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Indonesia PTDI Delivering Airbus helicopters, 30-Mar-17 : Benefitting from a partnership of over four decades, PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) recently delivered a AS332/H215M, 2 EC725/H225M and 2 AS555 Fennec to the Armed Forces. AS565MBe Panther to follow

First Three AS565MBe Panther to Indonesia, 22-Nov-16 : The first 3 AS565MBe Panther were handed over to PT Dirgantara Indonesia for final reassembly and outfit. Eleven helicopters to be delivered to the Indonesian Navy through 2018

Komodo 2016 Naval Exercise in Indonesia, 12-Apr-16 : The US Navy and Indonesia are taking part in Komodo 2016, the second iteration of the exercise which began in 2014 in Batam

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List of Units

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Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    Skwadron Udara 400 - 400 Squadron ? --

Bases and Locations

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Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
   JuanaSkwadron Udara 400

Model Types

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  AH AS565MBe Panther2017
  SNIA as332 super puma1985
  Bell 4121985
  MBB bo105c1985
  Westland wasp1019811998
  SNIA alouette ii1961

List of Aircraft

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wasp f.9681 1967HS-430 : Delivered to MLD (Dutch Navy) as AH-12A, 236. To TNI-AL 1981.
wasp f.9689 1967HS-431 : Delivered to MLD (Dutch Navy) as AH-12A, 244. To TNI-AL 1981.
wasp f.9691 1967HS-432 : Delivered to MLD (Dutch Navy) as AH-12A, 246. To TNI-AL 1981.
wasp f.9765 HS-433 : Delivered to MLD (Dutch Navy) as AH-12A, 247. To TNI-AL 1981.
wasp f.9688 1967HS-434 : Delivered to MLD (Dutch Navy) as AH-12A, 243. To TNI-AL 1981. Pre ...
wasp f.9685 1967HS-435 : Delivered to MLD (Dutch Navy) as AH-12A, 240. To TNI-AL 1981.
wasp f.9682 1967HS-436 : Delivered to MLD (Dutch Navy) as AH-12A, 237. To TNI-AL 1981.
wasp f.9683 1967HS-437 : Delivered to MLD (Dutch Navy) as AH-12A, 238. To TNI-AL 1981.
wasp f.9690 1967HS-438 : Delivered to MLD (Dutch Navy) as AH-12A, 245. To TNI-AL 1981.
wasp f.9687 1967HS-439 : Delivered to MLD (Dutch Navy) as AH-12A, 242. To TNI-AL 1981.
AS332F Super Puma 2080 HU-440 : TNI-AL
AS332F Super Puma 2094 HU-441 : TNI-AL
AS332F Super Puma 2098 HU-442 : TNI-AL; w/o oct87
AS332F Super Puma 2104 HU-443 : TNI-AL; dam nov87
AS332F Super Puma 2142 HX-3305 : TNI-AL
AS332L Super Puma 2152 HX-3306 : TNI-AL
AS332F Super Puma 2144 HX-3308 : TNI-AL

17 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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