austria Fliegerregiment 1

Österreichische Luftstreitkräfte

Fl.1 : Flight Regiment 1
Austrian Air Force


s-70 austria

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2002/nowS-70A-42 Black Hawk

Construction Numbers (Not all in unit) Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
5597 ab212 5D-HA: w/o 20mar00 near Kirchdorf
5598 ab212 5D-HB: Austria air force
5D-HB: 10jul12 pictured during HB2012 at Ovar airbase, Portugal
5599 ab212 5D-HC: KFOR Kosovo
5600 ab212 5D-HD: Austria air force
5D-HD: jul12 HB2012 at Ovar airbase, Portugal
5D-HD: Jul14 HB2014 at Ovar airbase, Portugal
5601 ab212 5D-HE: w/o 1oct97. salvage parts used for 5D-HZ in 2001
5602 ab212 5D-HF: Jul12 HB2012 at Ovar airbase, Portugal
5D-HF: 29jun13 pictured at Zeltweg
5603 ab212 5D-HG:
5604 ab212 5D-HH:
5605 ab212 5D-HI:
5606 ab212 5D-HJ:
5607 ab212 5D-HK:
5608 ab212 5D-HL: Austria Air Force
5D-HL: Jun15 at Italian Blade in Viterbo
5609 ab212 5D-HM: w/o 03jul81
5610 ab212 5D-HN: Austria Air Force
5D-HN: Jul13 HB13 at Ovar, Portugal
5D-HN: Jul14 HB2014 at Ovar airbase, Portugal
5611 ab212 5D-HO:
5612 ab212 5D-HP:
5613 ab212 5D-HQ:
5614 ab212 5D-HR: Austrian Air Force
5D-HR: 23jul13 pictured during HB2013 at Ovar airbase, Portugal
5D-HR: Jun15 at Italian Blade in Viterbo
5615 ab212 5D-HS: deploy KFOR
5616 ab212 5D-HT: Austria air force
5D-HT: 0jul12 pictured during HB2012 at Ovar airbase, Portugal
5617 ab212 5D-HU:
5618 ab212 5D-HV: Austria air force
5D-HV: Jul12 HB2012 at Ovar airbase, Portugal
5D-HV: Jul14 HB2014 at Ovar airbase, Portugal
5619 ab212 5D-HW:
5620 ab212 5D-HX: Austria air force
5D-HX: Jul12 HB2012 at Ovar airbase, Portugal
5D-HX: Jul14 HB2014 at Ovar airbase, Portugal
ab212 5D-HZ: c/n 5622 or ex 5D-HE ?
5622 ab212 5D-HZ: Possible 5D-HZ ?
Italian Police MM80750: PS-50. ex PS-54
ab212 5D-HZ: rebuild with parts of 5D-HE and the fuselage of an ex-Sudanese example
5D-HZ: 18nov10 pictured with 30 Anniversary titles
70-2709 s-70a-42 2002 6M-BA: Luftstreitkrafte 1 Staffel/1 FlRg.
6M-BA: 2009 KFOR markings
6M-BA: Nov16 pictured during Black Blade 2016 european exercise in Belgium
70-2736 s-70a-42 2002 6M-BB: Luftstreitkrafte 1 Staffel/1 FlRg.
70-2743 s-70a-42 2002 6M-BC: Luftstreitkrafte 1 Staffel/1 FlRg.
70-2748 s-70a-42 2002 6M-BD: Luftstreitkrafte 1 Staffel/1 FlRg.
70-2749 s-70a-42 2002 6M-BE: Luftstreitkrafte 1 Staffel/1 FlRg.
70-2750 s-70a-42 2002 6M-BF: Luftstreitkrafte 1 Staffel/1 FlRg.
70-2756 s-70a-42 2002 6M-BG: Luftstreitkrafte 1 Staffel/1 FlRg.
70-2758 s-70a-42 2002 6M-BH: Luftstreitkrafte 1 Staffel/1 FlRg.
70-2762 s-70a-42 2002 6M-BI: Luftstreitkrafte 1 Staffel/1 FlRg.
35 C/N found in this Organisation.


14-nov-1602-dec-16BE Black Blade 2016
oct-09BA EUFOR Althea

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