westland wessex

in uruguay Aviacion Naval Uruguaya

Uruguayan Navy

Del'd: 8 - 1991 to 2010

wessex Aviacion Naval Uruguaya

History of this Model in this Organisation:

3 Wessex Mk 60 (ex Bristow Helicopters) delivered with long range fuel tanks between 1991 and 1994 replacing ex USN SH-34Js. Also some ex UK Royal Air Force HC.2 airframes, 2 ? in 1997, 5 in Feb 1998. Based at Curbelo AB in Laguna del Sauce on the southern tip of Uruguay.

Westland refused to support these aircraft (probably due to distance, age, parts availability etc), and they are supported by Sikorsky. As a result, they are known as Sikorsky S-58s, despite their heritage as Wessex from a factory in the UK.

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Units with this Model in this Organisation:

YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1991/nowEscuadron de Helicopteros Cpt Curbelo, Laguna del Sauce

Roles of this Model in this Organisation:


Construction Numbers of this Model in this Organisation: Help Us    

C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    wa504 mk.53 1966     063: From Bristow Helicopters in part exchange for Navy SH-34J in+
ghana air force 9G-631: Westland Wessex Mk.53, c/n WA504, ff?; del Ghana Air Fo+

ghana air force G-631: Wessex Mk.53 Delivered 1966 ?. Sold to Bristow as G-BG+

Bristow G-BGWT: ex G-631. Became G-BGWT Aug 1979. De-reg Jan 1990 on ex+
    wa563 mk.54 1966     064: Replaced ex USN SH-34J with the same serial in Aug 1991. wfu+
royal brunei air force AMDB-106: Wessex Mk.54

To Brunei Jan 1967. Replaced by Bell 212 1971.

Bristow G-BAWJ: ex Brunei Govt. To Bermuda 1971 as VR-BEA, possibly wit+
    wa503 mk.53 1966     065: From Bristow Helicopters in part exchange for SH-34J (which +
ghana air force 9G-630: Westland Wessex Mk.53, c/n WA503, ff?; del Ghana Air Fo+

ghana air force G-630: Wessex Mk.53 Delivered 1966. Sold to Bristow as G-BGER+

Bristow G-BGER: ex G-630. To VH-BHI Mar 1979 on a Bristow contract in A+
    wa130 hc.2 1963     081: To Uruguay Jan 1998. Delivered 20 Feb 1998.
On July 2009 participated on Southern Partnership Station 09+
2010 last operational Wessex (in the world?)
Royal Air Force XR505: First flew 1 Oct 1963, delivered 18 Oct 1963 . SRCU/N+
    wa143 hc.2 1963     082: To Uruguay Jan 1998. Delivered 20 Feb 1998.
Royal Air Force XR521: First flew 16 Apr 1964 as HC.2, delivered 30 Apr 1964. +

Flew her a lot on 72Sqn between joining 02jun69 and 10d+

RAF; 1993 2FTS
    wa195 hc.2 1965     083: To Uruguay Jan 1998. Delivered 20 Feb 1998.
w/o mar01 crash at sea during a rescue
Royal Air Force XS676: First flew 15 Feb 1965 as HC.2, delivered 24 Mar 1965. +
    wa198 hc.2 1965     084: To Uruguay Jan 1998. Delivered 20 Feb 1998.
Royal Air Force XS679: RAF HC.2 f/f 28apr65 as HC.2, d/d 05may65; 18 Sq/BP by +

08sep80 pictured (top) as 18 Sq/BP at Gutersloh, Germa+

Jul91 /WG 2FTS; 1992 pictured (top) at Boscombe Down d+
    wa530 hc.2 1966     085: To Uruguay Jan 1998. Delivered 20 Feb 1998.
Royal Air Force XT603: First flew 10 Jun 1966 as HC.2, delivered 29 Jun 1966. +

Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AD
    8 C/N found in this Organisation

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