belgium Volcanex 2005

Florennes, Belgium

08-sep-05    to    15-sep-05

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combat search and rescue exercise (CSAR)
17sq MRH: A109 H24 : H20 : H30 (last 2 squadron not confirmed)
LTG62: UH-1D 71+28 : 71+60
EH01.067: Puma 1311 : 1321
CEAM: EC725 2619
5RHC: Gazelle 3938 : 4079 : 4213 : 4219 : Puma 1247
301Sqn.: AH-64D Q-13 : Q-22 : Q-30

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DatesRotary Wing Aircraft UnitModels
    08sep05 to 15sep05 BE 17 squadron Multi Role Helicopter Force Aérienne Belge A109BA
    08sep05 to 15sep05 DE Lufttransportgeschwader 62 Luftwaffe UH-1D
    08sep05 to 15sep05 FR Escadron d'Helicopteres 01.067 Armée de l'Air sa330 puma
    08sep05 to 15sep05 FR 5 Regiment D'Helicopteres de Combat Aviation légère de l'armée de terre gazelle
Tiger / Tigre
sa330 puma
    08sep05 to 15sep05 FR Centre d'Experimentations Aeriennes Militaires 00.330 Armée de l'Air
    08sep05 to 15sep05 NL 301 squadron Koninklijke Luchtmacht AH-64D Apache
Not all models shown may have taken part in the Operation
Some of the units could be operating fixed wing aircraft at the time, check every unit for details

Individual helicopters in this Operation:    

Model IDs
    eurocopter EC725R2 Caracal 2619    
    aerospatiale SA330B Puma 1247     1311     1321    
    aerospatiale SA342M Gazelle 3938     4079    
    aerospatiale SA342L-1 Gazelle 4213     4219    
    boeing AH-64D Apache Q-13     Q-22     Q-30    
    dornier UH-1D 71+28     71+60    
    SABCA A109BA H20     H24     H30    

Ships which served in this Operation: Login to Edit    


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