spain Escuadron 781

Ejercito del Aire

781 squadron
Spanish Air Force

1960 to present    

Helicopter IFR flight training with general support secondary duties. Received first helicopters from 783 squadron in 1990

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1990/93UH-1H Iroquois

Construction Numbers (Not all in unit) Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
13274 uh-1h HE.10B-37: EdA 78-50; FMS BuNo 72-21575; wfu 24sep93; to EC-GKY
FAASA EC-GKY: FAASA (Fumigacion Aerea Andaluza S.A.) from 18dic96; ex EdA 78-50
13275 uh-1h HE.10B-38: EdA 78-51; FMS BuNo 72-21576; wfu 24sep93; to EC-GKZ
FAASA EC-GKZ: FAASA (Fumigacion Aerea Andaluza S.A.) from 18dic96; ex EdA 78-51
13276 uh-1h HE.10B-39: EdA 78-52; FMS BuNo 72-21577 ex Z.10B-39; wfu 24sep93; Preserved Museo de+
HE.10B-39: EdA; oct94 wfu/stored LEVS HE.10B-39/78-52
13551 uh-1h HE.10B-51: EdA 78-53 FMS BuNo 73-22068; wfu 24sep93; to EC-HDD
FAASA EC-HDD: FAASA (Fumigacion Aerea Andaluza S.A.) from 25apr01 ex EdA 78-53; 2005 in Portugal with Bomberos (F...
13552 uh-1h HE.10B-52: EdA 78-54. FMS BuNo 73-22069. ex Z.10B-52. Preserved Museo del Aire Cuatro+
13553 uh-1h HE.10B-53: EdA 78-55. FMS BuNo 73-22070. gate guardian Armilla
13554 uh-1h HE.10B-54: EdA 78-56; FMS BuNo 73-22071; wfu 24sep93; to EC-378
- EC-378:
76-0389 s-76c HE.24-1: EdA 78-01
HE.24-1: apr97 Ala78./78-01
HE.24-1: 23may00 pictured (pic1) at Granada Armilla
HE.24-1: 11oct10 pictured (pic2) at Cuatro Vientos
76-0390 s-76c HE.24-2: EdA 78-02
HE.24-2: apr97 Ala78./78-02
HE.24-2: 29oct14 at Malaga
76-0394 s-76c HE.24-3: EdA 78-03
HE.24-3: apr97 Ala78./78-03
76-0396 s-76c HE.24-4: EdA 78-04
76-0401 s-76c HE.24-5: EdA 78-05
HE.24-5: apr97 Ala78./78-05
76-0402 s-76c HE.24-6: EdA 78-06
HE.24-6: 11oct11 pictured at Cuatro Vientos
76-0411 s-76c HE.24-7: EdA 78-07
76-0412 s-76c HE.24-8: EdA 78-08
HE.24-8: Dec15 in Granada, moored and out of service
15 C/N found in this Organisation.

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