russia Zhukovsky International Airport


18.9312 Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant,
22.2224UUDD Domodedovo, Moscow
23.7346XUMH Chernoye, Oblast Moscow
31.2 3 Gagarin Academy, Moskovskaya Oblast
41.0263UUMO Ostafyevo Intl, Moskovskaya
56.1274UUWW Vnukovo Intl, Moscow

55° 33' 9.01'' N - 38° 9' 2.16'' E

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News about this location

Russian Helicopters at MAKS 2017, 06-Jul-17 : The Ka-52, Mi-35 and Mi-171Sh helicopters to be on display at MAKS 2017 airspace show July 18-23 at Zhukovsky International Airport, Zhukovsky, Moscow Oblast, Russia


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By Date | By Serial

2005-aug-13 Mi-38RA-38011
2005-aug-20 EC145D-HMBM
2006-jul-13 Mi-26 HaloRA-06291
2007-aug-01 Mi-38RA-38011
2007-aug-21 369HMHH-1,OH-HAP,RF-00859
2009-aug-01 AnsatRA-20012
2009-aug-01 AS355N Ecureuil 2RF-29011
2009-aug-01 AW109S GrandRA-01903
2009-aug-01 EC145RA-01885
2009-aug-19 AS355N Ecureuil 2RF-29011
2011-aug-16 AnsatRA-20012
2011-aug-17 AS355N Ecureuil 2RF-29011
2011-aug-17 AW109S GrandRA-01903
2011-aug-17 Mi-38RA-38011
2011-aug-18 AW139HB-ZUV
2013-aug-26 Mi-8PS731
2014-may-30 EC145RA-01885

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