hong kong Lectern Aviation Supplies Co Ltd

MD Helicopters representative

Based in Hong Kong, specializes in the sales of aircraft and spare parts and servicing to the international market.


First K-MAX Flight, 19-May-17 : Kaman announced successful first flight of a K-MAX helicopter from the newly reopened commercial production line

Mi-26 Provides Fire Safety at the China’s G20, 05-Oct-16 : Chinese company Lectern Aviation’s Mi-26TS heavy helicopters extinguished three fires that threatened settlements where the G20 summit was being held.

Mi-26TC Delivered to China, 30-Jun-16 : Russia delivered a new Mi-26TC to Lectern Aviation Supplies in China to be used in the Shandong province for fires control, transportation of equipment and oversized cargo.

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  Kaman K-MAX2017
  Mil Mi-26 Halo2016

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