italy Helitalia SpA

Established 1994, serving both aerial operations (medical) and aircraft maintenance. Based at Sesto Fiorentino. From August 2009 is a subsidiary of Inaer Italia

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  EC bk117

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BK117C-1 7548 D-HDNO : Helitalia
412EP 36355 2005D-HHDM : Helitalia Regione Abruzo, team DRF
BK117C-1 7540 D-HKAV : Helitalia 2002-2004, reser I-HKAV
S-76A 76-0298 1990G-BZAN : Helitalia Sep/Oct 2000, to N520AL
ab412 25504 I-EHAC : Helitalia 1984-2008
S-76A 76-0298 1990I-HBAS : Helitalia, noted 1998, to G-BZAN
A109e Power 11048 I-HBFI : Helitalia, Firenze HEMS; 02jul05 dmg
A109K2 10023 I-HBHA : Helitalia, ex I-ECAM, to OM-ATG
A109K2 10025 1995I-HBHB : Helitalia Nov95, to D-HABI
BK117B-2 7251 1995I-HBHC : Helitalia noted Apr06, to D-HJJJ
BK117C-1 7528 I-HBMC : Helitalia
BK117C-1 7531 I-HBMS : Helitalia
BK117C-1 7546 I-HDBX : Helitalia, ex D-HDBX, to D-HEEE
BK117C-1 7547 I-HDBZ : Helitalia, ex D-HDBZ
AW109E Power 11625 2005I-HDPR : Helitalia
BK117B-2 7244 1995I-HECE : Helitalia
BK117C-1 7540 I-HKAV : Helitalia 2005-2010
AW109E Power 11121 2001I-MAFP : Helitalia from 2001, lsd from Bristow

16 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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