Bell 212 in
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Servicios Aereos Especiales Mexicanos SA

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    30993     XA-SRZ: SAEMSA, ex XC-DEY, to HK-4232
Gobierno de Mexico XC-DEY: Mexico, to XA-SRZ

- HK-4232: Colombia, Rent Fly SA from Mar11
    30845     XA-SSB: SAEMSA, to N845RL
Gobierno de Mexico XC-DAH: Mexico, to XA-SSB

RotorLink N845RL: RotorLink at North Delta, BC, Canada from Aug15
    30992     XA-SSC: SAEMSA, to N992RL
Gobierno de Mexico XC-DIA: Mexico, to XA-SSC

RotorLink N992RL: RotorLink at North Delta, BC, Canada from Dec15
    30988     XA-SSD: SAEMSA, ex XC-DIF
Gobierno de Mexico XC-DIF: Mexico, to XA-SSD
    30852     XA-SSE: SAEMSA, ex XC-SCO, to C-FAHK
Gobierno de Mexico XC-SCO: Mexico, to XA-SSE

Alpine Helicopters C-FAHK: Alpine Helicopters; sep08 homeport
    30987     XA-SSF: SAEMSA, to N387RL
Gobierno de Mexico XC-SER: Mexico, test serial N1077V

RotorLink N387RL: RotorLink at North Delta, BC, Canada from Dec15
    30939     XA-SSG: SAEMSA, to N339RL
Gobierno de Mexico XC-SET: Mexico, test serial N27669

RotorLink N339RL: RotorLink at North Delta, BC, Canada from Nov15
    30844     XA-SSH: SAEMSA, ex XC-CAF, to N405RA
Gobierno de Mexico XC-CAF: Mexico (to be confirmed), to XA-SSH

- N405RA: Rent Air Jun/Jul97, lsd to Colombia

- HK-4124X: SARPA Ltda ( Servicios Aereos Panamericanos, Colombia )+

- TI-BDG: Costa Rica, lsd from HK-4124, rtn

- HK-4124: Colombia
    30562 1973     XA-SSI: SAEMSA, ex XC-GAN, to C-FAHZ
Gobierno de Mexico XC-GAN: Mexico, to XA-SSI

Alpine Helicopters C-FAHZ: Alpine from Feb03, ex XA-SSI
    30588 1973     XA-SSJ: SAEMSA, ex XC-GEL, to C-FAHL
Gobierno de Mexico XC-GEL: Mexico, to XA-SSJ

Alpine Helicopters C-FAHL: Alpine from Feb03
    30924     XA-SSK: SAEMSA, ex XC-HFI
- N50093: canc 1989

Gobierno de Mexico XC-HFI: Mexico, to XA-SSK
    35031 1990     XA-SSL: SAEMSA, to N531RL
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FJKY: Bell Canada 1990

Gobierno de Mexico XC-HHN: Mexico, to XA-SSL

- N531RL: private at North Delta, CA from Aug15

Feb16 being parted out in Delta, BC, Canada
    30931 1979     XA-SSM: SAEMSA, ex XC-JBB, to C-GAEO
- JA9539: to B-12118

- B-12118: rtn to JA9539

Gobierno de Mexico XC-JBB: Mexico, ex JA9539, to XA-SSM

- N98789: Dec96-Jan97, rtn C-GAEO

- C-GAEO: ?, to EC-GOR

- EC-GOR: Spain unk

Tasman Helicopters C-GEEC: Tasman Helicopters, noted 2003-2004

Great Slave Helicopters C-GEEC: Great Slave Helicopters from Sep09, conv to Single Engi+

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