japan 101 Kokutai

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force

HAS-101 : 101 Helicopter Anti-submarine Squadron
Japanese Navy

1958 to 1974    

Helicopter Anti-submarine Squadron 101 (HAS-101) was established for the Sikorsky HSS-1 & HSS-1N service in the JMSDF. It was disbanded in 1974 when the last HSS-1N was retired.

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1958/71s-58 H-34

Construction Numbers (Not all in unit) Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
58-808 hss-1 1958 8551: Sikorsky HSS-1 c/n 58-808 ff?; del JMSDF as HSS-1 8551 01Apr58; xfer HAS-1+
58-835 hss-1 1958 8552: Sikorsky HSS-1 c/n 58-835 ff?; del JMSDF as HSS-1 8552, 14Apr58; xfer HAS-+
58-1143 hss-1 1959 8553: Sikorsky HSS-1 c/n 58-1143 ff?; reg Sikorsky as N637 for testing; del JMSD+
58-1144 hss-1 1959 8554: Sikorsky HSS-1 c/n 58-1144 ff?; reg Sikorsky as N638, unk; del JMSDF as HS+
58-1237 hss-1 1960 8555: Sikorsky HSS-1 c/n 58-1237 ff?; reg Sikorsky as N74158, 1960; del JMSDF as+
Japanese Coast Guard JA7203: xfer Japanese Maritime Safety Agency as JA7203, 1968.
58-1238 hss-1 1960 8556: Sikorsky HSS-1 c/n 58-1238 ff?; reg Sikorsky as N74159, 1960; del JMSDF as+
58-1248 hss-1 1960 8557: Sikorsky HSS-1 c/n 58-1248 ff?; reg Sikorsky as N74160, 1960; del JMSDF as+
58-1249 hss-1 1960 8558: Sikorsky HSS-1 c/n 58-1249 ff?; reg Sikorsky as N74161, 1960; del JMSDF as+
58-1333 hss-1n 1961 8561: Sikorsky HSS-1N c/n 58-1333 ff?; supplied to Mitsubishi as parts, 24May61;+
58-1349 hss-1n 1961 8562: Sikorsky HSS-1N c/n 58-1349 ff?; supplied to Mitsubishi as parts, 25May61;+
58-1358 hss-1n 1961 8563: Sikorsky HSS-1N c/n 58-1358 ff?; supplied to Mitsubishi as parts, 30Jun61;+
58-1359 hss-1n 1961 8564: Sikorsky HSS-1N c/n 58-1359 ff?; supplied to Mitsubishi as parts, 10Ju161;+
58-1368 hss-1n 1961 8565: Sikorsky HSS-1N c/n 58-1368 ff?; supplied to Mitsubishi as parts, 22Jul61;+
58-1379 hss-1n 1961 8566: Sikorsky HSS-1N c/n 58-1379 ff?; supplied to Mitsubishi as parts, 24Aug61;+
58-1528 hss-1n 1962 8567: Sikorsky HSS-1N c/n 58-1528 ff?; supplied to Mitsubishi as parts, 26Sep62;+
58-1529 hss-1n 1962 8568: Sikorsky HSS-1N c/n 58-1529 ff?; supplied to Mitsubishi as parts, 20Sep62;+
58-1543 hss-1n 1963 8569: Sikorsky HSS-1N c/n 58-1543 ff?; supplied to Mitsubishi as parts, 07Nov62;+
17 C/N found in this Organisation.

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