spain Escuadron 801

Ejercito del Aire

801 squadron
Spanish Air Force

1954 to present    

  • Escuadron 801 Ejercito del Aire

Escuadron 801
Las Palmas SAR unit
By the year 2000, Escuadron 801 area of responsibility for Search & Rescue covers the Barcelona Flight Information Region (FIR), which is coordinated from the Baleares Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC) for eastern Spain, the Balearic Isles and surrounding Mediterranean Sea.

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1954/nowSon San Juan

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1994/nowsa330 puma
1980/94as332 super puma

Construction Numbers (Not all in unit) Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
4032 ab205a HD.10A-12: EdA. ex EC-BHE,EC-SSO, Z.10-12. w/o 21apr79
4003 ab205a HD.10A-2: EdA. ex EC-AYR,EC-SSE, Z.10-2. w/o 29dec80
4004 ab205a HD.10A-3: EdA. ex EC-AYS,EC-SSF, Z.10-3. w/o 24aug79
1254 sa330l HD.19-03: ex HT.19-3 escuadron 801; 01oct10 pictured at Barcelona during Festa al ce+
1334 sa330l HD.19-04: ex HT.19-4
1386 sa330j HD.19-05: EdA as Z.19-5 / EC-STR; reser HT.19-5; reser HD.19-5
HD.19-05: 1995 asg 801Sq, Las Palmas SAR unit; 2016 still
HD.19-05: 28jun16 seen minus rotors and under canvas on flat bed trailer in Algecira+
1567 sa330j HD.19-06: HT.19-6. escuadron 801. w/o 05feb06
1602 sa330j HD.19-07: ex HT.19-7
HD.19-07: 07jun10 pictured along Lopagan Beach (close to San Javier AB) during the a+
1307 sa330j HD.19-08: EdA from 2008
HD.19-08: 26jul09 pictured at IV Festival Aereo de Gijon (IV Gijon Airshow), San Lor+
- LN-ORC: Norway, Offshore, to F-ODEF
- F-ODEF: France, to F-GBTF
Heli-Union F-GBTF: Heli Union, to PT-HPT
- PT-HPT: Brazil, rtn to F-GBTF
Heli-Union F-GBTF: Heli Union, to PT-HSM
- PT-HSM: Brazil, rtn to F-GBTF
Heli-Union F-GBTF: Heli Union, to HC-BNP
- HC-BNP: Ecuador, rtn to F-GBTF
Heli-Union F-GBTF: Heli Union, to HC-BPJ
- HC-BPJ: Ecuador, rtn to F-GBTF
Heli-Union F-GBTF: Heli Union, to PR-CDC
Helivia Aero Taxi PR-CDC: HELIVIA Aero Taxi Brazil from 2006, to F-WQVT
Eurocopter France F-WQVT: Eurocopter France, to EC-JRO
Helicsa EC-JRO: Helicsa Helicopteros, to Helisureste
INAER EC-JRO: Helisureste, to HD.19-08
Aerospatiale F-WTNS: Aerospatiale SA330G, to LN-ORC
1583 sa330j HD.19-09: d/d 2008 ex EC-JLK
Aerospatiale F-WXFM: Aerospatiale toward PH-SSB
schreiner airways PH-SSB: Schreiner from 1979 to mar1981 ex F-WXFM to PK-TRF
- PK-TRF: from mar1981 to sep1982 ex PH-SSB to PH-SSB
schreiner airways PH-SSB: Scheiner from sep1982 to 1986 ex PK-TRF to new owner Jayrow
Jayrow Helicopters Pty PH-SSB: Jayrow Offshore in 1986 ex Schreiner toward Scheiner
schreiner airways PH-SSB: Scheiner from 1986 to mar1988 ex owner Jayrow toward I-EHPJ
Elitos I-EHPJ: Elitos, mar88-sep93, noted 1991
Heli-Union F-GHYR: Heli Union from sep1993 to ? ex I-EHPJ toward LX-HUL
- LX-HUL: from ? to ? ex F-GHYR to PT-HAA
- PT-HAA: Helitrans Taxi Aero Ltda, Brazil, noted 1996
- LX-HUL: from ? to mar2002 ex PT-HAA toward F-GINQ
Heli-Union F-GINQ: Heli Union from mar2002 to nov2005 ex LX-HUL toward EC-JLK
Heli-Europe EC-JLK: Heli Europa from nov2005 to dec2008 ex F-GINQ toward HD.19-09
INAER EC-JLK: INAER for Xunta de Galicia
2039 as332b HD.21-1: EdA 802-01. Escuadron 802 w/o 05nov92
2076 as332b HD.21-10: EdA 802-04
HD.21-10: w/o 19mar14 Esc802 during night training 31m SE Morro Jable, Gran Canaria.+
2345 as332b HD.21-11: EdA; 2005 AS332B1 type as 803Esc 803-11, Ala48
HD.21-11: 2011 ISAF Afghanistan
HD.21-11: Sep16 still as 803-11
2354 as332b HD.21-12: EdA; 2006 803Esc 803-12
HD.21-12: Oct08 with ISAF in Afghanistan
HD.21-12: w/o 03aug12, Zona Hostil
2054 as332b HD.21-2: EdA 803-2; 25jul10 pictured (top) during the V Festival Aereo de Gijon (V +
HD.21-2: 02oct13 pictured (bot) at Albacete, ISAF mrks
HD.21-2: Sep14 asg 803 Esc participant in the International SAR meet 2014, Nether+
HD.21-2: Sep16 still as 803-2
2031 as332b HD.21-3: EdA 803Esc 803-3; Sept03 participated in exercise Volcanex 2003 Belgium Ar+
HD.21-3: Sep16 still as 803-3
2035 as332b HD.21-4: EdA 1982; 2016 802 Esc
2051 as332b HD.21-5: EdA. w/o 20sep85
2055 as332b HD.21-6: EdA; apr97 402Esc.
HD.21-6: w/o 25sep07 803Esc in Badghis, Afghanistan
2062 as332b HD.21-7: EdA 1982; 802 Esc; w/o 22oct15 40m SW off Dakhla, Morocco. 3 fatalities
2065 as332b HD.21-8: EdA 1982; Sep16 still 802 Esc
2066 as332b HD.21-9: EdA; Oct94 S332B type asg 802Esc
HD.21-9: 2003 803 Esc 803-9; Sep16 still
4002 ab205a HE.10A-1: EdA 78-60; ex EC-AYQ,EC-SSD, Z.10-1. HD.10A-1; wfu 13dec91; preserved at G+
4009 ab205a HE.10A-4: EdA. ex EC-BDE,EC-SSG, Z.10-4. HD.10A-4. sold as ab205a-1 EC-HUR
4010 ab205a HE.10A-5: EdA 78-61; ex EC-BDF,EC-SSH, Z.10-5. HD.10A-5; wfu 13dec91; sold as ab205a+
- EC-GJL: 2001 DGAC France reported inconsistencies with type and documentation; w/o 14jun02 broke in flight a...
4011 ab205a HE.10A-6: EdA 78-62; ex EC-BDG, Z.10-6/EC-SSI; wfu 13dec91
HE.10A-6: Oct94 wfu/stored at LEVS as HE.10A-6/78-62
HE.10A-6: preserved at Palma Son Bonet, Mallorca as fake EC-SSJ
4012 ab205a HE.10A-7: EdA 78-63; ex EC-BDH, Z.10-7/EC-SSJ; wfu 13dec91; scr
HE.10A-7: Oct94 wfu/stored at LEVS as HE.10A-7/78-63
4029 ab205a HE.10A-9: EdA 78-64; ex EC-BHB,EC-SSL, Z.10-9, ex HD.10A-9; wfu 13dec91
1230 sa330c HT.19-1: EdA 402-01. EC-STH. Escuadron 402. w/o 02mar89
2068 as332b HT.21-01: 05/08Oct15 as /803-13 at TLP 2015-3 in Albacete
2081 as332b HT.21-02: 05/08Oct15 as 803-14 at TLP 2015-3 in Albacete
2068 as332b HT.21-1: EdA 402-10 VIP; conv to SAR
2081 as332b HT.21-2: EdA 402-11 VIP; conv to SAR
2326 as332m1 HT.21A-1: EdA 402-20 VIP
HT.21A-1: Oct94 402Esc./402-20
HT.21A-1: Apr97 402Esc./402-20
HT.21A-1: 11oct11 pictured at Cuatro Vientos
2329 as332m1 1993 HT.21A-2: EdA 402-21 VIP from Oct93
HT.21A-2: Oct94 402Esc./402-21
HT.21A-2: 11oct10 pictured at Cuatro Vientos
2362 as332m1 HT.21A-3: EdA 402-22 VIP
HT.21A-3: Apr97 402Esc./402-22
HT.21A-3: 11oct11 pictured at Cuatro Vientos
2370 as332m1 HT.21A-4: EdA 402-23 VIP; Aerospatiale/Eurocopter c/n limit
HT.21A-4: EdA; oct94 402Esc./402-23
4030 ab205a Z.10-10: EdA. ex EC-BHC, EC-SSM. w/o 06feb70
4031 ab205a Z.10-11: EdA. ex EC-BHD, EC-SSN. w/o unk
4054 ab205a Z.10-13: EdA. ex EC-BRJ, EC-SSR. w/o 23dec70
4055 ab205a Z.10-14: EdA. ex EC-BRK, EC-SSS. w/o 11jul71
4028 ab205a Z.10-8: EdA. ex EC-BHA, EC-SSK. w/o 06feb70
1245 sa330c Z.19-2: EdA, test serial EC-STI; w/o 09jun75 803Esc at Zaragoza. 5 fatalities
41 C/N found in this Organisation.


17-may-1021-may-10 SAR meet 2010

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