united kingdom Duxford

Duxford, England
united kingdom

12.4273 Bassingbourn, England
13.1 12EGSC Cambridge / Teversham, England
20.5347EGUO Oakington, England
21.3293EGMJ Little Gransden, England
23.8161EGSS Stansted, England
29.0116EGVT RAF Wethersfield, England

1919 to present

52° 5' 26.88'' N - 0° 7' 55.00'' E
Elevation: 97 feet

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By Date | By Serial

1975-oct ExhibitWhirlwind HAS.7XK936
1977-jun-18 Whirlwind HAS.7XK936 / 62
1978-feb ExhibitType 171 SycamoreG-ALSX
1990-apr-20 Whirlwind HAS.7XK936 / 62
1990-aug-04 CH-47C ChinookZA714 / EX
1990-aug-04 Wessex HAS.1XS863
1994-apr-02 waspXS567 / 434
1996-jun-02 waspXS567 / 434
2001-may-06 CH-53G8509
2001-may-20 CH-47D ChinookZA710 / AV
2001-sep-01 MD902 ExplorerG-LNAA
2002-may-05 Merlin HC.3ZJ134 / S
2003-sep-01 A109e PowerG-WNAA
2003-sep-01 AW109E PowerG-DPPF
2003-sep-23 s-92N492SA
2004-feb-13 waspXS567 / 434
2004-feb-13 Wessex HAS.1XS863 / R-304
2004-may-10 Whirlwind HAS.7XK936
2004-jun-04 WAH-64 ApacheZJ218
2004-jun-06 Lynx HAS3ZD263 / 305
2004-jun-06 Sea King HC.4ZE426 / WW
2004-sep-04 bo105dG-EYNL
2004-sep-04 CH-47D ChinookZH893
2004-sep-04 Sea King HC.4ZD476 / WU
2004-oct-10 CH-47D ChinookZA673
2004-oct-10 Sea King HC.4ZA310 / WY
2005-jan-10 waspXS567 / 434
2005-apr-03 Wessex HAS.1XS863 / R-304
2005-may-07 Lynx AH1XZ203 / B
2005-may-07 Merlin HC.3ZJ127 / L
2005-jul-08 SA341B Gazelle AH.1XW908 / A
2005-jul-23 Lynx HAS3SZF563 / 349
2005-sep-09 AS355F1 Ecureuil 2 ZH141
2005-sep-27 AS355F2 Ecureuil 2 G-CDFV
2005-sep-27 AS355N Ecureuil 2VP-BCE
2005-sep-27 EC155B1G-NIVA
2005-sep-28 AW109E PowerEI-JON
2005-sep-28 s-92N908W
2005-sep-29 333 (269D-A)G-TAMC
2005-sep-29 S-76CG-FULM
2005-oct-16 Lynx HAS3ZD261 / 437
2006-jan-25 Whirlwind HAS.7XK936
2006-may-21 BK117C-1G-OEMT
2006-sep-03 CH-47D ChinookZA714
2006-oct-08 Lynx HAS3ZD263 / 305
2006-oct-08 Lynx HAS3ZD254 / 638
2006-oct-08 SA341G GazelleG-UZEL
2006-nov-22 Wessex HAS.1XS863 / R-304
2007-feb-05 Wessex HAS.1XS863 / R-304
2007-feb-05 Whirlwind HAS.7XK936
2007-may-20 BK117C-1G-OEMT
2007-may-20 Lynx HAS2XZ722 / 671
2007-may-20 Lynx AH1XZ647 / Z
2007-may-20 Scout AH.1XT626 / Q
2007-jul-01 HH-60G Pave Hawk89-26208 / LN
2007-sep-09 AS350BB EcureuilZJ270 / 70
2007-oct-04 AW109E PowerG-WELY
2007-oct-04 s-92N908W
2007-oct-08 R44 NewscopterG-PIXX
2007-oct-14 Lynx HAS2XZ722 / 671
2007-oct-14 Lynx HAS2XZ250 / 635
2008-may-18 CH-47D ChinookZA712 / AT
2008-jun-28 Whirlwind HAS.7XK936
2008-jul-13 waspXS567 / 434
2008-jul-15 Wessex HAS.1XS863 / R-304
2008-aug-22 HH-60G Pave Hawk89-26205 / LN
2008-sep-06 BK117C-1G-OEMT
2009-jan-15 waspXS567 / 434
2009-jan-15 Wessex HAS.1XS863 / R-304
2009-jan-15 Whirlwind HAS.7XK936 / 62
2009-feb-14 EC155B1G-NIVA
2009-may-17 CH-47D ChinookZA670 / AA
2009-may-17 waspG-KAXT / XT787
2009-sep-22 AW139ZR327
2010-may-17 Sea King HAR.3AZH543 / X
2010-jul-10 Sea King HAS.1XV712 / 66
2010-jul-11 waspXS567 / 434
2010-aug-08 HH-60G Pave Hawk88-26109
2010-sep-04 AW109E PowerG-WOFM
2010-oct-10 WAH-64 ApacheZJ202
2011-mar-03 Whirlwind HAS.7XK936 / 62
2011-may-22 Lynx HAS2XZ722 / 645
2011-may-22 Lynx HAS2XZ692 / 641
2011-jun-03 R22 BetaG-ETIN
2011-jun-03 Sea King HAS.1XV712
2011-sep-03 Sea King HAR.3AZH540
2011-sep-27 Fleet Air ArmWessex HAS.1XS863
2011-sep-28 Helitech 2011   Eastern Atlantic Helicopters369E / 500EN500SY
2011-sep-28 Helitech 2011   Royal Air Force412EPZJ703
2011-sep-28 Helitech 2011   480BG-TRYX
2011-sep-28 Helitech 2011   AS350B2 EcureuilG-VGMG
2011-sep-28 Helitech 2011   Army Air CorpsAS350BB EcureuilZJ250
2011-sep-28 Helitech 2011   Multiflight LtdAS365N2 Dauphin 2G-CGGD
2011-sep-28 Helitech 2011   UK Air AmbulancesAS365N2 Dauphin 2G-NHAC
2011-sep-28 Helitech 2011   CH REGAAW109SP GrandNewHB-ZRS
2011-sep-28 Helitech 2011   Cabri G2G-UIMB
2011-sep-28 Helitech 2011   EC120BG-RCNB
2011-sep-28 Helitech 2011   EC120BG-ZZOE
2011-sep-28 Helitech 2011   Eurocopter UKEC130B4G-ECBO
2011-sep-28 Helitech 2011   EC135T1G-NWPS
2011-sep-28 Helitech 2011   EC135T2+G-RWLA
2011-sep-28 Helitech 2011   EC135T2+G-RWLA
2011-sep-28 Helitech 2011   EC135T2+G-SENS
2011-sep-28 Helitech 2011   Capital Air Services LtdEC155B1G-NIVA
2011-sep-28 Helitech 2011   HAD1-T Helineo Mk1F-WHAD
2011-sep-28 Helitech 2011   UK Police ForcesMD902 ExplorerG-GMPX
2011-sep-28 Helitech 2011   MD902 ExplorerN902JW
2011-sep-28 Helitech 2011   R44 Raven IIG-CGNE
2011-sep-28 Helitech 2011   S-76CG-PACO
2011-sep-28 Helitech 2011   SA315B LamaN316DJ
2011-sep-28 Helitech 2011   IT EliworkW-3AI-SOKL
2011-dec-17 AW109E PowerG-JERL
2011-dec-18 A109e PowerG-TVAC
2012-may-27 Sea King HAR.3AZH545
2012-jul-02 Whirlwind HAS.7XK936 / 62
2012-dec-29 Sea King HAS.1XV712 / 66
2013-may Lynx AH1XZ194
2013-jun-13 Fleet Air ArmwaspXS567
2013-jun-16 Fleet Air ArmSea King HAS.1XV712
2013-oct-13 Whirlwind HAS.7XK936 / 62
2014-may-24 Whirlwind HAS.7XK936
2015-apr-09 EC155B1M-HELI
2015-may-23 WAH-64 ApacheZJ184
2015-may-23 WAH-64 ApacheZJ205
2015-jun-17 S-76BG-BOYF
2016-mar-23 S-76BG-BOYF
2017-jun-07 S-76BG-BOYF

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