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Delivery of the first EC225 to Algeria, 22-Dec-04 : On 22 December 2004, the first series production EC 225 to roll off the Marignane assembly lines was officially delivered to the Ministerial Air Liaisons Group (GLAM) of the Algerian Republic. This helicopter in VIP livery will join the prestigious transport squadron, which serves the Presidency of the Algerian Republic.

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  RusHeli Mi-26T22016
  Mil Mi-28 Havoc2016
  AW AW139M112014
  AW AW101 6422013
  AW AW119Ke Koala82013
  PZL W-3A 2012
  EC EC225LP220052011
  Bell 41232002

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Mi-24A 4202034 19742034 : donated to SAAF Museum in 2001 from Advanced Technologies and Eng ...
SA330C Puma 1014 7T-WUC : Algerian airforce; w/o 19nov71
SA330C Puma 1026 7T-WUD : Algerian airforce; w/o 01apr71
SE3160 Alouette III 1076 7T-WUD : Algerian airforce; ex F-ZBAK
AS355N Ecureuil 2 5737 7T-WUZ : Algeria
EC225LP 2600 20037T-WVA : airforce VIP; to be 7T-VPE; Dec04 at Marignane, France as F-WQDJ; ...
EC225LP 2623 20047T-WVB : airforce VIP; Nov11 on sale
AW101 642 50249 20137T-WVB : Algerian airforce VIP 2014; 05dec13 refuel stop at Perpignan, Fra ...
: 02jul16 picture (pic2) in refuel stop at Perpignan, France
AW101 642 50250 20137T-WVD : Algerian airforce VIP 2014; 05dec13 refuel stop at Perpignan, Fra ...
AW119Ke Koala 14805 2013? : Algeria
AW119Ke Koala 14807 2013? : Algeria
AW119Ke Koala 14803 2013? : Algeria
AW119Ke Koala 14796 2013? : Algeria
AW119Ke Koala 14794 2013? : Algeria
AW119Ke Koala 14787 2012? : Algeria
AW139M 31504 AR-11 : Algerian Air Force, test serial I-RAIP
AW139M 31509 AR-15 : Algerian Air Force, test serial I-EASY
AW139M 31512 AR-22 : Algerian Air Force d/d 2014, test serial I-EASW
AW139M 31518 AR-26 : Algerian Air Force, test serial I-EASG
AW139M 31535 AR-34 : Algerian Air Force d/d Mar14, test serial I-EASW/CSX81829
AW139M 31536 AR-36 : Algerian Air Force d/d Mar14, test serial I-RAIM/CSX81831
AW139M 31537 AR-42 : Algerian Air Force d/d Apr14, test serial CSX81832
AW139M 31538 AR-44 : Algerian Air Force d/d Apr14, test serial CSX81830
AW139M 31546 AR-51 : Algerian Air Force d/d May14, test serial CSX81834
AW139M 31547 AR-58 : Algerian Air Force d/d May14, test serial CSX81835
AW139M 31555 2014AR-66 : Algerian Air Force d/d May14, test serial CSX81836
W-3A 371001 AT-12 : Algerian Air Force from Dec12, test serial SP-SWL
W-3A 371002 AT-14 : Algerian Air Force from Aug13, test serial SP-SIC
AW119Ke Koala 14797 2013AT-15 : Algeria, aviation school
W-3A 371003 AT-18 : Algerian Air Force from Jul13, test serial SP-SIE
W-3A 371004 AT-22 : Algerian Air Force from Oct13, test serial SP-SIF
AW119Ke Koala 14799 2013AT-27 : Algeria, aviation school
W-3A 371005 AT-28 : Algerian Air Force from Dec13, test serial SP-SII
W-3A 371006 AT-32 : Algerian Air Force from Dec13, test serial SP-SIL
W-3A 371007 AT-36 : Algerian Air Force from Feb14, test serial SP-SIN
W-3A 371008 AT-42 : Algerian Air Force from Apr14, test serial SP-SID
412EP 36295 2002BV-26 : Algeria d/d Nov02 as EB-26
412EP 36290 2002BV-28 : Algeria d/d Nov02 as EB-28
412EP 36406 2006BV-32 : Algeria d/d 2007 as EB-32
Mi-26T2 34001212643/33-03 SL-22 : Algeria
Mi-26T2 34001212644/33-04 SL-24 : Algeria
Mi-26T2 SL-32 : Algeria
Mi-26T2 SL-44 : Algeria
Mi-2 Hoplite 10747 1988ST-11 : QJJ
Mi-2 Hoplite 10804 1988ST-19 : QJJ
Mi-2 Hoplite 10809 1988ST-29 : QJJ
Mi-2 Hoplite 10939 1989ST-61 : QJJ
Mi-2 Hoplite 11020 1989ST-87 : QJJ
Mi-8T Hip-C 001 01156 SV-19 : c/n 11 56 / 1156; Algerian Air Force /106

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