boeing 414 - H-47D Chinook
MH-47E Chinook


Model History:

MH-47E Chinook
Special Operations Aircraft (SOA). 26 converted from CH-47C with similar capabilities as the MH-47D but with the CH-47SD (Super-D) increased fuel capacity and upgraded avionics including sophisticated terrain following radar. All assigned to the Nightstalkers Battalion of the 160th Aviation Regiment (SOAR) at Fort Campbell, Kentucky

In 1995, the British Royal Air Force ordered eight of the roughly similar HC.3. They were delivered in 2001 but never entered operational service due to technical issues with their unique avionics fit. In 2008, work started to downgrade the HC3s to HC2 standard, to enable them to enter service.

Organisations with this Model:

From Organisation with model MH-47E Chinook
usa US Army Aviation
    414 - H-47D Chinook 1982/now

united kingdom Royal Air Force
    414 - H-47D Chinook 49 1993/now

Construction Numbers on database of MH-47E Chinook


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Airframes conv to new variant  

    M.3258 US Army Aviation 88-00267 : YMH-47E prototype converted from CH-47C 68-15838
    M.3701 US Army Aviation 90-00414 : US Army. conv from CH-47C 68-16003
    M.3702 US Army Aviation 91-00496 : US Army. conv from CH-47C 76-22681
    M.3703 US Army Aviation 91-00497 : US Army. conv from CH-47C 74-22289; 160 SOAR w/o 11jul0+
    M.3704 US Army Aviation 91-00498 : US Army. conv from CH-47C 74-22288
    M.3705 US Army Aviation 91-00499 : US Army. conv from CH-47C 68-16005
    M.3706 US Army Aviation 91-00500 : US Army. conv from CH-47C 74-22277
    M.3707 US Army Aviation 91-00501 : US Army. conv from CH-47C 74-22281
    M.3708 US Army Aviation 92-00400 : US Army. conv from CH-47C 70-15007
Sep99 pictured on static Display at Oceana Airshow
    M.3709 US Army Aviation 92-00401 : US Army. conv from CH-47C 70-15029
    M.3710 US Army Aviation 92-00402 : US Army. conv from CH-47C 74-22276
    M.3711 US Army Aviation 92-00403 : US Army. conv from CH-47C 70-15030
    M.3712 US Army Aviation 92-00464 : US Army. conv from CH-47C 74-22283. 160 SOAR, crash wit+
    M.3713 US Army Aviation 92-00465 : US Army. conv from CH-47C 76-22677. 160 SOAR w/o 07mar9+
    M.3714 US Army Aviation 92-00466 : US Army. conv from CH-47C 74-22285
    M.3715 US Army Aviation 92-00467 : US Army. conv from CH-47C 79-23396
    M.3716 US Army Aviation 92-00468 : US Army. conv from CH-47C 76-22679
    M.3717 US Army Aviation 92-00469 : US Army. conv from CH-47C 71-20946
    M.3718 US Army Aviation 92-00470 : US Army. conv from CH-47C 71-20950
    M.3719 US Army Aviation 92-00471 : US Army. conv from CH-47C 69-17118. 160 SOAR w/o 22feb0+
    M.3720 US Army Aviation 92-00472 : US Army. conv from Elicotteri Meridionali CH-47C 85-247+
    M.3721 US Army Aviation 92-00473 : US Army. conv from CH-47C 79-23394
    M.3722 US Army Aviation 92-00474 : US Army. conv from CH-47C 70-15015
    M.3723 US Army Aviation 92-00475 : US Army. conv from CH-47C 71-20951. 160 SOAR w/o 04mar0+
    M.3724 US Army Aviation 92-00476 : US Army 92-0476/92-00476. conv from CH-47C 71-20954
    M.3725 US Army Aviation 92-00477 : US Army. conv from Elicotteri Meridionali CH-47C 85-247+
    M.4476 Boeing Helicopters N2045G : Boeing toward ZH897
Royal Air Force ZH897 : RAF Chinook HC.3; HL; 25aug10 pictured at RAF Benson Fa+
    M.4477 1998 Boeing Helicopters N2057Q : Boeing toward ZH898
Royal Air Force ZH898 : RAF Chinook HC.3 /HM, Boeing test serial N2057Q
    M.4478 1998 Boeing Helicopters N2057R : Boeing toward ZH899
Royal Air Force ZH899 : RAF Chinook HC.3 /HN, Boeing test serial N2057R
    M.4479 Boeing Helicopters N2060H : Boeing toward ZH900
Royal Air Force ZH900 : RAF Chinook HC.3; d/d Feb 2010; 25mar10 pictured at RAF+
    M.4480 Boeing Helicopters N2060M : Boeing toward ZH901
Royal Air Force ZH901 : RAF Chinook HC.3; HP
jul12 18/27Sqn.
    M.4481 Boeing Helicopters N2064W : Boeing toward ZH902
Royal Air Force ZH902 : RAF Chinook HC.3; HQ
    M.4482 Boeing Helicopters N20671 : Boeing toward ZH903
Royal Air Force ZH903 : RAF Chinook HC.3; HR
    M.4483 Boeing Helicopters N2083K : Boeing toward ZH904
Royal Air Force ZH904 : RAF Chinook HC.3; HS
jul12 18/27Sqn.
24apr14 pictured at Yeovil
    34 C/N found.

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