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72 squadron
Originally formed from A Flight of the Central Flying School at Upavon on 28 Jun 1917, 72 Squadron has had a long and distinguished service. Its rotary wing reputation began in Nov 1961 when it operated the Belvedere HC.1. After unsatisfactory experience with the Belvedere, it converted to the Wessex HC.2 in Aug 1964 and maintained a SAR detatchment at RAF Manston (EGUM). On 16 Apr 1981 it moved its main base from Odiham to RAF Benson and on 12 Nov 1981 it transferred to its long time base at RAF Aldergrove (EGAA) in Northern Ireland in support of the Security Forces. From 1991 it also operated a small number of Puma HC.1s. It disbanded as a helicopter unit in Northern Ireland in Apr 2002 and since Jul 2002 operates as 72(R) Squadron, part of 1 FTS at RAF Linton-on-Ouse (EGXU) with the Tucano.

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1981/02JHCFS AldergroveEGAA
1981RAF BensonEGUB
1974/76Kent International / ManstonEGMH
1961/81RAF OdihamEGVO
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1997/02sa330 puma
1964/02Wessex HC.2

Construction Numbers for 72Sq Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
13357 Belvedere 1961 XG462 : dd Sep 1961 as 66Sq/H. To 72Sq/H by Nov 1961. Mid air rear engine fire nea+
wa123 hc.2 1963 XR498 : May69 as 72Sqn /M participated in Daily Mail Trans Atlantic Air Race
: 1970 as 72Sqn /AM at Farnborough Airshow
: 1999 72Sqn /X
wa124 hc.2 1963 XR499 : RAF; 1995 72Sqn./W
wa131 hc.2 1963 XR506 : 13jul97 72Sqn./V
- - : Jan13 pictured on sale on ebay by jetartaviation.co.uk
wa136 hc.2 1963 XR511 : RAF; 24+25jul99 72Sqn./L Lady Linlithgen. Fairford air show
Royal Air Force of Oman XR511 : seconded to Sultan of Oman Air Force as XR511, unk; rtnd RAF as XR511, unk+
- XR511 : 2011 pictured stored at Taranaki, New Zealand warehouse
wa142 hc.2 1964 XR520 : Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AB
wa143 hc.2 1963 XR521 : Flew her a lot on 72Sqn between joining 02jun69 and 10dec69 (Det Northern +
Uruguayan Navy 082 : To Uruguay Jan 1998. Delivered 20 Feb 1998.
wa145 hc.2 1964 XR523 : RAF - noted on display at SBAC Farnborough Airshow Sep68 coded E with 72Sq+
: Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AE
: dd 28 Jul 1964, 72 Sq/E by Sep 1968 still Jul 1969, 72 Sq/AE by Sep 1970, +
wa146 hc.2 1964 XR524 : Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AF
- XR524 : RAF - noted at SBAC Farnborough Airshow Sep68 as 72Sqn coded F
wa147 hc.2 1964 XR525 : 72Sq by Aug 1964; loaned to Sultan of Oman Air Force by Mar 1974 until Dec+
wa151 hc.2 1964 XR529 : 72Sq /E, noted visting Manadon on 23 Nov 1982
wa530 hc.2 1966 XT603 : Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AD
Uruguayan Navy 085 : To Uruguay Jan 1998. Delivered 20 Feb 1998.
wa536 hc.2 1966 XT668 : Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AS
Uruguayan Air Force 078 : FAU d/d 2003; ex RAF XT668
wa538 hc.2 1966 XT670 : 18sep71 72Sqn /AU pictured at RAF Coltishall
wa539 hc.2 1966 XT671 : Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AW
wa540 hc.2 1966 XT672 : Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AW
: Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AX
wa541 hc.2 1966 XT673 : Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AY
Uruguayan Air Force 074 : FAU d/d jun97; ex RAF XT673
wa614 hc.2 1967 XV719 : Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AA
wa616 hc.2 1967 XV721 : 06may70 as 72Sqn /AK at Farnborough Airshow 1970
: 24+25jul99 as 72Sqn /H at Fairford air show
Uruguayan Air Force 080 : FAU d/d 2003, ex RAF XV721
wa617 hc.2 1967 XV722 : 1968 d/d to 72Sqn at RAF Acklington, Northumberland
wa618 hc.2 1968 XV723 : Farnborough Airshow 1970 72Sqn /AQ
Uruguayan Air Force 077 : FAU d/d 2002; ex RAF XV723
wa620 hc.2 1968 XV725 : f/f 13 Mar 1968, d/d 3 Apr 1968 as HC.2. /A by Jun 1968. 72Sq/AC by Sep 1+
: RAF type:HC.2; 1983 72Sqn./C
1042 sa330e 1970 XW199 : d/d 29 Jan 1971 240 OCU?/CY by Sep 1973; 230 Sq/DU by May 1984 still 1992;+
1111 sa330e 1971 XW212 : RAF Puma HC1 ff 12 jul 1971, dd 26 Jul 1971; 33 Sq/CJ by Sep 1972; minor d+
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04-may-6911-may-69 Daily Mail Atlantic Air Race

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