Westland wessex in
united kingdom Royal Air Force

Del'd: 77 - 1963 to 2003

  • Royal Air Force wessex
The RAF used seventy two Wessex HC.2 (71 production airframes and 1 pre-production prototype) between 1963 and 2003. The other prototype (a HAS.1 conversion) was retained by Westland for trials. More details can be found under the Wessex HC.2
The RAF used two HCC.4 in the VVIP and VIP transport role between 1969 and 1998. More details under the Wessex HCC.4
Several former Royal Navy aircraft also listed here

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1984/0384 squadronCY RAF Akrotiri
CY Nicosia (Lefkosia)

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    wa289 hu.5 1965     8922M: to RAF Gutersloh Jan 1987 (painted up as XR504 18Sq/BF by Ju+
Royal Navy XT467: Westland Wessex HU.5, c/n WA289, f/f:?; del Royal Navy +

845Sq/G-B by Mar 1966 still Sep 1968. 781Sq by Feb 1970+

RN HU.5 noted 25jul79 at RNAS Culdrose Air Day coded 52+

771Sq /525-CU, participated in Fastnet Race rescue on 1+

771 Sq/525-CU visited RCH on 14 Dec 1981

Everett Aero XT467: Everett Aero, Sproughton by Mar 2003 still Feb 2004

Gunsmoke Paintball XT467: Gunsmoke Paintball site Hadliegh Suffolk by Nov 2006 st+
    wa 4 hc.2 1958     XM299: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA004, f/f: 19/12/1958; del Royal +
    wa 92 has.1 1962     XP159: to 8877M at RAF Odiham by May 1986, privately owned Brands H+
Royal Navy XP159: Westland Wessex HAS.1, c/n WA092, f/f:?; del Royal Navy+

820Sq/297-E by Nov 1964, 814Sq/341-V by Apr 1965, 814Sq+

- XP159: to Electrical Research Association, Leatherhead by Jun +
    wa122 hc.2 1963     XR497: RAF d/d 28feb63; SAR duty at RAF Valley with 202 Sq by 1977+
First flown by me on 02aug68 on 78Sqn at Sharjah. This ac wa+
202 Sqn was NEVER at RAF Valley, However 22 Sqn was
noted at RAF Leuchars airshow 02sep78
Jul80 pictured (top) at Koksijde, Belgium
Uruguayan Air Force 076: FAU d/d 20jun02; ex RAF XR497; sep02 in service with E+

Pictured (bot) in Uruguay during firefighting duties, v+
    wa123 hc.2 1963     XR498: May69 as 72Sqn /M participated in Daily Mail Trans Atlantic +
1970 as 72Sqn /AM at Farnborough Airshow
1999 72Sqn /X
RAF St Mawgan, Cornwall; Painted in SAR colours and was to h+
    wa124 hc.2 1963     XR499: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA124, f/f: 05/07/1963; del Royal +
RAF; 1995 72Sqn./W
    wa125 hc.2 1963     XR500: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA125, f/f: 19jul63; del Royal Air+
Flew her 28Sqn at Kai Tak 2nd and 4th April 1974. I was with+
w/o 19apr79, crashed into sea off Hong Kong, crew OK
    wa126 hc.2 1963     XR501: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA126, f/f: 05/07/1963; del Royal +
noted at RAF Leuchars air show 02sep78 with 22Sqn
    wa127 hc.2 1963     XR502: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA127, f/f: 19/07/1963; del Royal +
RAF; 1975 18Sqn./BL
    wa128 hc.2 1963     XR503: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA128, f/f: 23/08/1963; del Royal +
RAF type:HC.2; 2008 FSCTE Manston
Ministry of Defence (MoD) XR503: Engine filter trials in N Africa Aug 1966, RAE by Sep 1+

RAE noted on display at SBAC Farnborough Airshow 1968

DRA; 13+14jun92 ATI 92
    wa129 hc.2 1963     XR504: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA129, f/f: 30/08/1963; del Royal +
to 22Sq A Flt, replacing XV730/BW, 18 Mar 1982, until hersel+
RAF Wessex HC.2; 1984 22Sqn.
SAR duty at RAF Leuchars air show sep84 with B Flt 22Sqn
2010 still at RAF Akrotiri outside base museum not bad stat+
June 2011 seen it again, on close inspection the engines are+
    wa130 hc.2 1963     XR505: First flew 1 Oct 1963, delivered 18 Oct 1963 . SRCU/N by 1+
Uruguayan Navy 081: To Uruguay Jan 1998. Delivered 20 Feb 1998.

On July 2009 participated on Southern Partnership Stati+

2010 last operational Wessex (in the world?)
    wa131 hc.2 1963     XR506: ff 30 Oct 1963; dd 23 Dec 1963; 18 Sq/H by Jun 1968 still by+
13jul97 72Sqn./V
I was groundcrew in Victor on the last flight into Shawbury +
27mar02 last flown, total airframe hours: 17.343 hrs 35 mins
as Nov.2011 located as static stand on Longmoor Training Cam+
as June 2012 located at RNAS Culdrose, reason unknown.
17apr80 noted at RAF Odiham
Jet Art Aviation -: Jan13 pictured on sale on ebay by jetartaviation.co.uk
    wa132 hc.2 1963     XR507: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA132, f/f: 26/11/1963; del Royal +
Noted at AAC Hildesheim 17jun80 when coded BJ with 18Sqn
    wa133 hc.2 1963     XR508: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA133, f/f: 19/11/1963; del Royal +
    wa134 hc.2 1963     XR509: ff 13 Dec 1963, dd 6 Jan 1964 . 18 Sq/N by Apr 1965 still Ju+
    wa135 hc.2 1963     XR510: ff 19 Dec 1963, dd 6 Jan 1964. HOCF/BZ by Sep 1970, w/o 12 N+
    wa136 hc.2 1963     XR511: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA136, f/f: 20/12/1963, del Royal +
After return to the RAF from Oman, 72 Sq/AL by 1973 still Se+
RAF; 24+25jul99 72Sqn./L Lady Linlithgen. Fairford air show
Royal Air Force of Oman XR511: seconded to Sultan of Oman Air Force as XR511, unk; rtn+

- XR511: 2011 pictured stored at Taranaki, New Zealand warehouse
    wa137 hc.2 1963     XR515: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA137, f/f: 15/01/1964, del Royal +
Uruguayan Air Force 070: FAU d/d jun97; ex RAF XR515
    wa138 hc.2 1964     XR516: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA138, f/f 16jan64; del Royal Air +
19mar09 pictured (top) at RAF Shawbury
22nov12 pictured (bot) preserved gate guardian at RAF Shawbu+
Jan13 Gate Guard
    wa139 hc.2 1964     XR517: RAF in 1995 /N 60Sqn.
ff 22 Jan 1964, dd 3 Feb 1964. /G by Jun 1968. 72 Sq/AN by S+
11jun11 pictured preserved at the Ulster Aviation Society at+
Everett Aero XR517: Sold to R Everett, Sproughton by Sep 1998, pres. Shoreh+
    wa140 hc.2 1964     XR518: RAF in July 1991 22Sqn.
1992 pictured in SAR livery with 22 Sqd B Flight at RAF Leuc+
    wa141 hc.2 1964     XR519: Westland Wessex HC.2 f/f 12feb64 del Royal Air Force 03mar6+
    wa142 hc.2 1964     XR520: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA142, f/f: 19/02/1964; del Royal +
29jul92 pictured as SAR type with 22 Sqd A Flight at RAF Chi+
Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AB
    wa143 hc.2 1963     XR521: First flew 16 Apr 1964 as HC.2, delivered 30 Apr 1964. Event+
Flew her a lot on 72Sqn between joining 02jun69 and 10dec69 +
RAF; 1993 2FTS
Uruguayan Navy 082: To Uruguay Jan 1998. Delivered 20 Feb 1998.
    wa144 hc.2 1964     XR522: ff 22 Apr 1964, dd 1 May 1964 . 78 Sq/O by 1965, HOCF/BW by +
Uruguayan Air Force 071: FAU d/d jun97; ex RAF XR522; Gate Guardian Grupo 1 FAU +
    wa145 hc.2 1964     XR523: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA145, f/f: 08/05/1964; del Royal +
RAF - noted on display at SBAC Farnborough Airshow Sep68 cod+
Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AE
dd 28 Jul 1964, 72 Sq/E by Sep 1968 still Jul 1969, 72 Sq/AE+
    wa146 hc.2 1964     XR524: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA146, f/f: 22/05/1964; del Royal +
Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AF
- XR524: RAF - noted at SBAC Farnborough Airshow Sep68 as 72Sqn +
    wa147 hc.2 1964     XR525: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA147, f/f: 27/07/1964; del Royal +
72Sq by Aug 1964; loaned to Sultan of Oman Air Force by Mar +
    wa148 hc.2 1964     XR526: ff 24 Aug 1964, dd 23 Sep 1964. w/o 27 May 1970 with 72 Sq, +
- XR526: Sep12 appears to have been rebuilt and now on display a+
    wa149 hc.2 1964     XR527: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA149, f/f: 23/09/1964; del Royal +
    wa150 hc.2 1964     XR528: RAF Wessex HC2 ff 04nov64, dd 10dec64; 78 Sq/F, /BZ by Sep+
Sep76 based at Leuchars with 22Sqn
Dec13 dumped at RAF Little Rissington on the Airfield near t+
    wa151 hc.2 1964     XR529: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA151, f/f: 01/12/1964; del Royal +
72Sq /E, noted visting Manadon on 23 Nov 1982
    wa121 hc.2 1962     XR588: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA121, f/f: 05/10/1962; del Royal +
    wa159 hu.5 1964     XS485: 1992 Rebuilt at RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus; Was HC5C with 84 Sqn +
Royal Navy XS485: Royal Navy Wessex HU.5C d/d 06feb64; scr Gosport, 2002

Noted as G.I with AESS at HMS Sultan, Gosport 28may99 n+
    wa166 hu.5 1964     XS492: RAF Wessex HU.5 on loan to RAF 2FTS at RAF Shawbury EGOS fro+
Royal Navy XS492: Westland Wessex HU.5, c/n WA166, f/f:?; del Royal Navy +
    wa172 hu.5 1964     XS498: To RAF 84 Sq /Joker by 1991
Royal Navy XS498: Wessex HU5C. d/d to RN 1964, 848Sq/T-A by 1965, 845Sq,+

Royal Marines XS498: 847 Sqn Mar/Apr69 as /C

Royal Navy XS498: 31oct73 848Sqn./VC-B visit

jan79 confirmed coded VL/WQ 707NAS

848Sq /ZK landed on mv Astronomer in Plymouth Sound 7 J+

Returned via Devonport late July 1982 and transferred b+

02apr90 in my flying log as 84Sqn RAF Akrotiri

to HMS Sultan (AESS Gosport) as G.I A2641; to Predannac+

- XS498: to Air and Ground Aviation, Hixon autumn 2000. Some par+
    wa176 hu.5 1964     XS507: ex FAA Wessex HU.5. To 606Sq (Royal Aux AF) for Helicopter +
May 2011 pictured with 606 (Chiltern) Sq RAFR at RAF Benson
Royal Navy XS507: dd 27/08/1964, 707Sq/W-CU by 1965, still Jun 1967 still+

Cat 4 damage 04Aug78 with airframe hours of 3132:05; Re+

Royal Marines XS507: reactivated 847 NAS 07may-24sep 1982 as /XU

847Sq /XU noted here on 13 May 1982, to join mv Atlanti+

Royal Navy XS507: 847 Squadron Coded XU noted RNAS Yeovilton 07May82; 707+
    wa186 hu.5 1964     XS517: Became HC5C on 84 Sqn RAF in RAF Akrotiri and had a diamond +
Royal Navy XS517: Royal Navy Wessex HU.5C d/d 1964; scr Gosport 2002

jan79 coded VL/WV 707NAS

07May82 noted RNAS Yeovilton coded WV of 848Squadron

31jul82 pictured coded ZC of 707Squadron at RNAS Yeovil+
    wa187 hu.5 1964     XS518: to RAF mid 1984. crashed into sea in Limassol Bay with 84 Sq+
Royal Navy XS518: Westland Wessex HU.5C, c/n WA187, f/f:?; del Royal Navy+

Royal Marines XS518: reactivated 847 NAS 07may-24sep 1982 as /XP

847Sq /XP noted here on 13 May 1982, to join mv Atlanti+
    wa193 hc.2 1965     XS674: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA193, f/f: 16/02/1965; del Royal +
    wa194 hc.2 1965     XS675: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA194, f/f: 05/02/1965; del Royal +
- XS675: 2011 pictured stored at Taranaki, New Zealand warehouse
    wa195 hc.2 1965     XS676: First flew 15 Feb 1965 as HC.2, delivered 24 Mar 1965. Event+
Uruguayan Navy 083: To Uruguay Jan 1998. Delivered 20 Feb 1998.

w/o mar01 crash at sea during a rescue
    wa196 hc.2 1965     XS677: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA196, f/f: 15/03/1965; del Royal +
    wa197 hc.2 1965     XS678: Westland Wessex HC.2 f/f 19mar65, d/d RAF 02apr65
72 Sq/K by Jun 1968 still Sep 1968.
Ministry of Defence (MoD) XS678: w/o 19mar76 with ETPS; front fuselage to Hawker de Havi+

Royal Air Force of Oman XS678: seconded to Sultan of Oman Air Force as XS678, unk
    wa198 hc.2 1965     XS679: RAF HC.2 f/f 28apr65 as HC.2, d/d 05may65; 18 Sq/BP by Sep 1+
08sep80 pictured (top) as 18 Sq/BP at Gutersloh, Germany du+
Jul91 /WG 2FTS; 1992 pictured (top) at Boscombe Down during+
Uruguayan Navy 084: To Uruguay Jan 1998. Delivered 20 Feb 1998.
    wa241 has.3 1965     XT257: 1 SoTT RAF Halton by Apr 1982, to 8719M at Halton by Aug 198+
Royal Navy XT257: Westland Wessex HAS.3 pre-production, WA241, f/f 09/05/+

Ministry of Defence (MoD) XT257: converted to HAS.3 prototype while on HAS.1 line, Westl+

- XT257: pres. East Grinstead by Oct 1998, still 2003; to Bourne+
    wa285 hu.5 1965     XT463: RAF; 30mar93 pictured as HC type with 78 Sqn on the ramp at +
84Sq /Ace of Clubs by Mar 1985. Returned to UK Oct 1995 to S+
1990-1993, worked on her, was not 78 Sqn but 84 Sqn
Royal Navy XT463: Royal Navy Wessex HU.5 d/d 07sep65; to AEES Gosport fo+

dd 7 Sep 1965, 845 Sq/R-B by May 1966; 848 Sq/VS-B by +

to Fleetlands by Nov 1982, for conv to HU.5C for RAF

to AESS Gosport by Oct 1996; to Predannack by Oct 1999.

- XT463: to Air and Ground aviation, Hixon autumn 2000
    wa291 hu.5 1965     XT469: to RAF as /8920M; 17jul92 pictured (bot) preserved at RAF S+
Royal Navy XT469: RN Wessex HU.5; d/d Nov 1965,  848Sq/E-A; 847 Sq/E-S b+

Royal Marines XT469: 847 Sqn Mar/Apr69 as /E

Royal Navy XT469: Jun78 pictured (top) as 772Sq /PO-14 at Portland

Royal Navy XS469: noted at RAF Brize Norton 15oct78 coded 514-PO with 77+

Royal Navy XT469: 22jul79 still coded 514-PO with 772NAS

Royal Marines XT469: reactivated 847 NAS 07may-24sep 1982 as /XN

847Sq /XN noted here on 13 May 1982, to join mv Atlanti+

- XT469: 22nov13 Its on e-bay for £12500

Dec14 at Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight. Initially in a yar+

21sep15 is for sale on Ream Salvage for 11000,00£

21oct16 still at Isle of Wight. Local newspaper County +
    wa301 hu.5 1966     XT479: 1993 84 Sqn RAF as HC5C with spade badge on tail, Akrotiri, +
Royal Navy XT479: Royal Navy Wessex HU.5 d/d Apr66; stored near Pafos, C+

Jan79 coded 707Sqn VL/WX

845 Sq/B, part of disembarking shuttle from HMS Invinci+
    wa528 hc.2 1966     XT601: ff 13 Mar 1966, dd 18 Jun 1966, Wessex SAR Flt. Muharraq by +
RAF; 13+14jun92 22Sqn.
29jul92 pictured as SAR type with 22 Sqd A Flight at RAF Chi+
    wa529 hc.2 1967     XT602: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA529, f/f: 08/06/1966; del Royal +
20aug94 pictured with 22sqn with altered markings at RAF Los+
    wa530 hc.2 1966     XT603: First flew 10 Jun 1966 as HC.2, delivered 29 Jun 1966. Event+
Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AD
Uruguayan Navy 085: To Uruguay Jan 1998. Delivered 20 Feb 1998.
    wa531 hc.2 1966     XT604: ff 7 Jul 1966, dd 2 Aug 1966 to RAF. Wessex HAR.2  78Sq+
m lindsey XT604: To Air & Ground Aviation (Staffordshire). Acquired +

preserved at East Midlands Aeropark
    wa532 hc.2 1966     XT605: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA532, f/f: 20/07/1966; del Royal +
Uruguayan Air Force 072: FAU d/d jun97; ex RAF XT605
    wa533 hc.2 1966     XT606: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA533, f/f: 31/08/1966; del Royal +
RAF Wessex HC.2; 1995 2FTS./WL
72 Sq/O by Nov 1966 still Jun 1968. 84 Sq A Flt/Diamonds by +
- XT606: 2011 pictured stored at Taranaki, New Zealand warehouse
    wa534 hc.2 1966     XT607: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA534, f/f 08sep66; del Royal Air +
20jun93 pictured as P/ 72 Sqn at RAF Cosford Airshow
72 Sq/P by Jun 1968, 72 Sq/AP by Sep 1976, 72 Sq/P (still) b+
    wa535 hc.2 1966     XT667: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA535, f/f: 23/09/1966; del Royal +
    wa536 hc.2 1966     XT668: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA536, f/f: 06/10/1966; del Royal +
Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AS
Uruguayan Air Force 078: FAU d/d 2003; ex RAF XT668
    wa537 hc.2 1966     XT669: Westland Wessex HC.2 f/f 21oct66 d/d Royal Air Force 26nov6+
72 Sq/T by Jun 1968, 72 Sq/AT by Sep 1974, 72 Sq/T(?) still +
    wa538 hc.2 1966     XT670: 18sep71 72Sqn /AU pictured at RAF Coltishall
1984 22Sqn
SAR duty, yellow colour scheme with B Flt 22 Sqn at RAF Leuc+
Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA538, f/f: 07/11/1966; del Royal +
    wa539 hc.2 1966     XT671: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA539, f/f: 21/11/1966; del Royal +
Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AW
    wa540 hc.2 1966     XT672: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA540, f/f: 23/11/1966; del Royal +
17jun95 pictured as /WE at RAF Cosford
Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AW
Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AX
    wa541 hc.2 1966     XT673: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA541, f/f: 14/12/1966; del Royal +
Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AY
Uruguayan Air Force 074: FAU d/d jun97; ex RAF XT673
    wa542 hc.2 1966     XT674: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA542, f/f: 10/01/1967; del Royal +
    wa543 hc.2 1966     XT675: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA543, f/f: 24/01/1967; del Royal +
Uruguayan Air Force 073: FAU d/d jun97; ex RAF XT675
    wa544 hc.2     XT676: RAF; 2003 to Uruguay as 079
Uruguayan Air Force 079: FAU d/d 2003; ex RAF XT676
    wa545 hc.2 1967     XT677: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA545, f/f: 13/02/1967; del Royal +
    wa546 hc.2 1967     XT678: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA546, f/f: 26/02/1967; del Royal +
Uruguayan Air Force 075: FAU d/d jun97; ex RAF XT678
    wa547 hc.2 1967     XT679: ff 8 Mar 1967, dd 31 Mar 1967. w/o 12 Nov 1970 with HOCF as +
    wa548 hc.2 1967     XT680: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA548, f/f: 20/03/1967; del Royal +
22 Sq by Sep 1981 still May 1984, 84Sqd/\Diamondsby 2002 - J+
- XT680: 2011 pictured stored at Taranaki, New Zealand warehouse
    wa549 hc.2 1967     XT681: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA549, f/f: 17/04/1967; del Royal +
    wa614 hc.2 1967     XV719: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA614, f/f:?; del Royal Air Force +
Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AA
17apr80 noted at RAF Odiham
    wa615 hc.2 1967     XV720: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA615, f/f:?; del Royal Air Force +
late 60s, was ( initially ? ) with 18 Sqn RAF, coded T Also,+
Sep76 based at Leuchars with 22Sqn
17apr80 noted at RAF Odiham
Jul80 pictured at Koksijde, Belgium
22Sq A Flt by Jan 1986. Performed the last ever Air Sea Resc+
2008 at FSCTE Manston
preserved at HMS Sultan, Gosport
Aug13 soon in France
- XV720: Arrived May 2014 at LaserGaming near Abingdon.

14feb15 Laser Gaming, High Ropes Oxford
    wa616 hc.2 1967     XV721: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA616, f/f:?; del Royal Air Force +
RAF; 24+25jul99 72Sqn./H Fairford air show
Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AK
Uruguayan Air Force 080: FAU d/d 2003; ex RAF XV721
    wa617 hc.2 1967     XV722: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA617, f/f: 19/01/1968; del Royal +
late 1960s, as 18Sqn /U
1968 d/d to 72Sqn at RAF Acklington, Northumberland
    wa618 hc.2 1968     XV723: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA618, f/f 08jan68; del Royal Air +
14may95 pictured as /Q 72 Sqd at North Weald Air Show
Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AQ
17apr80 noted at RAF Odiham
Uruguayan Air Force 077: FAU d/d 2002; ex RAF XV723
    wa619 hc.2 1968     XV724: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA619, f/f: 22/02/1968; del Royal +
30jul95 picture at Sanicole Hechtel, Belgium
    wa620 hc.2 1968     XV725: f/f 13 Mar 1968, d/d 3 Apr 1968 as HC.2. /A by Jun 1968. 72+
late 1960s, coded A ( initially ? ) with 18 Sqn
17apr80 noted at RAF Odiham
RAF type:HC.2; 1983 72Sqn./C
13may94 pictured at Middle Wallop airshow with brand new two+
RAF type:HC.2; 2008-2011 FSCTE./C Manston
    wa621 hc.2 1968     XV726: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA621, f/f: 21/03/1968; del Royal +
    wa622 hc.2 1968     XV727: Westland Wessex HC.2, c/n WA622, f/f: 22/04/1968; del Royal +
    wa623 hc.2 1968     XV728: f/f 25 Apr 1968, d/d 10 May 1968 to RAF. To 18 Sq, to CFS, t+
18Sqn /W
newark air museum XV728: Sold Jun 1998 from DARA Fleetlands to Newark Air M+
    wa624 hc.2 1968     XV729: Wessex HC.2, c/n WA624, f/f 14/05/1968, d/d 31/05/1968, to G+
22Sq A Flt on 8 Nov 1982, replacing XR504.
    wa625 hc.2 1968     XV730: Wessex HC.2, c/n WA625, f/f 22/05/1968, d/d 06/06/1968, depa+
arrived 4 Nov 1981 from Fleetlands, for 22Sq A Flt, until 19+
22 Sq by Sep 1984 still Sep 1986, 84 Sq/Clubs by 1999 - Jan +
- XV730: 2011 pictured on right of XT680 stored at Taranaki, New+
    wa626 hc.2 1968     XV731: Wessex HC.2, WA626, f/f 13/06/1968, d/d 03/07/1968, stored R+
    wa627 hcc.4 1969     XV732: First flew 17 Mar 1969, delivered 25 Jun 1969 to RAF for the+
Queens Flt, brought HRH Prince Charles
30oct91 Queens Flight visit Antwerp
    wa628 hcc.4 1969     XV733: First flew 13 May 1969, delivered 30 Jun 1969 to RAF for t+
Queens Flt, noted visiting RAF Mount Batten on 3 May 1979
Queens Flt, visited the Air Tattoo, 23 Jun 1979
- XV733: Purchased by The Helicopter Museum, Weston-super-Mare i+
    87 C/N found in this Organisation

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