MBB bo105




Fuselage stretched by 30 cm
They started with the stretched version in 1975. The production started from 1977


Engine: 2 x Allison 250-C20B 420shp
Capacity: 3 + 1
Length: (m) 8.81
Height: (m) 3
Blades: 4
Rotor diam.: (m) 9.84
Disc area: (m2) 76.05
Weight: (kgs) Empty: 1276     Max: 2500
Speed: (km/h) Cruise: 204     Max: 242
Range: (km)
Ceiling: (m)
Rate/Climb: (m/min) 1575


From Organisation with model bo105cbs
germany MBB
    bo105 1967/92
argentina Policia Federal Argentina
    bo105 8 1972/now
germany DRF Luftrettung
    bo105 1972/09
argentina Gobierno de Buenos Aires
    bo105 7 1978/now
norway Norsk Luftambulanse
    bo105 1978/??
brunei darussalam Angkatan Tentara Udara Diraja Brunei
    bo105 1981/now
mexico Armada de Mexico
    bo105 12 1986/now
Construction Numbers on database of bo105cbs


Construction Numbers Help Us

S-369 AR LQ-MMS : PFA d/d 1978 H-5/PF-7, test serial D-HDLE; tmp as LV-MM+
S-370 1978 AR LQ-MMW : BsAs Province d/d 14dec78, Bo105cbs type, test serial D+
S-387 IT I-EHBB : Elitos; to N233SL
US N233SL : private
S-391 DE D-HBBB : DRF; 1997 to D-HDRA
DE D-HDRA : DRF; conv to Bo.105CBS-5
AT D-HDRA : FlyMed, Austria 2009
S-408 BN 123 :
S-409 BN 124 :
S-410 BN 125 :
S-411 BN 126 :
S-412 BN 127 :
S-434 AE A6-DBH : UAE; ex DU-105; to EI-LIT
IE EI-LIT : Irish Helicopters; ex A6-DBH
S-540 1981 AR LV-AND : BsAs Province d/d 05oct81, test serial D-HDNO; DirecciÃ+
AR AE-710 : May/Jun 1982 Transf temp to Argentine Army as AE-710 du+
AR LV-AND : 2003 pictured (pic1) during summer campaign operating f+
18jan14 pictured (pic2) at DPA hangar at La Plata
28aug15 pictured (pic3) taking off at La Plata
S-545 AR LQ-AOF : PFA d/d 1981 H-6; test serial D-HDNT; conv CBS-2; 28jul+
S-546 AE DU-106 : UAE; reser A6-DBI; to OH-HCC
FI OH-HCC : Heliflite; conv Bo.105CBS-4; ex A6-DBI
S-547 AE DU-107 : UAE; reser A6-DBJ; to OH-HCD
FI OH-HCD : Copterline; conv Bo.105CBS-4; ex A6-DBJ; to RA-02530
RU RA-02530 : UTAir noted 2008; ex OH-HCD
S-555 MX HMR-151 : Mexican Navy as MR-454; reser HMR-151; reser AMHP-?
S-558 1982 AR LQ-APX : BsAs Province Health Ministry (Ministerio de Salud de l+
AR LQ-APX : 18jan14 pictured at La Plata (bot), ex Province Gov
S-561 MX AMHP-104 : Mexican Navy as MR-152
S-563 AR LQ-ARV : PFA d/d 1982 H-7; test serial D-HDPL; conv CBS-2; 09nov+
S-564 MX AMHP-109 : Mexican Navy as MR-453
S-574 MX HMR-155 : Mexican Navy as MR-155; reser HMR-155; reser AMHP-?
S-581 BN 100 :
S-609 NO LN-OSI : Norsk Luftambulanse; ex N29144; conv CBS-4
S-640 MX HMR-251 : Mexican Navy as MR-251; reser HMR-251 reser AMHP-?
S-657 1983 DE D-HDSH : MBB 1983 to Spain CASA as S4-657
US N803MB : Mobile Hidden Camera (MHC) test serial 1986
MX HMR-252 : Mexican Navy 1986, then MR-252
MX AMHP-107 : Eurocopter Mexico (EMSA) 2005 upgraded 105CBS-5 type
MX AMHP-107 : Mexican Navy
S-658 1983 DE D-HDSK : MBB 1983 to Spain CASA as S4-658
US N804MB : Mobile Hidden Camera (MHC) test serial 1986
MX HMR-253 : Mexican Navy 1986, then MR-253
MX AMHP-108 : Eurocopter Mexico (EMSA) 2005 upgraded 105CBS-5 type
MX AMHP-108 : Mexican Navy
S-659 DE D-HDUA : MBB 1983 to Spain CASA as S4-659
US N805MB : Mobile Hidden Camera (MHC) test serial 1986
MX HMR-254 : Mexican Navy 1986, then MR-254
MX AMHP-109 : Eurocopter Mexico (EMSA) 2005 upgraded 105CBS-5 type
MX AMHP-109 : Mexican Navy
S-660 1983 DE D-HDUB : MBB 1983 to Spain CASA as S4-660
US N806MB : Mobile Hidden Camera (MHC) test serial 1986
MX HMR-255 : Mexican Navy 1986, then MR-255
MX AMHP-110 : Eurocopter Mexico (EMSA) 2005 upgraded 105CBS-5 type
MX AMHP-110 : Mexican Navy
S-666 1983 US N4573A : to HK-3225X;
NO LN-OSZ : Norsk Luftambulanse; 1986 conv CBS-4; preserved ?
S-713 1985 DE D-HEEE : DRF Luftrettung from 1985; feb07 type:cbs-5 Christoph 1+
LU LX-HAR : Luxembourg Air Rescue; Christoph Lux 1998, rtn to D-HEE+
29 C/N.

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