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1971 to present    

Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 169 US Marine Corps

Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 169
HMLA-169 initially equipped with the US Army single engine AH-1G Cobra from 1971 thru 1976
HMLA-169 Vipers activated 30 September 1971 at Camp Pendleton as HMA-169 and  assigned to Detachment, MAG-16. Reassigned during September 1978 to MAG-39. Redesignated 1 October 1986 as HMLA-169. During the 1970s and 80s the squadron was involved in the Unit Deployment Program, deploying to Okinawa for 6 month periods. HMLA-169 served in Operation Desert Shield/Storm 1990-91 and participated in Operation Sea Angel (Bangladesh Flood Relief). HMLA-169 has also been deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom .
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News of Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 169

Marines HMLA-169 Vipers Test Their UH-1Y Venom, 22-Sep-15 : Marines with Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron HMLA-169 conducted weapons proficiency training with the UH-1Y Venom helicopter aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, CA


1971/    MCAS Camp PendletonKNFG


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2010/    UH-1Y Venom
1971/    209 ah-1 cobra

List of aircraft

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List of Aircraft for HMLA-169 / HMA-169
C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
31674 UH-1N 159198 : USMC; HMLA-367 /VT; preserved at Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum (MCAS +
26053 ah-1j 159213 : SN-03 was assigned to HMA-169 when it crashed at NAS North Island, CA. Bot+
31697 UH-1N 159687 : HMLA-169 SN-107. w/o 25oct88. c/n not confirmed
31718 UH-1N 160168 : USMC; HMLA-169 /SN-108
Brown Helicopter Inc N497QC : Brown Helicopter Inc at Pensacola, FL from Aug13
31755 UH-1N 160620 : USMC; HMLA-169 w/o 30mar03
ah-1t 160797 : USMC; w/o 14nov86 SN-00/HMLA-169
ah-1t 160808 : USMC; HMA-169 w/o 09jul79
26110 ah-1t 160820 : apr12 HMLA-169./SN-21
Alan Sparks N893AS : Bell/Sparks TAH-1 type; Brylyn Corporation at Joshua, TX Oct94
26909 ah-1t 161016 : 13mar87 as HMLA-169 /SN-124 experienced dual engine failure/fuselage fire +
26120 ah-1t 161018 : USMC; Aug80 pictured as HMA-169 /SN-26 at MCAS Camp Pendleton, CA; conv AH+
26209 ah-1w 162540 : USMC; HMLA-169 w/o 20jun89
26265 ah-1w 163940 : USMC; HMLA-169 w/o 14apr03
26273 ah-1w 163948 : apr12 HMLA-169./SN-27
26290 ah-1w 164591 : USMC; conv c/n 29148; HMLA-169 w/o 27may06
26310 ah-1w 165048 : USMC; 12oct11 pictured as /SN-25 (HMLA-169?) at MCAS Yuma, Arizona
26315 ah-1w 165055 : USMC; Oct08 as HMLA-169 /SN-69; 07Aug09 stricken from US Navy list
26356 ah-1w 165332 : USMC; Jun 2008 noted with HMLA-169/SN-21; 22Oct09 stricken from US Navy li+
26357 ah-1w 165333 : USMC. HMLA-169 w/o 26oct09 at Helmand Province, Afghanistan in mid-air col+
ah-1w 165392 : USMC; 14oct05 as /SN-169 HMLA-169 at MCAS Miramar, CA; 20oct11 pictured as+
55105 UH-1Y 167797 : USMC; 05apr11 pictured as HMLA-169 /SN-01 resupplying at forward arming a+
55106 UH-1Y 167798 : USMC; 2010 HMLA-169/SN-06
UH-1Y 167989 : USMC; 08may11 pictured as HMLA-169 /SN-03 at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan
UH-1Y 2011 167998 : USMC; 26jun11 HMLA-169./SN-03 pictured on static display at 49th Salon Par+
UH-1Y 168043 : USMC; 2011 HMLA-169 /SN-03
UH-1Y 168402 : w/o 23jan15 executed an emergency landing short of the runway at Twentynin+
UH-1Y 168404 : USMC; 2012 HMLA-169 /SN-01
: 22aug12 pictured as HMLA-169 /SN-01 at Camp Pendleton, CA. On background A+
UH-1Y 168410 : USMC; 23jul12 pictured at HMLA-169 /11 at Hawaii during RIMPAC 2012
UH-1Y 168501 : USMC; 2013 HMLA-169 /SN-04
UH-1Y 168505 : USMC; 2014 HMLA-169 /SN-05
UH-1Y 168506 : USMC; Oct13 HMLA-169 /SN-06
ah-1z 168516 : 2014 HMLA-169 /SN-08
ah-1z 168521 : HMLA-169 /SN-45 by Sep15
: 10sep15 pictured as HMLA-169 /SN-45 landing at University of Phoenix Stad+
ah-1z 168522 : USMC; 2013 HMLA-169 /SN-40
ah-1z 168523 : USMC; 2014 HMLA-169 /SN-44
ah-1z 168798 : USMC; Oct14 HMLA-169 /SN-46

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