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  • Aerospatiale gazelle
  • Aerospatiale gazellePrototype SA340 F-WOFH with conventional tail rotor

The SA.341 Gazelle is a single turbine engine, five-seat helicopter originally designed by Sud Aviation and produced by Aerospatiale. The original SA.340 first flew on April 7, 1967 with the conventional tail rotor of the Alouette II. In 1968, the second prototype introduced the distinctive fenestron.

Its origin trace back to a French Army requirement for a lightweight utility helicopter. The Gazelle was part of the 1967 Franco-British Agreement to licence production that also included the Puma and Lynx. It was also assembled by SOKO in Yugoslavia and ABHCO in Egypt.

The SA.342 is fitted with the more powerful Astazou XIV engine. Almost 1800 units built until production ended in 1996.

Model News

Airbus Celebrated Gazelle’s 50th Anniversary, 25-Apr-17 : Airbus Helicopters celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Gazelle’s maiden flight during a conference at the museum of aviation in St Victoret, near the company headquarters at Marignane, France

50th Anniversary of Gazelle’s First Flight, 07-Apr-17 : 50 years ago, the Sud Aviation SA340 Gazelle made its 1st flight with an Astazou engine

French Army New SIT-ALAT System, 05-Sep-16 : Captain Franck, Officer in the 3rd Combat Helicopters Regiment explains the French Army new information system SIT-ALAT which is operational since 2015

40th anniversary of Turbomeca Arriel first flight, 07-Dec-14 : The Arriel engine prototype first flight was 7 December 1974 on a Gazelle helicopter. Since then 11,500 Arriel units have been produced. Today they takes off every 15 seconds every day

Gazelle 40 years training British military pilots, 15-Jul-14 : Farnborough, UK – The important role of Airbus Helicopters in the ab-initio training of British military rotorcraft pilots is being marked by Airbus Helicopters during this week’s Farnborough Airshow.


SA341B Gazelle AH.1 1972 Westland built version for the British Army and Royal Marines. 212 built. Featured the Astazou IIIN engine, a nightsun searchlight and Decca Dopp ...
SA341C Gazelle HT.2 1972 training version built by Westland for the Royal Navy
Soko gazelle 1973 Local designations former Yugoslavia. HI-42 = recce HN-42 = anti tank HO-42 = utility HS-42 = rescue
SA341D Gazelle HT.3 1973 training version built by Westland for the RAF
SA341F Gazelle 1973 version for the French Army. 170 built by Aerospatiale to replace the Alouette 2. 40 converted to SA341M equipped with HOT 1 antitank missiles an ...
SA341G Gazelle 1973
SA341H Gazelle 1973
SA342K Gazelle 1973 Military export version for hot and dry areas. Fitted with the more powerful 649-kW (870-shp) Astazou XIV engine and shrouds over the air intakes ...
SA341E Gazelle HCC.4 1976 VIP version by Westland for the RAF to be used by 32 Squadron. One Built and three converted
SA342J Gazelle 1980
SA342L Gazelle 1980
SA342M Gazelle 1980
SA342L-1 Gazelle 1985

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