usa Coast Guard Air Station Barbers Point

US Coast Guard
CGAS Barbers Point

1949 to present    

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Locations of this unit:

1949/nowKalaeloa Airport / John Rodgers FieldPHJR

Models served in this unit: Login to Edit    

1987/nowHH-65 Dolphin
1963/87HH-52A Sea Guard

Construction Numbers found for Barbers Point Help Us    

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrganisationIn other Org
    62-025 hh-52a 1963     1356 : Sikorsky S-62C c/n 62-025, ff?; del USCG as HH-52A Seaguard 1356, New Orle+
    62-104 hh-52a     1420 : Sikorsky S-62C c/n 62-104, ff?; del USCG as HH-52A Seaguard 1420 unk; xfer+
    6038 hh-65     6505 : CGAS Barbers Point; w/o 08sep08 crashed in Mamala Bay
    6172 hh-65     6528 : May10 HH-65C type at CGAS Barbers Point
    6043 hh-65     6538 : Oct07 type:HH-65C CGAS Barbers Point
    6227 hh-65     6551 : May10 type:MH-65C CGAS Barbers Point
    6269 hh-65     6573 : USCG; 2003 type:HH-65A CGAS Barbers Point
    6292 hh-65     6591 : May10 type:HH-65C CGAS Barbers Point
    8 C/N found for Barbers Point

  • CAE to Perform Analysis Study for Tiger Training

  • Royal Aeronautical Society awards to AgustaWestland

  • V-22 Conduct First Launch of Griffin Missile

  • One NH90 and Two HAD-E Tiger Delivered to FAMET

  • CAE to Support German Army Aviation School

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