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1992/13Marseille MarignaneLFML

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2009/13H175 / EC175
1992/13AS350 Ecureuil
1992/13as365 dauphin 2
1992/13super puma/cougar

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
--- ec175 : mockup VIP variant; 24sep13 pictured at London Helitech 2013
3186 as350b3 : 01jun14 noted as /H244 at Marseille in the training school as an instructi+
-: Paris air show 2001 as /H244, not registered
Airbus Helicopters France -: Apr17 still in Marignane, near Marseille; It is used by AHTS (Airbus Helicopter Training Services)
1451 EC120B 2006 1451: Eurocopter F-.... unknown to F-OISO
Eurocopter Southeast Asia F-OISO: ESEA Sep06 to 9V-RWC
- 9V-RWC: ST Aerospace Engineering from Oct06
- 9V-RWC: 19-24feb08 ST Aerospace Engineering at Singapore Airshow
6793 ec155b1 2007 6793: Eurocopter F-.... unknown to F-OKEF
Indonesia Air Transport PK-TPE: IAT
Eurocopter Southeast Asia F-OKEF: ESEA from Nov07
Eurocopter Southeast Asia F-OKEF: 19-24feb08 ESEA at Singapore Airshow. Wears markings from Indonesia Air Transport
Eurocopter Southeast Asia F-OKEF: ESEA to Mar08 to PK-TPE
6408 as365n2 1992 F-GIAZ: Eurocopter France May/Dec 1992
- XA-CJJ: Grupo de Aviacion Ejecutiva SA de CV
- N293SV: Merril Lynch Business Financial Services at Chicago, IL
State of Ohio N293SV: St Vincent Mercy Medical Center at Toledo, OH from Mar08; Mercy Health Life Flight Network /Life Fli...
2348 as332l2 1993 F-GLHS: Eurocopter May93-Sep94, test serial F-WTNR
Vietnam Helicopter Company VN-8608: SSFC offshore at Cuu Long JOC 2007-Jan16
2752 ec225lp 2010 F-GTDX: Eurocopter France 2010
French Navy 2752: Aeronavale
French Navy 2752: Jul11 on a rescue mission to the Boudicc ship
French Navy 2752: 27apr10 asg 32F at Lanveoc-Poulmic naval airbase
French Navy 2752: 17jul10 pictured (pic1) at Lanvéoc-Poulmic
French Navy 2752: 16sep12 pictured (pic2) and (pic3) at Lann Bihoué Naval airbase open day 2012
French Air Force 2752: AdlA GAM00.056 from 30jun16
6887 ec155b1 F-OKFM: Eurocopter France toward 2903
Royal Thai Police 2903: Police ex F-OKFM
6908 ec155b1 F-OKFN: Eurocopter France toward 2905
Royal Thai Police 2905: Police ex F-OKFN
6914 ec155b1 F-OKFO: Eurocopter France, to 2904
Royal Thai Police 2904: Police
4716 ec130b4 2009 F-WGYD: Eurocopter France, to 9A-HEG
- 9A-HEG: Croatia, to OO-EVL
- OO-EVL: 17dec12 visit Antwerp
- G-KAAZ: Mar/May 2014, sold Eurocopter EC-130-B4 2009 - Low Time Perfect condition No Damage History Pilot le...
- G-KAAZ: Falcon Group Europe Ltd Jun13-Nov14
Falcon Aviation Services A6-FLB: FAS from 2015
7069 EC130T2 F-WGYP: Eurocopter prototype, unveil at HeliExpo 2012, Dallas, TX ; 08feb12 pictu+
F-WGYP: Oct12 pictured (middle) demo tour visiting Italy, Netherlands, Sweden and +
F-WGYP: 24sep13 pictured (bot) at London Helitech 2013
2747 ec225lp F-WHFA: Eurocopter toward LN-OJG
Helikopter Service LN-OJG: CHC Helikopter Service
Helikopter Service LN-OJG: Sep12 Sola
6557 ec155b 2000 F-WJFJ: Eurocopter France, ntu F-GJFJ, to ZS-RLI
- ZS-RLI: South Africa private, wild animals scheme, to D-HLEW
Northern HeliCopter GmbH D-HLEW: NHC; 14oct11 pictured at Hannover, Germany
Eurocopter Germany D-HLEW: Eurocopter Germany Jun07-Sep10 at Kassel-Kalden airport; LGM Luftfahrt 2010
Heli Holland PH-EQR: Heli Holland from Jan12, NHC mrks; Feb-Jun at Atyrau, Kazakhstan for offshore operations; Canc Aug12...
Northern HeliCopter GmbH D-HLEW: NHC Nov12-May13
Heli Holland PH-EQR: Heli Holland offshore May/Aug 2013
Heli Aviation GmbH D-HAVY: Heli Aviation from Aug13
4715 ec130b4 2009 F-WJXA: Eurocopter; to N11QP
State of Hawaii N11QP: Blue Hawaiian 2009
4965 as350b3 2010 F-WJXC: Eurocopter France toward OY-HUB
Air Greenland OY-HUB: Air Greenland from 2010 ex F-WJXC
4693 as350b3 F-WJXH: Eurocopter France, to F-GVLP
- F-GVLP: Fin Air Trade SAS; flying from Issy les Moulineaux, canc 03apr09
helicopter south Morocco CN-HBC: Helisud Maroc from 2009; Jan10 pictured (top) at Marrakech AeroExpo 2010
Heliconia CN-HBC: Heliconia from 2010
2809 ec225lp F-WJXH: Eurocopter France, to N225EW
ERA Helicopters N225EW: ERA Helicopters from Jan12
2741 ec225lp F-WJXJ: Eurocopter test serial
French Navy 2741: Aeronavale
French Navy 2741: May 2012 visit to Oxford / Kidlington for participation in AirMed and Rescue 2012
French Air Force 2741: AdlA GAM00.056 from 30jun16
2734 ec225lp 2009 F-WJXQ: Eurocopter, to G-REDW
Bond Aviation Group G-REDW: Bond Offshore Helicopters Aug09-Feb15, test serial F-WJXQ; 11may12 made a controlled ditching in Nor...
Airbus Helicopters France ?: Airbus Helicopters France from 2015; fate unk
2721 ec225lp 2009 F-WJXT: Eurocopter, to LN-OJF
Helikopter Service LN-OJF: CHC Helikopter Service from 2009
Helikopter Service LN-OJF: May10 at Flesland
Helikopter Service LN-OJF: w/o 29apr16 at Turøy, west of Sotra. 13 fatalities
Helikopter Service LN-OJF: 23sep16 Statoil’s Report published
5001 ec175 F-WMXB: Eurocopter, first EC175 production airframe f/f Dec12
4767 as350b3e F-WMXB: Eurocopter; 26jun11 pictured as H24 on static display at 49th Salon Paris +
- F-HOUP: Junatro Ventures Ltd from Jan12
- F-HOUP: JCE Helicopters SAS Feb/May 2012
4647 as350b3 F-WMXB: Eurocopter France, to FA-04050
- RA-04050: Russia, to OE-XKJ
- OE-XKJ: Belgium from Mar11
5001 ec175 F-WMXB: Feb13 pictured (top) in global tour, Bristow livery
F-WMXB: 05mar13 pictured (bot) at Heli-Expo 2013, Las Vegas
F-WMXB: 22mar13 returned to Marseille in Antonov cargo plane
F-WMXB: Dec13 perform EC175 Asia Demo Tour
F-WMXB: 11dec13 visits Southern Vietnam Helicopter Company
F-WMXB: 15dec13 at Don Muaeng airport, Thailand
F-WMXB: 16may14 a week-long demonstration tour to England, Scotland and Norway
F-WMXB: 21may14 at Aberdeen, Scotland
6542 ec155b F-WMXD: Eurocopter France test aircraft, noted Sep12
Airbus Helicopters France F-WMXD: Airbus Helicopters; Dec14 used in tests by OADS
6530 ec155b 1997 F-WMXE: conv EC155B1 type; wfu
0595 ec135p2+ F-WMXF: Eurocopter France, conv to EC635P2+
Eurocopter Germany D-HABD: Eurocopter Germany, to F-WMXF
Eurocopter Germany D-HCBX: Eurocopter Germany, conv to EC135P2e
4359 as350b3 2007 F-WQAV: Eurocopter, test serial F-WWXE, Spain as EC-067
CoyotAir EC-KSL: CoyotAir, noted 2010; w/o 23dec15 firefighting near La Roza, Parres, NW Asturies
3801 as350b3 2004 F-WQDA: Eurocopter toward EC-IXK
Sky Helicopteros EC-IXK: Sky Helicopteros from jul04 ex F-WQDA
Sky Helicopteros EC-IXK: dec04 Sky Mallorca
Sky Helicopteros EC-IXK: Sky Helicopteros toward CS-HGM
HTA Helicopteros CS-HGM: HTA Helicopteros from dec08 ex EC-IXK
1184 EC120B 2000 F-WQDB: Eurocopter toward SE-JME
- SE-JME: owner unknown ex F-WQDB to new owner
osterman helikopter SE-JME: Osterman helikopter from 2006 w/o 28oct09
1215 EC120B 2001 F-WQDB: Eurocopter; 11may02 pictured as OE-XST at ILA-Berlin-Schonefeld, Germany
Aerial-Helicopter OE-XST: Aerial Helicopter
1217 EC120B 2001 F-WQDC: Eurocopter Germany, to D-HKMM
LifeFlight GmbH D-HKMM: LifeFlight GmbH from 2001
LifeFlight GmbH D-HKMM: 16-20may06 at Berlin air show
4088 as350b3 2006 F-WQDC: Eurocopter toward SE-JJJ
TAF Helicopters EC-KNG: ex F-WQDC,SE-JJJ,EC-KJF; Generalitat de Catalunya Agents Rurals; 15nov09 pictured at Sabadell (QSA/L...
Scandinavian Helicopter Group SE-JJJ: SHG ex F-WQDC toward EC-KJF
TAF Helicopters EC-KJF: TAF Helicopters from aug07 ex SE-JJJ to re-registered EC-KNG
2878 as350b2 1995 F-WQDC: Eurocopter re registered to F-WQDL
Dutch Police Aviation PH-PLA: POLITIE from 1995 to 2002
Heli Holland PH-PLA: Heli Holland from 2002 to 2003 to SE-JHL
malmskogens helikopter leasing SE-JHL: malmskogens helikopter leasing from 2003
1144 EC120B 2000 F-WQDC: 2000 Eurocopter
- D-HUAE: Unionair at Ottensoos heliport from Oct00, test serial F-WQDC
Eurocopter Germany D-HUAE: Eurocopter Germany from Sep02
- D-HUAE: 31may14 pictured (pic1) (pic2) at Antwerp, Belgium during the Annual Stampe Fly-in. helicopterflight...
Helicopter Travel Munich D-HUAE: HTM from 2010
- D-HUAE: 14oct15 Helicopterflights at Antwerp
- OO-DTE: 12apr17 pictured (pic3) at Beauvechain, Belgium during Helidays 2017
2880 as350b2 1995 F-WQDE: Eurocopter toward V5-HTJ
Government of Namibia V5-HTJ: F-WQDE, to V5-HTJ, to ZS-RWY, to 5Y-EXF
Netcare 911 ZS-RWY: Netcare 911 ex V5-HTJ toward new owner Everett Aviation
Everett Aviation ltd ZS-RWY: Everett Aviation re-registered 5Y-EXF
Everett Aviation ltd 5Y-EXF: Everett Aviation
6789 ec155b1 2008 F-WQDF: Eurocopter France, to G-CEXZ
Eurocopter UK G-CEXZ: Eurocopter UK Feb/Apr 2008
- G-HOTB: Noirmont Ltd from Apr08; 20dec13 pictured at Yeovil
- G-HOTB: 04sep14 seen landing evening near Praa Sands, Cornwall, and leaving same location next day morning 0...
- G-HOTB: 15may15 took off at London Heliport (Battersea)
6791 ec155b1 2007 F-WQDH: Eurocopter toward EC-KPU
- EC-KPU: Private Spain, VIP, ex F-WQDH; 11oct11 pictured at Cuatro Vientos
- HB-ZOL: Heli-Link Helikopter AG from May13
- HB-ZOL: 24jan14 at Zurich
1095 EC120B 2000 F-WQDH: Eurocopter toward HB-ZCG
Fly 4 Less HA-EUR: Fly 4 Less ex HB-ZCG; 16+17aug08 Kecskemet air show
Heli-Linth AG HB-ZCG: from 2000 to 2007 ex F-WQDH toward HA-EUR
2703 ec225lp 2008 F-WQDH: Eurocopter, to D2-EWO
SonAir Airline Services D2-EWO: Sonair
2668 ec225lp 2007 F-WQDI: Eurocopter toward D2-EVT
SonAir Airline Services D2-EVT: Sonair
2600 ec225lp 2003 F-WQDJ: Eurocopter toward 7T-WVA, "1st EC225" mrks
Algerian Air Force 7T-WVA: airforce VIP; to be 7T-VPE; Dec04 at Marignane, France as F-WQDJ; Nov11 on sale
Eurocopter Germany D-HDON: Eurocopter Germany, Feb12
2572 as332l2 2003 F-WQDJ: Eurocopter, to PP-MZM
Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen PH-NHR: NHV from Nov12
Brazilian Helicopter Services Taxi Aereo Ltda PP-MZM: BHS 2003-2012, lsd CHC
CHC Scotia G-CHLF: CHC Scotia 02/26 Nov12
1096 EC120B 2000 F-WQDK: Eurocopter toward OO-ECB
Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen OO-ECB: NHV from 2000 ex F-WQDK
Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen OO-ECB: 10jul05 pictured at Nordhorn-Klausheide, Germany
2878 as350b2 1995 F-WQDL: Eurocopter toward PH-PLA
Dutch Police Aviation PH-PLA: POLITIE from 1995 to 2002
Heli Holland PH-PLA: Heli Holland from 2002 to 2003 to SE-JHL
malmskogens helikopter leasing SE-JHL: malmskogens helikopter leasing from 2003
6584 as365n3 2001 F-WQDM: Eurocopter toward HB-ZDR
- HB-ZDR: 12sep08 pictured at Paris - Issy-les-Moulineaux (Aeroport de Paris) (JDP/LFPI) on Zone Reservee
swift copters sa HB-ZDR: Swift Copters from 2001, test serial F-WQDM
- HB-ZDR: Partn Air Management from Oct12
- HB-ZDR: 26mar10 at Genava
3558 as350b3 2002 F-WQDO: Eurocopter France, test serial F-WQDC
- F-GUCA: HeliFrance 2003-2007
IXAIR F-GUCA: Ixair 2009
- F-GUCA: Feb14-May15, sold Eurocopter AS350B-3 (2B) 2002 Next C Inspection due May/2014
4286 as350b3 2007 F-WQDX: Eurocopter France toward EC-KIE
INAER EC-KIE: INAER visit Antwerp
INAER EC-KIE: 04aug13 during firefighting crash at Puebla del Maestre, Badajoz
1069 EC120B 1999 F-WQDY: test regi toward PH-RBC
Heli Holland PH-RBC: Heli Holland from 1999 to 2002 to new owner
- PH-RBC: from 2002 to 2010
heliflights PH-RBC: HeliFlights from 2010
2388 as332l2 1996 F-WQDY: Eurocopter 1996; To Thailand
Royal Thai Air Force H9-1/39: RTAF Oct96; std late 1997 following crash of c/n 2455; refurbished & rts, 2002; rtnd Eurocopter (Sin...
Ministry of Interior PS-01: del Saudi Arabia, MOI, Police as PS-01, 2006.
1316 EC120B 2002 F-WQDZ: Eurocopter
Heli Sitterdorf AG HB-ZKQ: Heli Sitterdorf; 24jan14 at heliport
Heli Sitterdorf AG HB-ZKQ: Heli Sitterdorf 2010 - Aug11
Heli Sitterdorf AG HB-ZKQ: Heli Sitterdorf from May13
9007 as350b2 1998 F-WQEB: Eurocopter test serial toward N6302Y
Temsco Helicopters N6302Y: Temsco AStar from 1999
3871 hb350b2 F-WQEB: Eurocopter France
Helibras PR-HZU: Helibras
- VP-BFL: Bahamas
9007 as332l1 F-WQEF: Eurocopter 2005, to N212AE
State of California N212AE: LASD County Of Los Angeles from Jul11, reser N950SG
State of California N950SG: LASD County Of Los Angeles /Rescue 5
State of California N950SG: 07mar13 LASD pictured at Heli-Expo 2013 Las Vegas
State of California N950SG: 25jun16 picture (pic2) with SEB SWAT (Special Enforcement Bureau) during hostage situation at Palm...
- N212AE: Estern Shore Holdings at Rehoboth Beach, DE 2006-2011
6720 ec155b1 F-WQEF: Eurocopter France
- F-OISH: France, test serial F-WWOR
- PR-AXM: Ocean Explorer Do Brasil Ltda from Apr07
6652 ec155b1 2003 F-WQEP: Eurocopter to N672LE
- N672LE: 08jul07 blue c/s at Cambridge
3257 ec130b4 2000 F-WQES: Eurocopter France f/f Aug00; demonstrator; F-GKEP ntu; Feb01 at Heli Exp+
3161 ec130b4 1999 F-WQEV: Eurocopter France f/f 24jun99, EC.130B4 prototype; canc
F-WQEV: 25may13 pictured preserved on a round about next to Marseille terminal. M+
3934 as350b3 2005 F-WQEX: Eurocopter France, test serial F-WWPN; 14may05 lands on Mount Everest
Heli Securite F-HMGM: Heli Securite, noted 2012
- F-HMGM: Heli Challenge SAS Apr05-Jan10
- F-HMGM: Heli Travaux Alpins SARL from Feb11
3428 as350b3 F-WQEX: Eurocopter France, rtn to F-HAEA
- F-HAEA: France, test serial F-WWOP
IXAIR F-HAEA: IXair; Oct11 white livery, Heli Mountains/IXair titles
0030 EC135P1 1997 F-WQEX: Eurocopter 1999 - 2000 ex D-HETZ toward D-HECM
Eurocopter Germany D-HECP: Eurocopter re registered to D-HETZ
Eurocopter Germany D-HETZ: Eurocopter toward F-WQEX
Eurocopter Germany D-HECM: Eurocopter 2000 - 2001 cnvt to P2 type ex F-WQEX toward D-HMVP
German Local Police D-HMVP: Landespolizei type:P2; Polizei Mecklenburg-Vorpommern PMV
3934 as350b3 2005 F-WQEX: 16jun05 at LeBourget Paris airshow
Heli Securite F-HMGM: Heli Securite, noted 2012
- F-HMGM: Heli Challenge SAS Apr05-Jan10
- F-HMGM: Heli Travaux Alpins SARL from Feb11
6542 ec155b F-WQEY: Eurocopter France, test serial
Airbus Helicopters France F-WMXD: Airbus Helicopters; Dec14 used in tests by OADS
6530 ec155b 1997 F-WQEZ: conv to EC155 drone demonstrator UAV f/f 24jun08 pictured (pic2); capabili+
0001 ec135 1994 F-WQOI: Eurocopter France; conv to EC135T1; 1995 Le Bourget airshow, rtn to D-HEC+
Eurocopter Germany D-HECX: Eurocopter Germany; conv EC135B1 c/n S-01, to F-WQOI
MBB D-HBOX: MBB prototype MBB BO108A-1 c/n VT-001 f/f 15feb94 ; rereg D-HECX
Eurocopter Germany D-HECX: Eurocopter Germany, rereg D-HEEX
Eurocopter Germany D-HEEX: Eurocopter Germany from 2007, EC135T2i type
Airbus Helicopters Germany D-HEEX: Jul15 conv to BlueCopter demonstrator
Eurocopter Germany D-HECX: as c/n S-01, ff 15 Feb 1994
2576 as332l2 2002 F-WQRE: Eurocopter, to G-JSAR
Bristow G-JSAR: Bristow from Sep02; w/o 21nov06 ditched into the sea near Texel, Netherlands; canc Dec10
Eurocopter Romania -: Sold to Eurocopter and re-furbished. Apparently to Romania as a SAR aircraft
3587 as350b3 2002 F-WQRN: Eurocopter France, ex F-WQDM
TAF Helicopters EC-IHX: 13Dec03 noted Sabadell, Spain as a water bomber; 10Jul09 noted Sabedell, Spain coded 01
London Helicopter Centres G-ORKI: Jet Helicopters Ltd from Oct12, op by London Helicopter Centres (LHC); 30apr13 pictured at Redhill
British International Helicopters G-ERKN: Jet Helicopters from Sep13, op by BIH (Onshore) Ltd
London Helicopter Centres ?: unk, Used on The Apprentice with Alan Sugar
1380 EC120B 2004 F-WQUJ: Eurocopter France, test serial F-WQDH
- I-ZIAC: Italy private, noted Mar07
- M-GOLD: Wilpot Ltd, Isle of Man Mar13-Oct16
- G-JBBB: Bartram Land Ltd from Nov16
6687 as365n3 2004 F-WQVD: test serial F-WWOL
Omni Taxi Aereo PR-HJR: Omni Taxi Aereo from Apr12
- -: Aug/Dec 2014, sold Dauphin AS365N3 2004 Offshore Helicopter With External Life Rafts And Hoist Prov...
6738 as365n3 2006 F-WQVR: Eurocopter ex F-WWOF toward 5N-BIY
CHC Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BIY: CHC Nigeria from feb07 ex F-WQVR toward C-GSAB
Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GSAB: CHC from jun11 ex 5N-BIY
2821 ec225lp 2012 F-WTAB: Eurocopter, ex F-HUMB, to N602JS
ERA Helicopters N602JS: ERA Helicopters from May12; 07mar13 pictured at Eurocopter booth during Heli-Expo 2013 Las Vegas
7374 as350b3e F-WTAC: Eurocopter, test serial F-WWXM
EliFriulia I-RISH: EliFriulia
6834 ec155b1 F-WTBF: Eurocopter 2011
- M-LNDN: Larkford Limited, Isle of Man Jan09-Jul11
- RA-04084: Russia
2381 as332l1 1992 F-WTNH: Eurocopter toward LN-OBF
Helikopter Service LN-OBF: Helikopter Services 1993-1999, taken over from Braathens. In 1999 to new name company CHC.
Helikopter Service LN-OBF: CHC Helikopter Service 1999-2004
Aeroleo Taxi Aereo PR-GDR: Aeroleo Jul04-Jul10
Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GGKY: CHC Nov10-Feb11
braathens LN-OBF: Braathens 1992-1993
Lloyd Helicopters VH-LYI: Lloyd Helicopters from Feb12
CHC Helicopters Australia VH-LYI: CHC Australia Feb11-Feb12
6530 ec155b 1997 F-WWOA: Eurocopter AS365N4 f/f 17jun97 pictured (pic1); F-WTTH ntu
6735 ec155b1 F-WWOB: Eurocopter France, to PH-SHN
CHC Helicopters Netherlands bv PH-SHN: CHC from 2006
Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen OO-NHT: NHV, by Feb15
Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen OO-NHT: 19aug17 at Faro, departed next day to Vigo (LEVX), Spain
2777 ec225lp 2010 F-WWOC: Eurocopter toward N109RR
ERA Helicopters N109RR: ERA Helicopters from Dec10
2743 ec225lp 2009 F-WWOC: Eurocopter toward D2-EQH
SonAir Airline Services D2-EQH: Sonair
6620 ec155b1 F-WWOC: Eurocopter France toward B-HRU
Hong Kong Government B-HRU: ex F-WWOC
2685 ec225lp 2008 F-WWOC: Eurocopter F-WWOC serial not confirmed toward N247CF
Aeroleo Taxi Aereo PR-VLL: Aeroleo from 2010
ERA Helicopters N247CF: ERA Helicopters Jan/Dec 2009
ERA Helicopters N247CF: ERA; 09dec09 visit Cayenne
2725 ec225lp 2009 F-WWOD: Eurocopter toward LN-OJB
Helikopter Service LN-OJB: CHC Helikopter Service; 2010 replaced Bell 412ST LN-OMM
Helikopter Service LN-OJB: Mrt13 Flesland
6847 ec155b1 2009 F-WWOD: Eurocopter France, to G-RWPL
Eurocopter UK G-RWPL: Eurocopter UK May/Oct 2009
- G-RWPL: Pure Leisure Oct09-Jun11
InterAviation Ltd. YR-YAN: InterAviation from Jul11
- -: Apr/Jul 2016, sold Eurocopter EC 155B 2009; 2 Year Inspection currently in progress.
6745 as365n3 2006 F-WWOD: Eurocopter toward F-GTDL
Heli-Union F-GTDL: Heli Union; Aug06 ex F-WWOD toward D2-EWD
SonAir Airline Services D2-EWD: SonAir; 2007 ex F-GTDL toward F-HUDT
Heli-Union F-HUDT: Heli Union; Jul12 ex D2-EWD
6755 ec155b1 2006 F-WWOD: Eurocopter toward G-ISSW
Bristow G-ISSW: Bristow Dec06-Nov11; to Brilog Leasing
- G-ISSW: Brilog Leasing, Cayman Islands Nov11 for Mexico
Bristow G-ISSW: 21sep11 visit Den Helder airport
6638 ec155b1 F-WWOD: Eurocopter France toward B-HRY
Hong Kong Government B-HRY: ex F-WWOD
2680 ec225lp F-WWOE: Eurocopter France, to N225EW
ERA Helicopters N225EW: ERA Helicopters, reser N225EH
ERA Helicopters N225EH: ERA Helicopters Jun08-Dec09
Aeroleo Taxi Aereo PR-PLL: Aeroleo from 2010
6738 as365n3 2006 F-WWOF: Eurocopter re-registered to F-WQVR
CHC Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BIY: CHC Nigeria from feb07 ex F-WQVR toward C-GSAB
Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GSAB: CHC from jun11 ex 5N-BIY
2746 ec225lp F-WWOI: Eurocopter toward D2-EQI
SonAir Airline Services D2-EQI: Sonair
6653 ec155b1 F-WWOJ: Eurocopter toward 2901
Royal Thai Police 2901: Police ex F-WWOJ
2606 as332l1 F-WWOK: Eurocopter; to China
Zhōngguó Zhōngxìn Jítuán Gōngsī B-7955: CITIC; ex F-WWOK
6885 ec155b1 2011 F-WWOL: Eurocopter France; 17dec09 pictured (pic1) at Marignane factory
- I-PHLO: Italy 2010
- N188CF: Integrity Aircraft Title Holdings Llc at Portland, OR from Jan15
Vietnam Helicopter Company VN-D668: VNH North / VALC, noted May12
- N188CF: Jan15-Apr16, sold Eurocopter EC-155-B1 2009 New exterior paint with sale. 325 hrs TT; pictured (pi...
State of Pennsylvania N916LL: Milton S Hershey Medical Center at Hershey, PA from Oct16, Life Lion; Sep17 conv by Metro Aviation ...
1003 ec175 F-WWOM: Eurocopter; EC175 2nd prototype f/f 17dec10
2625 as332l1 2005 F-WWOM: Eurocopter F-WWOM, 2005
Azerbaijan Airlines 4K-AZ24: AZAL 2005
1003 ec175 F-WWOM: 28jan14 pictured (bot) at Yellowknife, NT, Canada. Adlair. Cold weather tr+
F-WWOM: 26feb14 at Edmonton, Canada
F-WWOM: 28feb13 left Canada on AN-124 Ruslan
F-WWOM: Jun-Aug 2014 performing hot and high trials in USA
2547 as332l2 F-WWON: Eurocopter, to B-HRN
Hong Kong Government B-HRN: Apr06 pictured on USS Mobile Bay (CG-53)
Hong Kong Government B-HRN: Government Flying Service from 2002
2797 ec225lp F-WWOO: Eurocopter d/d Nov11 to RTE
Airtelis F-HLIS: Airtelis d/d Nov11
2623 ec225lp 2004 F-WWOQ: Eurocopter France, for Algeria
Algerian Air Force 7T-WVB: airforce VIP; Nov11 on sale
Eurocopter Germany D-HPIT: Eurocopter Germany, Feb12
6718 as365n3 2006 F-WWOQ: Eurocopter toward EC-JVG
INAER EC-JVG: Operating on behalf of -MAPA Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentacion - (Office for Ministry ...
INAER EC-JVG: INAER; Oct11 Jerez de la Frontera
Spanish Military Police HU.30-01: Guardia Civil 09-401 from Aug16
6804 as365 F-WWOR: conv to USCG MH-65C 6607
US Coast Guard 6607: USCG MH-65C 2010; 2013 CGAS Miami
US Coast Guard 6607: 27sep17 pictured over Pier 39, San Francisco
6632 ec155b1 F-WWOR: Eurocopter France toward B-HRW
Hong Kong Government B-HRW: ex F-WWOR
2617 as332l2 2004 F-WWOS: Eurocopter toward LN-OHL
Helikopter Service LN-OHL: CHC Helikopter Service 2004-2011, to G-CHCU
CHC Scotia G-CHCU: CHC Scotia from Feb11, ex LN-OHL
CHC Scotia G-CHCU: 14may13 pictured at Aberdeen
6635 ec155b1 F-WWOS: Eurocopter France toward B-HRX
Hong Kong Government B-HRX: ex F-WWOS. w/o 26aug03 night crash into hill, 2 fatalities
2627 as332l1 2005 F-WWOT: Eurocopter F-WWOT, 2005
Azerbaijan Airlines 4K-AZ02: AZAL 2005
2742 ec225lp F-WWOT: Eurocopter toward CN-BZG
Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie CN-BZG: Gendarmerie ex F-WWOT
Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie CN-BZG: 18apr13 landed Southampton Docks, UK on delivery
2543 as332l2 2001 F-WWOT: Eurocopter, to B-HRM
Hong Kong Government B-HRM: Government Flying Service from 2002
Hong Kong Government B-HRM: 15Nov15 at Hong Kong
Hong Kong Government B-HRM: 04mar13 pictured overflying Hong Kong International Airport
2576 as332l2 2002 F-WWOT: Eurocopter, reserial F-WQRE
Bristow G-JSAR: Bristow from Sep02; w/o 21nov06 ditched into the sea near Texel, Netherlands; canc Dec10
Eurocopter Romania -: Sold to Eurocopter and re-furbished. Apparently to Romania as a SAR aircraft
6681 ec155b1 F-WWOU: Eurocopter, to 4K-AZ44
Azerbaijan Airlines 4K-AZ44: AZAL, to D-HAZA
- D-HAZA: Germany unknown; Mar11 at Kassel Calden
Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen OO-NSH: NHV; 09Sep13 in full NHV colours at Norwich, UK
Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen OO-NSH: 08jul14 landed at Humberside airport, UK
Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen OO-NSH: 19aug17 at Faro, departed next day to Vigo (LEVX), Spain
6739 ec155b1 F-WWOV: Eurocopter France, to PH-SHO
CHC Helicopters Netherlands bv PH-SHO: CHC Netherlands 2006-2016
CHC Helicopters Netherlands bv PH-SHO: 20mar12 at CHC De Kooy
CHC Helicopters Netherlands bv PH-SHO: 15sep12 pictured at De Kooy during Heldair show
Heli Holland PH-SHO: Heli Holland Nov16
6627 ec155b1 F-WWOX: Eurocopter France toward B-HRV
Hong Kong Government B-HRV: ex F-WWOX
2775 ec225lp 2010 F-WWOY: Eurocopter France; Apr09 at Portugal with SonAir; 2011 to CHC as G-CMJK
CHC Scotia G-CMJK: CHC Scotia jan-May 2011
Lloyd Helicopters VH-WEX: Lloyd Helicopters from May11
6708 ec155b1 2005 F-WWOY: Eurocopter 2005, to 3A-MAG
Heli Holland PH-EQU: Heli Holland offshore from may07
Heli Holland PH-EQU: 02oct13 pictured (pic2) at Aberdeen, Scotland
Heli Air Monaco 3A-MAG: Heli Air Monaco 2005-2007
Heli Holland PH-EQU: 03apr15 at Gdansk, Poland
2535 as332l2 2001 F-WWOY: Eurocopter, to B-HRL
Hong Kong Government B-HRL: Government Flying Service from 2002
2744 ec225lp F-WWOY: Eurocopter toward LN-OJD
Helikopter Service LN-OJD: CHC Norway
Helikopter Service LN-OJD: Aug12 Flesland
1001 ec175 2009 F-WWPB: Eurocopter France, PT1 prototype ; f/f 12dec09 pictured (top)
F-WWPB: 09jul12 pictured (bot) in SAR configuration at Farnborough air show, UK
2968 as350b3 1997 F-WWPB: Eurocopter f/f 04mar97, first AS350B3 successor of SA315 Lama
Eurocopter USA N5224R: American Eurocopter, to N911US
State of Florida N911US: Flagler County Board Of County Commissioners at Bunnell, FL from Mar02
4288 as350b3 2007 F-WWPK: Eurocopter France toward CC-CIX
INAER Chile CC-CIX: INAER; 9oct08 visit Antwerp
4082 as350b3 2006 F-WWPK: Eurocopter, to EC-JSG
Sky Helicopteros EC-JSG: Sky Helicopteros Jul06-Jul09
Helipool GmbH HB-ZNA: Helipool Jul09-May12, op by Air Glaciers
Air Glaciers SA HB-ZNA: Air Glaciers from May12
Air Glaciers SA HB-ZNA: 25jan14 at Sion during WEF Annual meeting
1336 EC120B 2002 F-WWPO: Eurocopter toward HB-ZEP
Air Glaciers SA HB-ZEP: Air Glaciers from jan2003 ex F-WWPO
4772 ec130b4 2009 F-WWPT: Eurocopter toward OO-ARI
- OO-ARI: from 2009 ex F-WWPT
- OO-ARI: apr12 at homeport Antwerp
3919 as350b3 2005 F-WWXB: Eurocopter France toward OY-HGO
Air Greenland OY-HGO: Air Greenland from May05 ex F-WWXB
4860 as350b3 2010 F-WWXC: Eurocopter temporarily serial toward I-PHAY
Pellissier Helicopter I-PHAY: Pellisier Helicopter from 2010
4041 ec130b4 2006 F-WWXI: Eurocopter France, to C-GSDA
Great Slave Helicopters C-GSDA: GSH from Jul06
Eurocopter Canada C-GSDA: Eurocopter Canada Apr/Jul 2006
- C-GSDA: Mar/Dec 2015, sold EC-130-B4 2006. Honeywell KX165A, Sat Phone, Aux Fuel Tank, Aft Bench Seat Mod
4492 as350b3 2008 F-WWXJ: Eurocopter temporarily serial toward I-PHAE
Pellissier Helicopter I-PHAE: Pellisier Helicopter from 2008
3561 ec130b4 2002 F-WWXK: Eurocopter; to N11QH
State of Hawaii N11QH: Blue Hawaiian
1397 EC120B 2005 F-WWXK: Eurocopter toward N526AG
- N526AG: ex F-WWXK toward D-HKDV
- D-HKDV: ex N526AG
4255 as350b3 2007 F-WWXL: Eurocopter toward LN-OXA
Airlift AS LN-OXA: Airlift Helicopters ex F-WWXL toward new owner
Blueway LN-OXA: Blueway Helicopter from nov09
4283 as350b3 2007 F-WWXL: Eurocopter, to EC-KHE
Sky Helicopteros EC-KHE: Sky Helicopteros 2007-2011
Helicopteres Helicarrier Inc C-FZAQ: Helicopteres Helicarrier from Apr11
4182 as350b3 2006 F-WWXM: Eurocopter France, AS.350B3+ type
fin air trade sas F-GKLF: Fin Air Trade, to G-ORRI
- G-ORRI: Sable Air 2007-may08
Heli-Alps SA HB-ZJR: Heli-Alps from 2008
Heli-Alps SA HB-ZJR: 25jan14 pictured at Sion during WEF Annual meeting
3717 as350b3 2003 F-WWXQ: Eurocopter France, to EC-IRT
Sky Helicopteros EC-IRT: Sky Helicopteros Feb04-Nov06
Sky Helicopteros EC-IRT: Dec04 Sky Mallorca
- D-HZIM: Germany unk Dec06-Mar07
Heliflight Panama HP-3001HF: Heliflight Panama from Apr07
4647 as350b3 F-WWXR: Eurocopter France, reser F-WMXB
- RA-04050: Russia, to OE-XKJ
- OE-XKJ: Belgium from Mar11
4079 as350b3 2006 F-WWXV: Eurocopter toward SE-JJI
Scandinavian Helicopter Group SE-JJI: SHG ex F-WWXV toward HB-ZIJ
swift copters sa HB-ZIJ: Swift Copters from 2007 to 2008 ex SE-JJI toward new owner
Heli-Alps SA HB-ZIJ: Heli-Alps from 2008
2766 as350b2 F-WYMI: Eurocopter France, to I-MEDT
- I-MEDT: EliMed Friuli, noted 2004
Fishtail Air 9N-AKA: Fishtail Air from Mar12
Fishtail Air 9N-AKA: 24oct14 crash at Dolpa
Fishtail Air 9N-AKA: ambulance; w/o 08aug16 at Betani jungle of Madanpur, Nuwakot district. 7 fatalities
2642 as350b2 1992 F-WYMO: Eurocopter, to F-GJDF
Airtelis F-GJDF: RTE /Réseau de Transport Electricité / Airtelis; 12sep08 pictured at Paris - Issy-les-Moulineaux (...
6420 as365n2 1991 F-WYMR: Eurocopter France, to JA6677
All Nippon Helicopter JA6677: ANH 1991-2002
DanCopter OY-HLL: Dan Copter 2003, SE-JGU ntu
Airlift AS LN-OCO: Airlift Sysselmannen Nov06-Oct09
Blueway LN-OCO: Blueway Nov09-Apr14
Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen OO-NSZ: NHV; Dutch Coastguard from Apr14; Sep14 at SAR meet, Leeuwarden
- LN-OCO: Helicopter Transportation Group AS/SEB Finans AB Mar04-Oct06
2580 as532al F-ZKBB: Eurocopter toward H3-71
slovenian armed forces H3-71: SAF 15 Brigada
slovenian armed forces H3-71: 15may15 pictured training at Postonja with US Army 173rd Airborne Brigade during Neptune Thrust 2015
2453 as532u2 1997 F-ZKBB: Eurocopter toward S-453
Royal Netherlands Air Force S-453: KLU 300Sqn.; in 2010 participated in Tac Blaze 10-1; 9May11 stored/wfu
Royal Netherlands Air Force S-453: Aug13 - Dec13 300Sqn. operation Atalanta embarked Zr.Ms. Johan de Witt
Royal Netherlands Air Force S-453: 17jul07 300Sqn. Operational Intergration Exercise, photo call
2419 as532u2 1996 F-ZKBD: Eurocopter toward S-419
Royal Netherlands Air Force S-419: Eurocopter AS-532U2 Cougar Mk.2, c/n 2419, ff?; del RNLAF as S-419, unk; current.
Royal Netherlands Air Force S-419: KLU; 9May11 stored/wfu
Royal Netherlands Air Force S-419: after short stored/wfu return service
Royal Netherlands Air Force S-419: Jul12 - Dec12 300Sqn. operation Ocean Shield embarked Hr. Ms. Rotterdam L800
Royal Netherlands Air Force S-419: 17jul10 pictured at RIAT airshow, RAF Fairford, UK
Royal Netherlands Air Force S-419: Aug13 - Dec13 300Sqn. operation Atalanta embarked Zr.Ms. Johan de Witt
2438 as532u2 F-ZKBF: Eurocopter toward S-438
Royal Netherlands Air Force S-438: Apr04 300Sqn SFOR mrks; 9May11 stored/wfu
Royal Netherlands Air Force S-438: KLu AS532U-2 Cougar Mk.2 d/d 18jul96; 300 Sqn; 26jun03 pictured with SFOR mrks at Twenthe airbase
6696 as565mb F-ZKBF: Eurocopter toward AMHP-150
Mexican Navy AMHP-150: Marina d/d 2005, test serial F-ZKBF
2597 as532al F-ZKBH: Eurocopter France
slovenian armed forces H3-73: SAF 15 Brigada
slovenian armed forces H3-73: Jun15 at Italian Blade in Viterbo
2583 as532ul F-ZKBH: Eurocopter toward HU.21L-65
Spanish Army Aviation HT.27-17: ET-665, ex HU.21L-65
Spanish Army Aviation HU.21L-65: FAMET ex F-ZKBH re registered to HT.27-17
2598 as532al F-ZKBK: Eurocopter toward H3-74
slovenian armed forces H3-74: SAF 15 Brigada. In 2008 flying with le quatorze juillet 14 July military parade over Champs-Elys� ...
2457 as532u2 F-ZKBM: Eurocopter toward S-457
Royal Netherlands Air Force S-457: KLU from 1997
Royal Netherlands Air Force S-457: Staged through RAF Coningsby on 21 Sep during outbound flight from Gilze-Rijen for TAC Blaze 09-02, ...
2444 as532u2 F-ZKBO: Eurocopter toward S-444
Royal Netherlands Air Force S-444: KLU 300Sqn.; 9May11 stored/wfu
2585 as532al F-ZKBQ: Eurocopter toward H3-72
slovenian armed forces H3-72: SAF 15 Brigada
2427 as532ul F-ZKCF: wfu
French Army Light Aviation 2427: ALAT AS532UL Horizon type; 2007 /CZY 1RHC
2630 ec725ap F-ZKCG: Eurocopter toward 2630
French Army Light Aviation 2630: ALAT; CAC
French Army Light Aviation 2630: 2012 4RHFS./CAC
6901 as565mb 2010 F-ZKCL: Eurocopter toward 5002
Royal Saudi Navy 5002: RSNF
6905 as565mb 2010 F-ZKCM: Eurocopter toward 5003
Royal Saudi Navy 5003: RSNF
6913 as565mb 2010 F-ZKCN: Eurocopter toward 5004
Royal Saudi Navy 5004: RSNF
2461 as532ul 1998 F-ZKDA: Eurocopter France, to AdlA
French Air Force 2461: from Sep09 /SA; 14jul10 EH01.067./SA pictured (top) at parade quatorze juillet 2010
French Air Force 2461: AdlA, test serial F-ZKDA; Jun09 EH01.067 /SA
French Air Force 2461: 2012 EH01.067./SA
French Air Force F-ZKDA: conv to EC725R2 Caracal
French Air Force 2461: 05/06jul14 pictured (bot) as EH01.061 /SA at Meeting de l Air 2014, nice demonstration in bad weathe...
French Air Force 2461: crash site Germanwings flight 9252 French Alps Barcelonette
2552 ec725r2 F-ZKDT: Eurocopter; 5jun05 Istres air show
French Air Force 2552: AdlA; 2009 EH01.067./SE
French Air Force 2552: 14 Jul 2009 Participated in Bastille Day initially in static display at Les Invalides, then in flypa...
2726 as532ul 2009 F-ZVRC: Eurocopter toward HT.27-18
Spanish Army Aviation HT.27-18: ET-666; ex F-ZVRC
2799 ec725 F-ZWBE: 19sep11 as Fuerza Aerea Mexicana 1007 at Kleine Brogel (EBBL), Belgium
Mexican Air Force 1007: FAM;
2858 as532al F-ZWBE: Eurocopter toward FA-633
Albanian Air Force FA-633: Albania, test serial F-ZWBE
6882 as565mb 2009 F-ZWBG: Eurocopter toward 5001
Royal Saudi Navy 5001: RSNF
2762 ec725 2010 F-ZWBL: Eurocopter EC725AP Cougar Mk2+ c/n BRA001, to FAB 8510
Brazilian Air Force 8510: FAB BRA001 H-36 Caracal type f/f 2010
Brazilian Air Force 8510: 25oct10 pictured with 1/8 GAv Esquadrao Falcao during first operational mission at Belem (PA)
Brazilian Air Force 8510: Jan14 reaches 1000 flight hours with FAB
Brazilian Air Force 8510: Mar12 at FIDAE expo, Santiago de Chile
2837 ec725 2012 F-ZWBQ: Eurocopter France, for Mexico
Mexican Navy AMHT-231: Mexican Navy; 15nov12 stop for refueling on delivery flight
Mexican Navy ANX-2231: Marina, reser from AMHT-231
2764 ec725 2010 F-ZWBR: Eurocopter EC725 c/n BRA002, to EB-5001
Brazilian Army Aviation EB-5001: Exercito BRA002 HM-4 type, test serial F-ZWBR; 1st of six to be built in France, rest 44 by Helibras...
Brazilian Army Aviation EB-5001: 2015 asg 1°BAvEx
2845 ec725 F-ZWBR: Eurocopter toward AMHT-232
Mexican Navy AMHT-232: Mexican Navy 2012, test serial F-ZWBR
Mexican Navy ANX-2232: Marina, reser
2766 ec725 2010 F-ZWBS: Eurocopter EC725BR-B BRA003, to N-7101
Brazilian Navy N-7101: Marinha UH-15 type d/d 25oct10, test serial F-ZWBS; HU-2 /01
2778 ec725r2 F-ZWDA: Eurocopter France
French Air Force 2778: AdlA, test serial F-ZWDA
French Air Force 2778: 14jul17 as /SI pictured (pic2) in the helicopter flypast at QJ 2017, Paris
2816 as532al F-ZWDH: Eurocopter toward FA-632
Albanian Air Force FA-632: Albania, test serial F-ZWDH
2810 ec725 F-ZWDJ: Eurocopter France, for Mexico
Mexican Air Force 1005: FAM
2800 as532al 2011 F-ZWDL: Eurocopter
Albanian Air Force FA-630: Albanian Armed Forces f/f Dec11 at Marignane, France; w/o 25jul12 before delivery at La Palud-sur-V...
2829 ec725 F-ZWDM: Eurocopter France, for Mexico
Mexican Air Force 1008: FAM
2813 ec725 2011 F-ZWDN: Eurocopter EC725AP Cougar Mk2+, to FAB 8505
Brazilian Air Force 8505: FAB BRV001 VH-36 VIP type d/d 2011, white livery
ec725 F-ZWDP: Eurocopter France, for Mexico
Mexican Air Force 1009: FAM from Mar13; w/o 01may15 shot down in Jalisco. 3 fatalities
2807 as532al F-ZWDP: Eurocopter toward FA-631
Albanian Air Force FA-631: Albania, test serial F-ZWDP
2817 ec725 2011 F-ZWDQ: Eurocopter France
Royal Malaysian Air Force M55-01: RMAF d/d 28nov12 to Subang Airport by Antonov An-124, test serial F-ZWDQ
2831 ec725 F-ZWDU: Eurocopter France, for Mexico
Mexican Navy AMHT-230: Mexican Navy; 13sep12 stop for refueling on delivery flight
Mexican Navy ANX-2230: Mexican Navy, reser
162 C/N found in this Organisation.

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