Westland sea king


Sea King HC.4


Westland Sea King HC.4

Model News

Pakistan Navy New Sea Kings Refurbishment, 08-Jun-17 : Pakistan Navy acquired 7 former Royal Navy Sea Kings. Three are being refurbished by Vector Aerospace at its Fleetlands facility in Gosport, UK in order to return to service

Royal Navy Retired Sea King HC.4, 24-Mar-16 : Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm decommissioned 848 Naval Air Squadron and retired the Junglie Westland Sea King HC.4 with a ceremony at RNAS Yeovilton

Commando Sea Kings return from Afghanistan after four years, 12-Oct-11 : It is mission accomplished for veteran Naval helicopters over Afghanistan after a gruelling four-year mission.


From Organisation with model Sea King HC.4
united kingdom Ministry of Defence (MoD)
    sea king 1969/??
united kingdom Fleet Air Arm
    sea king 155 1969/now
united kingdom Fleet Air Arm
    43 1979/16
Construction Numbers on database of Sea King HC.4


Construction Numbers Help Us

wa 904 1979 UK ZA290 : RN d/d 1980; VC/846sqn w/o 18may82 near Punta Arenas Ch+
846 Sq/VC, part of disembarking shuttle from HMS Invinc+
destroyed by crew on beach, during Operation Plum Duff +
wa 905 1979 UK ZA291 : RN; 1985 846Sqn./VB; 1994 707Sqn./ZX; 1995 707Sqn./ZX; +
23jan01 848Sqn./ZX
2007 846Sqn./N; 2008 848Sqn./WN
wa 906 1979 UK ZA292 : RN; 1985 type:HC.4 846Sqn./VH
RN; 28sep88 pictured (pic1) coded E of 845Squadron at R+
2007 type:HC.4 848Sqn./WU; 2008 type:HC.4 848Sqn./WU; 2+
06jul08 as 848 NAS/WU pictured (pic2) at RNAS Yeovilton+
UK ZA292 : Vector Aerospace at Fleetlands, noted 01dec15; Stripped+
wa 907 1979 UK ZA293 : RN; 1985 846Sqn /VK; 1990 846Sqn /VP; 1994 707Sqn /ZT; +
wa 908 UK ZA294 : RN d/d 1980; 846sqn w/o 19may82 21 of the 30 onboard k+
846 Sq/VT, part of disembarking shuttle from HMS Invinc+
wa 909 UK ZA295 : RN; 1985 707Sqn./ZC; 1994 707Sqn./ZU; 2000 848Sqn./ZR
23jan01 848Sqn./ZR
2007 846Sqn./VU
13jul13 pictured as 846SqS /U at RNAS Yeovilton
UK ZA295 : Vector Aerospace at Fleetlands, noted 20apr16; stored +
wa 910 1980 UK ZA296 : RN; 1985 846Sqn./VF
846 Sq/VF, part of disembarking shuttle from HMS Invinc+
05jun94 846Sqn./VO Flypast Portsmouth harbour
2000 846Sqn./VO; 2004 845Sqn./B
06jul08 pictured (pic1) at RNAS Yeovilton, unloading fr+
26Jul14 pictured (pic2) as 846 NAS /Q fast roping, duri+
UK ZA296 : Vector Aerospace at Fleetlands, noted 20apr16; stored a+
wa 911 1980 UK ZA297 : RN HC.4 f/f 27jun80, d/d 24jul80
26jul86 as 845Sqn /H at Yeovilton Airshow
09feb98 845Sqn./C visit Schiphol Amsterdam, Netherland
2000 845Sqn /C
Jul06 pictured (top) as /VW at RNAS Yeovilton
13jul13 pictured (bot) as 845SqS /W at RNAS Yeovilton
UK ZA297 : Vector Aerospace at Fleetlands, noted 01dec15; Stripp+
wa 912 1981 UK ZA298 : RN; 1985 846Sqn /VA; 2000 845Sqn /G; 2004 848Sqn /WW
to G-BJNM Oct-Dec 1981 and back to ZA298. 846Sq/VA by +
846Sq /Y departed Yeovilton for Afghanistan 27 Aug 200+
846SqS/Y, struck by RPG on stbd side forward of u/c str+
16sep15 pictured at the ExCel Exhibition Centre during +
saved from the clutches of the MoD Disposal Services Ag+
wa 913 1981 UK ZA299 : RN; 1985 707Sqn /ZD; 1994 707Sqn /ZZ; jul00 848Sqn /ZT;+
846 Sq/VE, part of disembarking shuttle from HMS Invinc+
11Jul09 pictured (pic) as 845 NAS / D at Yeovilton Air +
31jul14 pictured (pic2) in the static display at RNAS C+
UK ZA299 : Vector Aerospace at Fleetlands, noted 20apr16; stored a+
wa 914 1981 UK ZA310 : RN; 1985 707Sqn /ZS; 1987 846Sqn /VS; 1990 846Sqn /VQ; +
hc.4+ 2010 845Sqn /B
13jul13 pictured at 848Sqd /B at RNAS Yeovilton
wa 915 1981 UK ZA311 : RN d/d 1981; 846sqn w/o 23apr82
dd 2 Dec 1981, 846Sq/VP-VL by Jan 1982, to HMS Hermes. +
wa 916 1981 UK ZA312 : RN; 1985 707Sqn /ZB; 1994 707Sqn /ZS; jul00 848Sqn /ZS;+
846Sq/VW by Jul 1982; 707Sq/ZB by 1986; 707Sq/ZT by 198+
hc.4+ HC.4+ by 2008; For sale (engineless) from storage Dec 2+
wa 917 UK ZA313 : RN HC.4 f/f 27jan82, d/d 24apr82
Oct82 pictured (top) as /VZ with large Union Jack durin+
2000 845Sqn /M; 2007 845Sqn /M
23jun12 pictured (bot) as 845SqS /M at the RNAS Yeovilt+
Jan13 to str Gosport
wa 918 UK ZA314 : RN; 1987 846Sqn /VF; 2000 845Sqn /F; 2007 848Sqn /WT
Jan.2011 at Bardufoss, Norway for winter training at cl+
10jul11 pictured as /WT of 848Sqd in the Commando Assau+
wa 927 UK ZB506 : Sea King Mk.4X f/f 19nov82, d/d 23dec82 Deld straight+
Jul89 with Royal Aircraft Establishment ( RAE ) at Bedf+
13+14jun92 with DRA at Air Tournament International
1994 MoD Defence Research Agency ( DRA )
UK ZB506 : QinetiQ, conv to Mk.4X type; 23jul02 noted
11jul09 pictured at RNAS Yeovilton
wa 928 1982 UK ZB507 : f/f 19 Jan 1983 as Mk.4X to RAE/DRA/DERA Farnborough by+
UK ZB507 : After conversion from Mk.4X at Fleetlands by Jun 1998, +
RN; jul00 848Sqn./ZN
23jan01 848Sqn./ZN
848 NAS/WN noted in Hangar 10 at RNAS Yeovilton
2007 846Sqn./F
846Sq /F aboard HMS Bulwark during Navy Days 2009
23jun12 pictured as 848Sqd /F at the RNAS Yeovilton air+
wa 931 1983 UK ZD476 : RN from 1984; 1985 707Sqn./ZA; jul2000 848Sqn./ZU; 2003+
707Sq/ZA by Aug 1984 still 1986;707Sq/ZS by 1988; 846 S+
hc.4+ HC.4+ conv by 2008;848 Sq/WZ by Jul 2009;For sale (engi+
ZD476 : 05mar16 for sale by witham sv. Mod sales.com with no en+
wa 932 UK ZD477 : RN; 1985 846Sqn./VC
Oct97 845Sqn./H SFOR (Divulje Barracks)
2000 845Sqn./H; 2004 845Sqn./H
wa 933 1984 UK ZD478 : f/f 15 Feb 1984, d/d 1 Mar 1984 to RN; 846Sq/VE by Aug +
1985 846Sqn /VE
To Gulf aboard RFA Argus Oct 1990. Returned Apr 1991.
15jul94 pictured (top) as 846Sqn 8/VM at Yeovilton with+
11jul97 pictured (bot) as 845Sqn /G on HMS Beaver (F93)
09feb98 846Sqn./VG visit
1998 846Sqn /VG; 2000 846Sqn /VX
846Sq/VG by Mar 1998 still Mar 1999; 846Sq/VX by Mar 20+
845Sq/J to Basra by Airfreight Mar 2005,w/o Jun 2005; D+
ZD478 : hull at Air and Ground, Hixon by Nov 2012
wa 934 1984 UK ZD479 : RN; 1985 707Sqn /ZE; 1992 707Sqn /ZS; 2000 848Sqn /ZV; +
11jul09 pictured as 848 NAS / WQ, in the Commando Assau+
wa 935 1984 UK ZD480 : RN HC4 f/f 19mar84, d/d 02apr84
ZD480 : 14Jul95 pictured (top) in UN markings white c/s at RNAS+
UK ZD480 : 1996 845Sqn./E (tiger c/s)
Oct97 845Sqn./E SFOR (Divulje Barracks)
Jul00 845Sqn./E
at Bosnia-Herzegovina with SFOR
19jul00 pictured (middle) as /E SFOR mrks tiger c/s at +
2003 845Sqn /E; 2004 845Sqn /E
23jun12 pictured (bot) as 846Sqn /J at the RNAS Yeovilt+
ZD480 : 20Apr16 - Noted in Arctic Camouflage coded "J" preserve+
wa 936 1984 UK ZD625 : RN; 1985 707Sqn /ZF; 1989 707Sqn /ZX; 1992 707Sqn /ZZ; +
ZD625 : 10aug16 at mini moo's farm, Edmondsley, Durham. DH7 6EY
wa 937 1984 UK ZD626 : dd RN 5 Jun 1984; 707Sq/ZG by 1986; 707Sq/ZY by 1988,
RN; 1992 707Sqn /ZY; 1995 707Sqn /ZZ; 2000 848Sqn /ZZ
848Sq/ZZ by 2003; 846Sq/S Dec 2006
846Sq /S, returned to Yeovilton from Afghanistan 11 Aug+
08jul12 pictured as 845Sqn /S at RIAT air show
wa 938 1984 UK ZD627 : RN; 1998 846Sqn /VL; 2000 846Sqn /VR; 2007 846Sqn /R
846Sq/VR 2000
2010 pictured as ZD627/WO of 848nas leading ZD625/P and+
wa 952 1985 UK ZE425 : RN; 1992 846Sqn /VJ; 1994 772Sqn /26; 2000 846Sqn /VJ; +
08jul12 pictured as 848Sqn /WR still wearing its winter+
wa 953 1985 UK ZE426 : RN; 1992 846Sqn /VO; 1994 707Sqn /ZW; 1996 846Sqn /VI; +
wa 954 1985 UK ZE427 : RN; 1992 846Sqn./VH
Oct97 845Sqn./B SFOR (Divulje Barracks)
2000 845Sqn./B
damaged at RAF Brize Norton
2003 845Sqn./B embarked aboard HMS Ocean (L12)
2007 845Sqn./K
26Jul14 pictured (pic1) as /K during the Commando Assau+
846Sq /K departed Yeovilton for Afghanistan 27 Aug 200+
19jul15 848Sqn /K pictured (pic2) at RIAT 2015
wa 955 1985 UK ZE428 : RN; 1996 846Sqn /VK; sep97 848Sqn /ZW; 2000 846Sqn /VS
NASU CU by 1986, 845Sq/D by Sep 1986 still 1988 still J+
damaged during a training sortie at RNAS Yeovilton, whi+
Pilot LT Pete straker flying at the time
wa 960 1986 UK ZF115 : MoD; 1990 A&AEE; 1992 A&AEE
13+14jun92 A&AEE Air Tournament International
UK ZF115 : Sea King HC.4X A&AEE; 26jul93 pictured (pic1) at RNAS P+
UK ZF115 : MoD; 30nov01 DERA damaged
UK ZF115 : 02apr09 return to service; jul09 848Sqn./R winter camou+
2009 pictured (pic2) as /R in 40th anniversary marks an+
02mar17 pictured (pic3) still complete and in Artic s+
wa 962 1986 UK ZF116 : dd 27 Aug 1986, NASU-CU by Sep 1986, RNAY Fleetlands by+
UK ZF116 : A&AEE Boscombe by Jul 1988, cold weather trials Canada +
UK ZF116 : 1993 pictured with 772Sqn at Mildenhall Air Fete 93
772Sq/620-PO by Apr 1993, 772Sq/625-PO by Mar 1994; 848+
RN; 2000 848Sqn /ZP; 2004 848Sqn /WP; 2007 848Sqn /WP
To Basrah Nov 2001 as 848Sq/ZP, 848 Sq/WP by Sep 2003 s+
22jun10 Visited NAS Pensacola
wa 963 1986 UK ZF117 : RN; 1992 846Sqn /VK; 1996 846Sqn /VQ; 2000 846Sqn /VQ; +
23jun12 pictured (top) as 845SqS /X at the RNAS Yeovilt+
13jul13 pictured (bot) as 848Sqd /X at RNAS Yeovilton
Silverstone 2015
UK ZF117 : Vector Aerospace at Fleetlands, noted 20apr16; stores +
22nov17 in flight test after minor package ... going to+
wa 964 UK ZF118 : RN d/d 1986; 846sqn
2000 846Sqn /VO; 2004 845Sqn /VP
845 NAS / K by Sep 2005. Airlifted back to Yeovilton fr+
wa 966 UK ZF119 : RN; 2000 846Sqn /VW; 2007 848Sqn /WY; 2009 848Sqn /WY
2010 pictured as ZF119/WY of 848nas with ZE426/WX durin+
wa 967 1986 UK ZF120 : RN HC.4 f/f 11nov86
11Nov86 First Flight Westlands Yeovil; 27Nov86 delivere+
04jul88 pictured as /PO.(6)20 of 772Squadron on SAR dut+
12Dec89 to Westlands for update; 27Feb90 to 772Squadron+
22feb93 772Sqn./20
16Mar93 noted RNAY Fleetlands coded -.-20; 10Feb94 note+
1998 845Sqn /K; 2000 845Sqn /K
18Apr05 noted RNAS Yeovilton coded -.VZ of 846Squadron;+
hc.4+ HC.4+ by 2008; For sale (engineless) from storage Dec 2+
wa 968 1986 UK ZF121 : 09sep91 pictured (pic1) as 772Sq /21 at RNAS Portland
1996 846Sqn /VJ; 1998 846Sqn /VJ; 2000 846Sqn /VT; 2007+
23jun12 pictured (pic2) as ZF121 /T of 846SqS supportin+
wa 969 1986 UK ZF122 : RN; 22feb93 772Sqn./22
RN; 1998 846Sqn /VI; jul00 846Sqn /VU; 2004 846Sqn /VU;+
13jul13 pictured as /V at RNAS Yeovilton. DHFS AS350 in+
wa 973 1987 UK ZF123 : RN; 22feb93 772Sqn./23
RN; 20aug94 pictured (top) as (unusual?) Rescue /23 772+
Jul00 type:HC.4 846Sqn./VY
While operating from RFA Argus in Lyme Bay off Portland+
2007 type:HC.4 848Sqn./WW
20jul11 pictured (bot) as /WW 848nas in the static par+
wa 974 1987 UK ZF124 : 09sep91 pictured (pic1) as 772Sq /24 at RNAS Portland. +
Oct94 as 771Sqn /24 in AR meet 94 from Leeuwarden air b+
2000 845Sqn /L; 2003 845Sqn /L embarked aboard HMS Ocea+
25Jul08 pictured (pic2) at HMNB Portsmouth for Meet You+
11Jul09 pictured (pic3) in the static display as 845Sq +
wa 996 1989 UK ZG829 : replaced Sikorsky S-61 XV370 with ETPS in 1989.
UK ZG829 : Sea King Mk4X; Empire Test Pilots School, Boscombe Down
UK ZG829 : MoD; 1990 ETPS; jul91 ETPS
13+14jun92 ETPS
w/o 20oct92 at Boscombe Down during hover refuelling. S+
wa1001 1990 UK ZG820 : RN HC.4 f/f 02jun90, d/d 21aug90
2000 845Sqn /A; 2003 845Sqn /A; 2004 845Sqn /A
23feb02 pictured (top) asg HMS Illustrious (R06) on USN+
23jun12 pictured (top) as 845SqS /I at the RNAS Yeovilt+
wa1002 1990 UK ZG821 : RN; 2000 845Sqn /D; 2004 845Sqn /D
26Jul14 pictured as 845 NAS /G during the Commando Assa+
15aug15 at Red Bull Air Race, Ascot
UK ZG821 : Vector Aerospace at Fleetlands, noted 20apr16; stored a+
wa1003 UK ZG822 : RN; 05jun95 846Sqn./VN Flypast Portsmouth harbour
RN; jul00 846Sqn /VN; 2007 848Sqn /WS
43 C/N.

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