sikorsky s-65 H-53


Model History:

The US Air Force obtained 20 CH-53C machines for general transport work, Missile Site support, and aerial drone recovery. The CH-53C was apparently very similar to the HH-53C, even retaining the rescue hoist, the most visible difference being that the CH-53C did not have an inflight refueling probe. Most survivors from 1983 onward were converted to special operations [Pave Low] configuration.

Organisations with this Model:

From Organisation with model CH-53C

usa US Air Force
    s-65 H-53 78 1968/08

Construction Numbers on database of CH-53C


Construction Numbers of this Model: Help Us    

    65-251 US Air Force 68-10922 : USAF; 1551st CCTW w/o 30nov71 hit ground during night
    65-252 US Air Force 68-10923 : USAF; conv to MH-53H; conv to MH-53J
    65-253 US Air Force 68-10924 : USAF
Jun84 at Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland supporting HMX-1+
MH-53J jul99 21st SOS, RAF Mildenhall
mh-53m conv to MH-53M; 2005 20th SOS Hurlburt Field, FL
08jul05 pictured as MH-53M type at LRAFB, AR after dive+
    65-254 US Air Force 68-10925 : USAF; 21st SOS w/o 15may75 during Mayaguez rescue. 2Lt +
    65-255 US Air Force 68-10926 : USAF; 21st SOS w/o 15may75 during Mayaguez rescue
    65-256 US Air Force 68-10927 : USAF; 601st TASS w/o 17mar76 Germany
    65-257 US Air Force 68-10928 : mh-53m USAF; conv to MH-53M unk; preserved Memorial Air Park, +
Jun84 based at Sembach, West Germany pictured at Phoeni+
    65-258 US Air Force 68-10929 : USAF; 21st SOS w/o 18feb71
    65-259 US Air Force 68-10930 : mh-53m USAF; conv to MH-53M; 13feb03 20th SOS damaged at Kuwai+
    65-260 US Air Force 68-10931 : USAF; 21st SOS w/o 01mar71
    65-261 US Air Force 68-10932 : USAF; Jun84 pictured at Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland s+
    65-262 US Air Force 68-10933 : USAF; 21st SOS w/o 13may75 Udorn, Thailand
    65-335 US Air Force 70-1625 : mh-53m USAF; first CH-3C second batch; conv to MH-53J; conv to+
MH-53J 27may95 pictured as MH-53J type 21st SOS at RAF Mildenh+
jul99 21st SOS
20th SOS w/o 23nov03 at Bagram, Afghanistan
    65-336 US Air Force 70-1626 : mh-53m USAF; conv to MH-53J; conv to MH-53M; preserved AFB Rob+
    65-337 US Air Force 70-1627 : USAF; 21st SOS w/o 15may75 during Mayaguez rescue
    65-338 US Air Force 70-1628 : USAF; 21st SOS w/o 24jan75
    65-339 US Air Force 70-1629 : mh-53m USAF; conv to MH-53J; conv to MH-53M
    65-340 US Air Force 70-1630 : mh-53m USAF; conv to MH-53J; conv to MH-53M
USAF; early Jun07 type:MH-53M in Poland for support HMX+
    65-341 US Air Force 70-1631 : mh-53m USAF; conv to MH-53J; conv to MH-53M
    65-342 US Air Force 70-1632 : USAF; 601 TASS w/o 26sep75 Paderborn, Germany
    20 C/N found.

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