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    33008 1983     N163EH: ERA Aviation from Apr89; w/o unk; Nov99 canc
- C-GKHS: Kenting Earth Sciences at Ottawa, ON, canc Feb88

May81 pictured at Vancouver, BC
    33004     N164EH: ERA Helicopters May/Jun 2005
- N58RC: to N164EH

Helisureste EC-JJE: Helisureste, noted Jul05

INAER EC-JJE: INAER, noted Jul12
    33089 1983     N167EH: ERA Helicopters May05
National Safety Council of Australia VH-NSO: National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA), noted Oct8+

FAASA N167EH: FAASA, noted 2010, 2011
    33058 1981     N168EH: Era Helicopters May05-Dec15; pictured (pic1)
Lloyd Helicopters VH-SUH: Lloyd Australia, noted Nov84

- C-GWMX: W M Aviation Inc at North Vancouver, BC; Jun87 canc, t+

National Safety Council of Australia VH-NSI: NSCA, to N168EH


Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment EC-MKD: MAGRAMA ( Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Me+
    33064 1988     N169EH: ERA Leasing, to XA-BDD
- PT-HRI: Brazil, rtn to N5760K

- HL9233: South Korea, rtn to N5760K

Niagara Helicopters C-GBHH: Niagara Helicopters Jun88-Nov09

- XA-BDD: Mexico, rtn to N169EH

FAASA EC-MEJ: FAASA, noted still N169EH Apr10
    33085 1982     N174EH: ERA Aviation from Apr90-Oct02
- JA9583: test serial N2101Q

- N174EH: US Dept Interior; w/o 13aug00 at Cold Springs, NV. 1 fa+
    33037     N177EH: ERA Apr90-Apr04, tmp N177LG
    N177LG: ERA 2003
Gobierno de Mexico XC-HAN: Mexico Gov, rtn to USA

    33072     N356EH: ERA Helicopters from Mar89; w/o 03dec93 at Cameron, LA; canc+
    33001 1981     N412EH: ERA, canc Aug07
Australian Helicopters VH-EMZ: Australian Helicopters from Aug07; w/o 17jun13 at Torre+

- VH-EMZ: date unk, Movie Set on the Gold Coast Filming San Andr+
    36371 412ep 2005     N412EL: ERA Leasing from Mar13
Bell Helicopter N412GV: Bell Jun/Jul 2007, test serial C-FEMJ

Global Vectra Helicorp VT-AZH: Global Vectra from Jul05, lsd Cessna Finance
    33007 1981     N414EH: ERA Aviation Mar89-Dec98
Colombian Navy ARC-217: Colombia Navy 217 d/d 1998
    33009 1981     N415EH: ERA Helicopters
- PR-NNL: Brazil from Apr03

Air Logistics N395AL: Air Logistics Nov04-Jan05

Bristow Caribbean 9Y-LNG: Bristow, Trinidad y Tobago; 2008 Bristow Caribbean firs+

- N412HL: Wells Fargo Sep/Oct 2010

Helicol HK-4744: HeliCol from Mar11

- HK-4744: Oct14 on sale
    33011 1981     N416EH: 1994 opening scene of movie On Deadly Ground
Air Logistics N416EH: Air Logistics Feb/Mar 2003 to Mexico

- XA-TXA: Mexico, to 9Y-OLG

Bristow Caribbean 9Y-OLG: Bristow Caribbean noted 2004, to CP-2516

HeliBol CP-2516: HeliBol Bolivia noted 2008, to HK-4680

Helicol HK-4680: Helicol Colombia, noted Aug10

- HK-4680: Oct14 on sale
    33031 1981     N417EH: ERA, ex N3911E
FAASA N417EH: FAASA, noted Jul13
    33032 1981     N418EH: Era Helicopters
Air Logistics N418EH: Air Logistics Apr/Aug 2003

Bristow Caribbean 9Y-BHI: Bristow Caribbean from Aug03

Eagle Copters C-GUNX: Eagle Copters from Jan13
    33043 1981     N419EH: ERA Aviation Mar89-Apr04
Heliduero EC-IXX: Heliduero /D7 firefighting

22may15 as /D4 in firefighting at Cedefo Los tablones, +
    33054 1981     N420EH: ERA, noted 1985; canc, fate unk
- N2027N: to N420EH
    33067 1981     N421EH: ERA Helicopters May05-Dec15
FAASA N421EH: FAASA, noted 2008-2009, lsd from ERA

    33068     N422EH: ERA Aviation Mar89-Apr04
FAASA EC-IXV: FAASA 2005; 2011 still
    33069 1981     N524EH: ERA, noted 1985; w/o 06may89 at Girdwood, AK; canc Dec91

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