN-OEC
2013-oct-02 NO Norsk HelikopterserviceS-92ALN-OED
2013-oct-04 AgustaWestland UKAW189I-PTFF
2013-oct-05 AW139G-CHBY
2013-oct-05 AW139G-LLOV
2013-oct-05 EC225LPG-OAGA
2013-oct-07 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDP
2013-oct-12 S-92AG-WNSE
2013-nov-09 AS332L Super PumaG-BLZJ
2013-nov-09 EC225LPG-REDT
2013-nov-28 EC225LPG-REDV
2013-dec-07 CHC ScotiaEC225LPG-OAGC
2013-dec-16 S-92AG-VING
2014-jan-04 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGE
2014-jan-04 S-92AG-VING
2014-feb-22 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDJ
2014-feb-22 EC225LPG-REDT
2014-feb-22 EC225LPG-HALI
2014-feb-22 S-92AG-VING
2014-mar-01 S-92AG-WNSE
2014-apr-10 AS332L Super PumaG-BMCX
2014-may CHC ScotiaAS332L2 Super PumaG-CHCG
2014-may BristowEC225LPG-CGUA
2014-may-03 EC225LPG-OAGA
2014-may-21 FR Eurocopter FranceH175 / EC175F-WMXB
2014-jun-03 CHC ScotiaEC225LPG-WNSN
2014-sep NO Norsk HelikopterserviceS-92ALN-OEE
2014-sep-26 BristowS-92AG-CIGZ
2014-sep-29 S-92AG-CICH
2014-nov S-92AN292PH
2014-nov-08 EC225LPG-REDV
2014-nov-08 S-92AG-WNSE
2014-nov-08 S-92AG-CIGZ
2014-nov-21 HM CoastguardS-92AG-MCGG
2014-dec-04 EC135P2+G-NWOI
2014-dec-11 S-92AN292PH
2014-dec-11 S-92AG-VINL
2014-dec-13 EC225LPG-WNSN
2014-dec-13 S-92AG-WNSL
2014-dec-14 CHC ScotiaS-92AG-WNSD
2014-dec-28 EC225LPG-ZZSI
2014-dec-28 S-92AG-CHYI
2014-dec-29 EC225LPG-ZZSE
2014-dec-29 EC225LPG-ZZSG
2014-dec-29 EC225LPG-OAGA
2015-jan-13 HM CoastguardS-92AG-MCGH
2015-jan-13 HM CoastguardS-92AG-MCGI
2015-jan-17 EC225LPG-REDR
2015-jan-26 BristowH225 / EC225LPG-ZZSM
2015-jan-26 BristowS-92AG-CIHP
2015-feb-20 Bond Aviation Groups-92 HelibusG-VIND
2015-feb-20 Bond Aviation GroupS-92AG-VINL
2015-feb-28 Bond Aviation GroupH225 / EC225LPG-VINM
2015-mar-17 S-92AG-WNSL
2015-mar-23 EC225LPG-ZZSI
2015-mar-23 S-92AG-CHYI
2015-mar-25 S-92AG-VINL
2015-mar-27 S-92AG-CHHF
2015-mar-27 S-92AG-WNSM
2015-apr-01 EC225LPG-ZZSG
2015-apr-10 Bond Aviation GroupAS332L2 Super PumaG-REDJ
2015-apr-10 Bond Aviation GroupEC225LPG-REDV
2015-apr-10 CHC ScotiaS-92AG-CHCK
2015-apr-10 Bond Aviation GroupS-92AG-VING
2015-may-12 S-92AG-CHYI
2015-may-25 BristowS-92AG-CHYI
2015-jun-02 HM CoastguardS-92AG-MCGK
2015-jun-16 Bond Aviation GroupS-92AG-VINF
2015-jun-18 BristowEC225LPG-ZZSC
2015-jun-18 CHC ScotiaEC225LPG-CHCL
2015-jun-18 CHC ScotiaH225 / EC225LPG-OAGE
2015-jun-18 Bond Aviation GroupS-92AG-VINF
2015-jun-18 CHC ScotiaS-92AG-WNSE
2015-jun-18 Bond Aviation GroupS-92AG-VING
2015-jun-18 Bond Aviation GroupS-92AG-VINL
2015-jun-18 CHC ScotiaS-92AG-WNSD
2015-jun-18 CHC ScotiaS-92AG-WNSL
2015-jun-18 CHC ScotiaS-92AG-WNSM
2015-jul-09 S-92AG-CHYI
2015-sep-24 AS332L2 Super PumaG-REDJ
2015-oct-02 S-92AG-CHYI
2015-oct-29 S-92AG-CICH
2015-nov-04 BristowS-92AG-CHYI
2016-jan BE NHVH175 / EC175OO-NSE
2016-jan-13 S-92AG-CICH
2016-mar-13 EC225LPG-REDT
2016-mar-19 BE NHVH175 / EC175OO-NSD
2016-mar-19 BE NHVH175 / EC175OO-NSF
2016-mar-19 BE NHVH175 / EC175OO-NSE
2016-may-26 S-92AG-VING
2016-aug-08 BE NHVH175 / EC175PH-NHV
2016-aug-08 Bond Aviation GroupS-92AG-VINF
2016-aug-08 CHC ScotiaS-92AG-WNSI
2016-aug-08 BristowS-92AG-IACC
2016-aug-08 BristowS-92AG-IACF
2016-aug-08 CHC ScotiaS-92AG-CHCS
2016-aug-08 BristowS-92AG-CGYW
2016-aug-08 Bond Aviation GroupS-92AG-VINP
2016-aug-08 CHC ScotiaS-92AG-WNSJ
2016-aug-08 BristowS-92AG-CHYI
2016-aug-08 BristowS-92AG-CICH
2016-aug-08 Bond Aviation GroupS-92AG-VING
2016-aug-08 CHC ScotiaS-92AG-WNST
2016-aug-08 Bond Aviation GroupS-92AG-VINL
2016-aug-08 CHC ScotiaS-92AG-WNSD
2016-aug-08 BristowS-92AG-CIGZ
2016-aug-08 CHC ScotiaS-92AG-WNSU
2016-aug-08 CHC ScotiaS-92AG-WNSR
2016-aug-08 Babcock InternationalS-92AG-MCSA
2016-sep-06 FR SAF HelicopteresEC135T1F-GOPG
2016-sep-26 CHC ScotiaS-92AG-WNSV
2017-jan-02 NO Bristow Norway ASS-92ALN-ONH
2017-jan-11 BE NHVH175 / EC175OO-NSG
2017-feb-18 Babcock InternationalH175 / EC175G-MCSE
2017-feb-26 NO Bristow Norway ASS-92ALN-ONH
2017-apr-09 UK Police ForcesH135 / EC135T3G-POLS
2017-may-17 CHC ScotiaS-92AG-WNSW
2017-aug-02 CHC ScotiaH175 / EC175G-EMEA
2017-aug-05 CHC ScotiaS-92AG-WNSM
2017-aug-06 CHC ScotiaAW139G-SNSI
2017-aug-06 BristowAW189G-OENC
2017-aug-07 BristowEC225LPG-ZZSJ
2017-aug-13 Babcock InternationalAW139G-MCSD
2017-sep-05 CHC ScotiaH175 / EC175G-EMEA

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