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Niagara Helicopters

For over 50 years, Niagara Helicopters Limited has been in business in Niagara Falls Ontario particularly in sightseeing.

Organisation News

Airbus Canada Delivered 4 H130 to Niagara Helicopters, 02-Jun-15 : Airbus Helicopters Canada delivered 4 new 7-passengers H130/EC130T2 aircraft to Niagara Helicopters who provide flightseeing tours over the Niagara Falls.

Organisation Models Login to Edit

  AH H130 / EC130T242015
  Bell 4071996
  Bell 20619851997

Individual Helicopters Login to Edit

206L-3 Long Ranger 51335 1992C-FKIX : Niagara Helicopters Apr/Nov 1993
407 53010 1996C-FLRH : Niagara Helicopters from Jun96
407 53014 1996C-FLYD : Niagara Helicopters from Jun96
206L-3 Long Ranger 51404 1992C-FLYD : Niagara Helicopters Apr93-Jun96
407 53024 1996C-FLYF : Niagara Helicopters from Jul96
206L-3 Long Ranger 51552 1992C-FLYF : Niagara Helicopters Apr93-Jul96
407 53033 1996C-FLYG : Niagara Helicopters from Jul96
206L-3 Long Ranger 51556 1992C-FLYG : Niagara Helicopters Mar93-Jun96
206L-3 Long Ranger 51606 1992C-FLYO : Niagara Helicopters Apr93-Mar97
206L-4 Long Ranger 52061 1994C-FYEZ : Niagara Helicopters May94-May96
412 33064 1988C-GBHH : Niagara Helicopters Jun88-Nov09
206L Long Ranger 45021 1976C-GDCA : Niagara Helicopters Nov86-Apr93
206A 393 1969C-GFXX : Niagara Helicopters Mar85-Aug97
412SP 36006 1990C-GOPP : Niagara Helicopters Jun90-Apr93
407 53005 1996C-GOTU : Niagara Helicopters Jun96-May12
206A 451 1969C-GSEE : Niagara Falls Jun85-May93
H130 / EC130T2 8023 2014C-GTZN : Niagara Helicopters from Jul15, /Niagara1; 25oct15 pictured at Ni ...
H130 / EC130T2 7809 2014C-GTZO : Niagara Helicopters from Jul15
H130 / EC130T2 8043 2014C-GTZP : Niagara Helicopters from Jul15
H130 / EC130T2 8084 2015C-GTZQ : Niagara Helicopters from Jul15

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