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united kingdom HM Coastguard

Her Majesty s Coastguard

HM Coastguard

Her Majestys Coastguard (HMCG) was founded in 1822 with the purpose of protecting revenue against smugglers. By 1923, the emphasis had changed to protecting life, shipping and the environment around Britains 17000 km of coastline and within the UK Search and Rescue Region (UKSRR). Since 1998, HMCG has been part of the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

In conjunction with this, Trinity House and the Northern Lighthouse Board operate automated and a few manned lighthouses and lightships, whilst the Admiraltys Hydrographic Office provides maritime charts. The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) provides a volunteer lifeboat service and other organisations can commit assets for rescue as and when required. HMCG provides controllers at a number of Rescue Coordination Centres (RCC), which also deal with onshore rescue. HMCG through the Maritime RCCs, is the competent authority for tasking the Search and Rescue helicopter service provided through UK Department for Transport funding. The aircraft are provided through a mixture of Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and from 1980 when minimum response times were established, civilian contractor units. Each are assigned a sector of the UKSRR as their primary area of operations.

RAF and Royal Navy Search and Rescue helicopters can be found under their respective organisations. Helicopters operated by civilian units on behalf of HMCG are listed here, with a note identifying the contractor organisation which owns and maintains them.

After a commercial competition (which was abandoned in Feb 2011) for a replacement SAR service, the Department for Transport has re-opened the bidding for contracts, partly as a result of pressure from the UK Treasury which has resulted in a decision to retire the Sea King SAR helicopters. There are several consortia bidding and the announcement of winner(s) is expected in 2013. Do not assume that all existing SAR bases will remain open.

News about this Organisation:

Bristow Prepares for Start of UK SAR Contract, 13-Jan-15 : As Bristow Helicopters continues its preparations towards the go-live of the UK SAR contract on behalf of the UK’S Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), it has already scored significant achievements at its existing bases in Northern Scotland.

AW189 SAR Variant Achieves EASA Certification, 23-Dec-14 : AgustaWestland is pleased to announce it has achieved European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification for the Search and Rescue variant of the AW189, paving the way for the delivery of aircraft for the UK search and rescue programme.

Construction Began on New SAR Base at St Athan, 03-Dec-14 : A ceremony was held yesterday (December 2, 2014) to mark construction of a new Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopter base at St Athan Aerospace Business Park within the Enterprise Zone.

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Rotary Wing Aircraft Units in this Organisation: Login to Edit    

Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    portland district - uk srr portland district 1995 --
    shetland district - uk srr shetland district 1983 --
    solent district - uk srr solent district 1988 --
    stornoway district - uk srr stornoway district 1987 --

Models in this Organisation: Login to Edit    

  AW AW1892015
  AW AW139 2008
  sikorsky s-92 Helibus 2007
  sikorsky s-61 H-3 819832008


Individual Helicopters on Database: Login to Edit    

ModelC/NBuiltID     /     History
    AW139 31571 2014?: HM Coast Guard, op by Bristow
    S-61N Mk.II 61-712 1973G-BBHL: HM Coastguard, owned and maintained by Bristow; 2003 based Storno ...
    S-61N Mk.II 61-713 1973G-BBHM: ex N4033S,G-BBHM, 8Q-HUM. Owned and maintained by Bristow Helicop ...
    S-61N Mk.II 61-718 1973G-BBVA: HM Coastguard operated by Bristow
    S-61N Mk.II 61-737 1974G-BCLC: Owned and maintained by Bristow Helicopters on behalf of HM Coast ...
    S-61N Mk.II 61-751 1975G-BDIJ: G-BDIJ, then 9M-AYF, to G-BDIJ. Owned and maintained by Bristow H ...
    S-61N Mk.II 61-765 1976G-BDOC: Owned and maintained by Bristow Helicopters on behalf of HM Coast ...
G-BDOC: attended the fire and explosions at the Piper Alpha platform
G-BDOC: HM Coast Guard Oscar Charlie 1985-2007
    S-61N Mk.II 61-752 1974G-BIMU: S-61N Mk.II. ex N4042S, then VH-CRU, N4042S, VH-CRU, N8511Z, to G ...
    S-61N Mk.II 61-822 1979G-BPWB: ex EI-BHO, then G-BPWB, EI-BHO, to G-BPWB; Owned and maintained b ...
    AW139 31203 2007G-CGIJ: Operated for HM Coastguard by CHC Scotia, since April 2008.
G-CGIJ: 23aug13 pictured (top) from MV_Normandie conducting a winching ex ...
    S-92A 92-0034 2006G-CGMU: HM Coastguard op by CHC Scotia
    S-92A 92-0051 2007G-CGOC: HM Coastguard op by CHC Scotia
    AW139 31209 2007G-CGWB: Operated for HM Coastguard by CHC Scotia, since April 2008.
    AW139 31579 2014G-CIJX: HM Coast Guard op by Bristow; 19dec14 pictured at Norwich, call s ...
    S-92A 92-0166 2011G-MCGA: HM Coastguard Jan13, operated by Bristow, Sumburgh/Stornoway
G-MCGA: Feb13 Based at Inverness airport for line training before deliver ...
    S-92A 92-0167 2011G-MCGB: HM Coastguard from Feb13, Bristow
    S-92A 92-0169 2011G-MCGC: HM Coast Guard op by Bristow; 12apr13 pictured (top) at Aberdeen, ...
G-MCGC: 14apr14 pictured (bot) incoming to home base at Sumburgh
G-MCGC: 25apr14 Oscar Charlie Helicopter Naming Ceremony at Sumburgh, She ...
    S-92A 92-0171 2012G-MCGD: May14 Search and rescue heli on Stornoway, Scotland
G-MCGD: 11jan15 at Humberside
    S-92A 92-0214 2014G-MCGE: HM Coast Guard op by Bristow
G-MCGE: 09jan15 flying over Flamborough, East Yorkshire
G-MCGE: 10jan15 12:30 over skegness flown from humberside airport
G-MCGE: 9Jan15 Flying over Rotherham ex Humberside. 1245
G-MCGE: 24jan15 passed over Rotherham 0900 towards Sheffield, just rtn ov ...
    S-92A 92-0222 2013G-MCGF: HM Coast Guard op by Bristow
    S-92A 92-0225 2013G-MCGG: HM Coast Guard op by Bristow
G-MCGG: 21nov14 Overflying RAF Leconfield
G-MCGG: 21nov14 Overflying Aberdeen on approach to Dyce
    S-92A 92-0045 2006G-SARB: HM Coastguard op by CHC Scotia; 2010 Isle of Lewis, Scotland
    S-92A 92-0052 2006G-SARC: HM Coastguard operated by CHC Scotia; 11dec12 an Unst Shetland is ...
    AW139 31208 2007G-SARD: Operated for HM Coastguard by CHC Scotia, since April 2008.
    AW189 49005 2013I-PTFF: 07oct14 unveiled by Bristow and AgustaWestland in HM colours at E ...

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