Heliservicio Campeche 412

As of 2012, their fleet of 25 Bell 412 helicopters fly an average of 3,000 flight hours per month carrying more than 1.1 million passengers per year.

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Bell Support for Mexican Heliservicio’ 20 Bell 412, 07-Dec-16 : Mexico’s Heliservicio is the launch customer in Latin America for Bell Helicopter Customer Advantage Plan (CAP) signing its large fleet of 20 Bell 412EPs for the support solution

Four Bell 412EPs Delivered to Heliservicio Campeche, 16-Mar-15 : Heliservicio Campeche from Mexico received 4 Bell 412EP last December to support their oil and gas operations in the Gulf of Mexico

Construction Numbers Help Us

C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    36485 412ep 2008     ?: Heliservicio 2015, to be confirmed
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FULF: Bell Canada May/Sep 2008, test serial C-FOFE

Bell Helicopter N334BW: Bell Sep08

- VT-ABT: Abir Infrastructure Private Ltd, India 2008-2013

Bell Helicopter N412LM: Cessna Finance Corp Aug13-Apr15
    36253 412ep 2000     XA-AAB: Heliservicio Campeche Apr00-2011
Bell Helicopter N2417U: Bell Helicopter Apr00, test serial C-GLZQ

Eagle Copters C-GMVN: Eagle Copters Nov11-Jan12

Great Slave Helicopters C-GMVN: Great Slave Helicopters from Jan12
    36254 412ep     XA-AAN: Heliservicio Campeche; Bell serial N24171
- C-GMVX: March 2012, in Canada

- ?: Sep12 to Peru
    36338 412ep 2004     XA-HCC: Heliservicio Campeche; to N266MS
Bell Helicopter N45378: Bell 2004, test serial C-GFNN

Aeroservicios Especializados  SA XA-UCC: Aeroservicios Especializados SA de CV; to XA-HCC

- N266MS: Well Fargo Bank Northwest NA trustee at Salt Lake City,+

Ultimate Heli ZS-HNC: Ultimate Heli from Mar17; 01apr17 Imported and assemble+

May17 based on SA Agulhas 2 research vessel
    36611 412ep 2012     XA-HCJ: Heliservicio, op for PEMEX
Bell Helicopter N475BA: Bell Helicopter Sep/Dec 2012, test serial C-GFNP
    36641 412ep 2013     XA-HCK: Heliservicio Campeche; offshore for ENERCO / PEMEX
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GXEQ: Bell Canada Jul13

Bell Helicopter N496HB: Bell Oct/Nov 2013
    36645 412ep 2013     XA-HCP: Heliservicio Campeche 2014; offshore for ENERCO / PEMEX
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GXPG: Bell Canada Sep/Oct 2013, test serial C-GFNK

Bell Helicopter N7832L: Bell USA Nov/Apr 2014
    36337 412ep 2004     XA-HSI: Heliservicio; 01jun10 ditched on sea 2m of Bacab Platform-+
Bell Helicopter N45388: Bell Helicopter Aug04, test serial C-GFNM


RotorLink -: Rotor Link in Canada has the fusalage. The flight contr+
    36340 412ep 2004     XA-HSK: Heliservicio Campeche, op for Gob
Bell Helicopter N45389: Bell 2004, test serial C-GADL

Aeroservicios Especializados  SA XA-UCD: Aeroservicios Especializados SA de CV; to XA-HSK

Gobierno de Mexico XA-HSK: Comision Federal de Electricidad ( CFE ), noted Apr09

- N267MS: Well Fargo Bank Northwest NA trustee at Salt Lake City,+

Ultimate Heli ZS-HND: Ultimate Heli from Mar17; 30 mar17 Imported and assembl+

May17 based on SA Agulhas 2 research vessel
    36334 412ep 2004     XA-HSL: Heliservicio Campeche, to be confirmed
Bell Helicopter N45377: Bell Jul/Aug 2004

Aeroservicios Especializados  SA XA-UCE: ASESA, to OB-2013-P

- OB-2013-P: Peru, to XA-HSL
    33065 1981     XA-HSR: Heliservicio Campeche, to N968FM
Gobierno de Mexico XC-TGZ: Mexico, to N412PA

- N412PA: to C-GUAY

- C-GUAY: Air Alma Inc at Alma, QC Mar97-Jan00

Essor Helicopteres at Ste-Foy, QC Jan00-Apr02

- XA-TUW: Mexico private, to 9Y-REP

Bristow Caribbean 9Y-REP: Bristow Caribbean, noted Dec06, to XA-HSR

- N968FM: Wells Fargo Bank from Mar/May 2011

- HK-4767: Colombia 2011
    33212 412sp 1990     XA-SBJ: Heliservicio Campeche, rtn to N398AL
Air Logistics N398AL: Air Logistics, to XA-SBJ

Air Logistics Feb/Aug 2000

Bristow Caribbean 9Y-EVS: Bristow Caribbean from Jul00
    33213 412sp 1990     XA-SBZ: Heliservicio Campeche, rtn to N399AL
Air Logistics N399AL: Air Logistics, to XA-SBZ

Bristow US Llc N399AL: Bristow US May/Jun 2006

- VT-DAI: Air Deccan India, noted Jan08

CC Helicopters C-GCCD: CC Helicopters from May12
    36068 412hp     XA-SMW: Heliservicio Campeche; ex N7092K, XC-PFG
    36036 412hp     XA-SPZ: Heliservicio; ex C-GLZA, N3102V, XC-PFH; w/o 07oct01 crash n+
    33042 1981     XA-STP: w/o 05oct99
Air Logistics N2071C: Offshore Logistics, canc 1994
    36101 412ep 1994     XA-SYL: Heliservicio 1995
Bell Helicopter N87746: Bell Helicopter Jan/Feb 1995, test serial C-FEXW

SACSA XA-SYL: SACSA, noted 2012

Eagle Copters C-GUNW: Eagle Copters from Jan13

02jan15 at Calgary, Alberta
    33169 412sp 1988     XA-TAM: Heliservicio Campeche, to 9Y-TSP
- N3207H: to PT-HXU

- PT-HXU: Brazil from Feb92, ex N3207H

Air Logistics N396AL: Offshore Logistics Sep94-Sep95

Bristow Caribbean 9Y-TSP: Bristow Caribbean from Feb06

- C-GTQN: Rilpa Enterprises Ltd from Sep12
    36012 412sp 1990     XA-TLO: Heliservicio Campeche, rtn to N397AL
Air Logistics N397AL: Air Logistics, test serial C-GLZS

- B-6618: China, rtn to N397AL

Bristow US Llc N397AL: Bristow US Feb10-Apr14

Erickson N397AL: Erickson from May14
    36037 412hp     XA-TNO: Heliservicio Campeche; ex SU-CAV
Petroleum Air Services SU-CAV: PAS; to XA-TNO
    36241 412ep 1999     XA-TQH: Heliservicio Campeche 2000-2009
Bell Helicopter N6400Z: Bell Oct99-Jan00, test serial C-GFNQ

Heligo Charters Pvt VT-SWE: Heligo Charters from Nov09
    36157 412ep     XA-TRC: Heliservicio Campeche; ex N389AL
    36311 412ep 2002     XA-TXP: Heliservicio Campeche; Bell serial N24129
    36268 412ep     XA-TXQ: Heliservicio Campeche; Bell serial N61316
    36289 412ep 2001     XA-TXR: Heliservicio Campeche; Bell serial N2029N
    36317 412ep     XA-TXV: Heliservicio Campeche; Bell serial N7020C
    36314 412ep     XA-TXZ: Heliservicio Campeche; Bell serial N7030B
    36315 412ep     XA-TYA: Heliservicio Campeche; Bell serial N7007Q
    33210 412sp 1990     XA-TYQ: Heliservicio Campeche, lsd
Air Logistics N412SA: Air Logistics at New Iberia, LA Jun90-Oct01, test seria+

Bristow Caribbean 9Y-BCL: Bristow Caribbean, noted Jul03

Bristow US Llc N412BG: Bristow US at New Iberia, LA Aug10-Apr14

Erickson N412BG: Erickson from Apr14
    36051 412hp     XA-UAR: Heliservicio Campeche; ex D-HHYY
HDM Flugservice D-HHYY: HDM Flugservice; to XA-UAR

Gobierno de Mexico XA-UAR: Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE), 2005
    36255 412ep 2000     XC-AAR: Heliservicio Campeche 2000-2005
Bell Helicopter N2416X: Bell, test serial C-GLZM

Air Logistics N385AL: Airlog International Inc at Lafayette, LA Oct/Nov 2005

Eagle Copters C-GMVY: Eagle Copters Nov11-Mar13

- OB-2047-P: Peru 2013

Calquin OB-2047-P: Calquin; aug16 pictured

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