united arab emirates Al Maktoum International Airport

Jebel Ali
united arab emirates

16.6318 Jebil Ali, Dubai
41.7 13 Al Mina, Dubai
45.1 25OMDB Dubai, Dubai
58.1 23 RAF Sharjah,
59.1 35OMSJ Sharjah International Airport, Sharjah
72.9226OMAA Abu Dhabi International, Abu Dhabi

24° 53' 10.00'' N - 55° 10' 20.00'' E

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News about this location

U.S. Airpower on Display at Dubai Air Show, 12-Nov-15 : U.S. Air Force B-1, F-22, F-15, C-130J, Navy P-8, MH-53E, MH-60S, Army CH-47F and Marines MV-22B are on display at the Dubai Air Show 2015 from November 8-12


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By Date | By Serial

US US Marine CorpsMV-22B Osprey168244
2012-dec-12 429N10984
2013-nov-18 412EPN412TX
2013-nov-18 AH-1Z Viper168418
2013-nov-18 QA Gulf HelicoptersMD902 ExplorerA7-NHA
2013-nov-18 MD902 ExplorerA7-NHA
2013-nov-19 407GXN407GT
2013-nov-19 AW139A6-AWP
2013-nov-20 429WLGC-GVZG
2015-nov-08 PL PZL SwidnikSW-4SP-PSZ
2015-nov-11 429C-FNFO

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