poland Gdansk Stocznia Remontowa S.A

Gdansk, Województwo pomorskie

12.1272EPGD Lech Walesa, Województwo pomorskie
13.8176EPPR Pruszcz Gdanski, Województwo pomorskie
20.0340 Gdynia, Województwo pomorskie
25.1338EPOK Gdynia Babie Doly - Oksywie, Województwo pomorskie
37.6358EPJA Jastarnia, Województwo pomorskie
49.3140EPMB 22nd Air Base, Województwo pomorskie

54 22 20 secs N - 18 39 30 secs E

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Ships built

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-Corvette Project 620 class
-Coast Guardsnorway Nornen class
-Coast Guardsnorway Reine class
1983Support Ship Reliant class (1983)
1983Landing Ship/Platform Dockrussia Ropucha class
2007Support Shipunited kingdom Galatea class

?NO P381 SHV Magnus Lagabøte Reine class
?NO W331 NoCGV Farm Nornen class
?NO W332 NoCGV Heimdal Nornen class
?NO W333 NoCGV Njord Nornen class
?NO W334 NoCGV Tor Nornen class
1976-jul-6UK A131 RFA Reliant Reliant class (1983)
1983RU 127 RFS Minsk Ropucha class
1984RU 102 RFS Kaliningrad Ropucha class
1985-dec-8PL 240 ORP Kaszub Project 620 class
2006-feb-3UK NLV Pharos Galatea class
2006-jul-26UK THV Galatea Galatea class
2007NO W330 NoCGV Nornen Nornen class
2010NO P380 SHV Olav Tryggvason Reine class

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