south africa Henley Air

Helicopter Charter and Flight Training Centre operating from Hangar 6 at Rand Airport (FAGM), Johannesburg, South Africa

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  Bell 2222012

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222UT 47533 1985- : Henley Air ntu, scrapped, spares
222UT 47540 1985- : Henley Air, ntu; conv to Bell 222 simulator
222UT 47524 1984? : Henley Air from Jun17
222UT 47565 1988ZS-HAN : Henley Air 2017; Ambulance
222UT 47525 1984ZS-HDF : Henley Air from Nov12; VIP
222UT 47567 1987ZS-HDI : Henley Air; ambulance
222UT 47523 1984ZS-HDK : Henley Air from May15; Ambulance
222UT 47574 ZS-HDS : Henley Air South Africa, Mar14
206B-2 Jet Ranger 1155 ZS-HDW : Henley Air, South Africa; w/o 05oct15 struck a pole while install ...
222UT 47506 1983ZS-HDW : Henley Air; scrapped and reduced to spares
206L-1 Long Ranger 45538 1980ZS-HDX : Henley Air
222 47014 ZS-HMS : Henley Air, South Africa
230 23034 ZS-HPK : Henley Air South Africa from Nov12
222UT 47562 1987ZS-HSK : Henley Air from Jun15; VIP / Ambulance
222B 47152 ZS-HVR : Henley Air, noted 2005-2006
R44 Raven II 11147 2006ZS-OFJ : Henley Air; w/o 25sep14 near Rand Airport, Germiston. 2 fatalitie ...
A109e Power 11010 1997ZS-RJD : Henley Air; Gencor;
EC135T2 0292 2003ZS-RPW : Henley Air, South Africa
407 53794 2007ZS-RRJ : Henley Air
AW119 Koala 14531 2007ZS-ZAM : Henley Air

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