norway Flesland

Bergen, Hordaland

4.4 10 Haakonsvern, Hordaland
5.0 11 Haakonsvern Naval Base, Hordaland
30.2325 Rong, Hordaland
56.2172ENSO Sorstokken, Hordaland
61.2165 Stord Verft, Hordaland
64.3149 Georg Eides, Hordaland

60 17 36 secs N - 5 13 5 secs E
6.5nm SW of Bergen
Elevation: 165 feet

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News about this location

CHC Norway S-92 Contract with Faroe Petroleum, 05-Apr-17 : CHC awarded a new contract with Faroe Petroleum to provide S-92 from Bergen in Norway to support of their exploration drilling program at the Brasse Field in the North Sea

CHC S-92 Enters Service in the North Sea, 23-May-05 : CHC Helikopter Service's first S-92 entered revenue service in the North Sea under contract with Norsk Hydro, one of Norway's major oil companies


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By Date | By Serial

1978-aug-01 S-61NLN-OQB
1997-apr-01 S-61NLN-OQB
2000-may-18 S-61NLN-OSJ
2000-sep-24 AS332L Super PumaLN-ONB
2002-mar-13 AS332L Super PumaLN-OLB
2002-mar-13 AS332L Super PumaLN-OND
2002-apr-07 Lynx mk86235
2002-apr-23 AS332L2 Super PumaLN-OHE
2002-jun-29 Helikopter ServiceS-61N Mk.IILN-ORC
2003-apr-07 AS332L1 Super PumaLN-OBA
2003-aug-24 S-61NLN-OSJ
2005-feb-14 AS332L2 Super PumaLN-ONH
2005-feb-14 Lynx mk86207
2005-mar-12 S-92ALN-ONN
2005-apr-21 AS332L2 Super PumaLN-OHC
2005-apr-22 AS332L2 Super PumaLN-OHA
2005-apr-22 S-92ALN-ONO
2005-aug-27 AS332L2 Super PumaLN-OHC
2007-aug-16 S-92ALN-ONO
2008-jun-01 S-92ALN-ONO
2009-jul-27 S-92ALN-OQD
2009-nov-16 S-92ALN-ONN
2010-apr-11 EC225LPLN-OJB
2010-may Helikopter ServiceEC225LPLN-OJF
2010-may-30 AS365N3 Dauphin 2LN-OLM
2010-jun-13 EC225LPLN-OHW
2010-jun-13 S-92ALN-OQE
2010-jul Helikopter ServiceEC225LPLN-OJC
2010-jul-10 AS350B3 EcureuilLN-OVO
2010-aug-20 EC225LPLN-OJF
2011-mar-25 S-92ALN-OQD
2011-aug-13 AS365N3 Dauphin 2LN-OLM
2012-jul Helikopter ServiceEC225LPLN-OJA
2012-aug Helikopter ServiceEC225LPLN-OJD
2013-mar Helikopter ServiceEC225LPLN-OJB
2013-aug-06 EC155B1A7-HMD
2014-aug-14 EC225LPLN-OJF
2017-jul-06 EC135P2+SP-WWW

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