Boeing-Vertol CH-47 Chinook

YHC-1B / YCH-47A


Boeing-Vertol YHC-1B / YCH-47A

List of Operators of Boeing-Vertol YHC-1B / YCH-47A

From Organisation with model YHC-1B / YCH-47A
usa US Army Aviation
    CH-47 Chinook 744 1960/92

Construction Numbers on database of YHC-1B / YCH-47A


Construction Numbers

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b-001 1961 US 59-04982 : Vertol Model 114, c/n B-001, ff: n/a; YHC-1B 59-04982 w+
b-002 1961 US 59-04983 : Vertol Model 114 c/n B-002, ff?; del US Army as YHC-1B,+
US N97645 : to private owner Florida, USA
b-003 1961 US 59-04984 : Vertol Model 114, c/n B-003, ff: n/a; YHC-1B 59-04984 w+
Oct13 restoration completed at Summit Aviation and ret+
b-004 1961 US 59-04985 : Vertol Model 114 c/n B-004, ff?; del US Army as YHC-1B,+
b-005 1962 US 59-04986 : Vertol Model 114 c/n B-005, ff?; roll-out unk; bailed t+
b-006 1962 US - : Vertol Model 114, c/n B-006, YHC-1B; ground static test+
6 C/N.

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