Airbus Helicopters as365 dauphin 2


Derived from Eurocopter as365 dauphin 2


Airframes built before January 1st, 2014 listed as Eurocopter as365

Model News

H160’s Third Prototype Gets Carbon Design Livery, 12-Dec-17 : The third H160 prototype has received a fresh coat of paint and now features a striking “carbon” livery designed as a nod to the Airbus A350 XWB MSN2 flight-test aircraft

AS565MBe Panther Service in Mexican Navy, 12-Dec-17 : An overview of the qualities of the AS365MBe in use by the Mexican Navy

Tenth and Last AS565MBe Panther to Mexican Navy, 06-Dec-17 : Airbus delivered last two of ten AS565MBe Panther helicopters ordered by the Mexican Navy in 2014

Falcon Aviation Orders Three More H160, 15-Nov-17 : Dubai Airshow 2017 Falcon Aviation adding three additional H160 to the original Letter Of Intent (LOI) signed in May 2016. The VIP variant is scheduled to enter service by 2021

Third H160 Joins Flight Test Campaign, 13-Oct-17 : H160 PT3 completed first flight today at Marignane. Is the first prototype equipped with a cabin interior and a configuration closer to the serial definition. Scheduled to enter service in 2019

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AS365N3+ Dauphin 2 2014 Produced from 2009, for early airframes see Eurocopter
AS565MBe Panther 2014 Shipborne variant, powered with two Safran Arriel 2N engines which enhance hot and high conditions performance. Achieves a top speed of 278 km/h ...
H155 / EC155B1 2014 Airframes built before 2014 listed under Eurocopter EC155B1. Renamed H155 in February 2015
H160 2015 In 2011 Eurocopter announced development of the Dauphin replacement. Codenamed X4 to enter service around 2016 A 4-6ton five-bladed main rotor ...


From Organisation with model as365 dauphin 2
japan Keisatsu-chō
japan All Nippon Helicopter
    AS365N3+ Dauphin 2 2014/now
singapore Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia
thailand Royal Thai Police
    AS365N3+ Dauphin 2 2014/now
japan Fire and Disaster Management Agency
lithuania Karines Oro Pajegos
    AS365N3+ Dauphin 2 2015/now
mexico Armada de Mexico
    AS565MBe Panther 2016/now
indonesia tentara nasional indonesia angkatan laut
    AS565MBe Panther 2017/now
kuwait Kuwait Ministry of Interior
    AS365N3+ Dauphin 2 2017/now
china CMIG Leasing
    H160 2019
united arab emirates Falcon Aviation Services
    H160 2021
Construction Numbers on database of as365 dauphin 2 or its versions

6AS565MBe Panther

Construction Numbers Help Us

Continue from Eurocopter as365 dauphin 2
C/NBuilt asYearHistory
6979 as365n3+ 2015 UK G-CIUC : Airbus Helicopters UK Nov15-May16, test serial F-WJXI
TH HS-LCF : King Power Intl Co Ltd Jun16-Jun17
UK G-SSKP : Starspeed from Jun17
6981 AS565MBe Panther 2016 MX ANX-2155 : Marina, test serial F-ZWCG
6987 as365n3+ 2014 TH 3001 : Police d/d 23sep14, test serial F-WTCK
6991 h155 2015 UK G-CIOT : Airbus Helicopters UK Jul15-Apr16; M-ALFR ntu
SM T7-ALF : San Marino from May16
6992 as365n3+ JP JA66NH : ANH from Jul14
6993 h155 SG F-WTCR : AHSA, to Thailand
TH 93308 : Royal Thai Survey Department
6995 h155 2015 JP JA110U : Airbus helicopters Japan Jun/Dec 2016, test serial F-WW+
JP JA110U : Kagawa Prefecture Police from Dec16
6997 h155 LA RDPL-34237 : Lao People’s Liberation Army Air Force from 11oct15
6998 h155 2015 JP JA155H : Hyogo Prefectural Police from Feb15
6999 as365n3+ 2014 JP JA02KF : Airbus Helicopters Japan Nov14, test serial F-WWOH
JP JA02KF : Kawasaki City Fire Air Corps from Jul15
7000 h155 SG F-WWOR : AHSA, to Thailand
TH 93309 : Royal Thai Survey Department
7001 as365n3+ JP JA08AR : Nagoya City Fire Air Corps from Mar15
7002 h155 LA RDPL-34236 : Lao People’s Liberation Army Air Force from 11oct15
7003 h155 2015 MC 3A-MTG : Monaco, test serial F-WJXM
7008 as365n3+ TH 3002 : Police, test serial F-WTCH
7012 as365n3+ 2016 JP JA03FP : Airbus Helicopters Japan May/Dec 2016
JP JA03FP : Fukuoka Prefecture Police from Dec16; pictured
7020 h155 2016 UK G-TBUC : Airbus Helicopters UK Jul/Oct 2016
UK G-TBUC : Noirmont (EC155) Ltd from Oct16
7023 AS565MBe Panther 2016 MX ANX-2156 : Marina, test serial F-ZWCL
7024 AS565MBe Panther 2016 MX ANX-2157 : Marina, test serial F-ZWCM; pictured in test flight at +
7028 AS565MBe Panther 2016 MX ANX-2158 : Marina, test serial F-ZWBG
7032 AS565MBe Panther 2017 MX ANX-2159 : Marina
7034 as365n3+ KW KMOI-06 : MoI Police, test serial F-WWOD; 07dec17 pictured during+
7038 AS565MBe Panther 2017 MX ANX-2160 : Marina
7040 as365n3+ KW KMOI-07 : MoI Police from Jan18, test serial F-WJXP; pictured
mockup H160 FR mockup : 04oct17 pictured at London Excel for Helitech 2017
PT1 H160 2015 FR F-WWOG : H160 prototype, P&WC engines; 28may15 first ground test+
13jun15 first flight at Marignane
PT2 H160 2016 FR F-WWPL : Airbus Helicopters France #02; 27jan16 picture f/f at M+
Jan17 winter campaign at Yellowknife, Canada
04sep17 pictured (pic2) aboard Mistral in Toulon during+
PT3 H160 2017 FR F-WWPA : Airbus Helicopters France #03 f/f 13oct17 Marignane Fir+
Dec17 painted in carbon design livery
as365n3+ 2015 LT 41 : Lithuania airforce d/d 02jun15, test serial F-WWOK
as365n3+ FR F-WWOL : Airbus Helicopters jun15
LT 42 : Lithuania airforce d/d Sep15
as365n3+ LT 43 : Lithuania airforce d/d Dec15
h155 CN 61002 : Shaanxi Police from Nov16, test serial F-WWOF
32 C/N.

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