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OL class 1965
                        Wave class 2003

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8531light (tn)
27400full load (tn)
177.90length (m)
21.70beam (m)
9.80draught (m)
17max speed (knots)
15000power (shp)
2Naval Engine steam turbines

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    Typical Max
Royal Navy Westland wessex 13
Royal Navy Westland sea king 14

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    

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Hawthorn Leslie - Hebburn2

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Royal Fleet AuxiliaryA75RFA TidespringGJNC - TS19631991
Royal Fleet AuxiliaryA76RFA TidepoolGJMB - TP19631982
Chilean Navy AO-52 Almirante Jorge Montt 19821997
Royal Fleet AuxiliaryA122OL class RFA OlwenGQKA - OW19651999
Royal Fleet AuxiliaryA124OL class RFA OlmedaGPBE - OD19651994
Royal Fleet AuxiliaryA123OL class RFA OlnaGOGS - ON19662000
Royal Fleet AuxiliaryA389Wave class RFA Wave KnightGWBU - WK2003--
Royal Fleet AuxiliaryA390Wave class RFA Wave RulerGCVR2003--

7 units

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1961-feb-28Ordered A75 RFA Tidespring
1961-feb-28Ordered A76 RFA Tidepool
1961-jul-24Laid down A75 RFA Tidespring
1961-dec-4Laid down A76 RFA Tidepool
1962-may-3Launched A75 RFA Tidespring
1962-dec-11Launched A76 RFA Tidepool
1963-jan-18Commissioned A75 RFA Tidespring to replace RFA Wave Master.
1963-jun-28Commissioned A76 RFA Tidepool to replace RFA Wave Sovereign.
1963-sepPort Visit A76 RFA Tidepool visited International Maritime show in Helsinki, Finland
1966-marDeployment A76 RFA Tidepool Beira Patrol off Moazmbique to enforce UN sanctions against Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).
1966-dec-9Refit A76 RFA Tidepool Refit at Vickers at Hebburn on Tyneside - site owned in 2010 by A&P Tyneside.
1967-novDeployment A75 RFA Tidespring part of Task Force 318 to cover the British withdrawal from Aden during Operation Magister.
1968-sep-20Deployment A75 RFA Tidespring Exercise Coral Sands participated in Exercise Coral Sands, until 13 Oct.
1971Deployment A75 RFA Tidespring R A S with RAN Ships in South China Sea. Wessex helicopter from HMAS Melbourne 817 Squadron were onboard.
1973-jun-8Deployment A75 RFA Tidespring departed HMNB Portsmouth as support for HMS Tiger, Flagship for Far East group deployment of Task Group 317.1, in company with RFA Regent. The group was escorted by HMS Dido, HMS Hermione and HMS Rhyl, until it returned to the UK on 21 Dec 1973.
1975-jul-22Deployment A75 RFA Tidespring departed UK as support for HMS Glamorgan, flagship of global Task Group 317.3, accompanied by RFA Gold Rover and RFA Tarbatness. Escorted by elements of the 8th Frigate Squadron HMS Ajax, HMS Berwick, HMS Plymouth and HMS Rothesay. Returned 14 Apr 1976
1977-jan-26Deployment A76 RFA Tidepool Left Portsmouth with RFA Tarbatness and RFA Green Rover for an Atlantic deployment, supporting HMS Tiger and her escort group until May 1977.
1977-jun-25Deployment A75 RFA Tidespring Fleet Review: Silver Jubilee of HM The Queen Present at Silver Jubilee Fleet Review, off Bramble anchorage
1977-sep-5Deployment A76 RFA Tidepool Departed HMNB Portsmouth for 7.5 month group deployment (TG 317.6) to Australia and Far East, supporting HMS Tiger and in company with HMS Rhyl, RFA Grey Rover, RFA Regent and RFA Tarbatness. Returned 20 Apr 1978.
1978-may-31Deployment A75 RFA Tidespring departed HMNB Portsmouth supporting HMS Blake, Flagship of Task Group 317.7 for a 6.5 month Caribbean, Atlantic and Pacific group deployment in company with HMS Juno, and RFA Green Rover and RFA Stromness. This group joined with the Devonport group of HMS Ambuscade, HMS Hermione and HMS Leander, returned to UK 12 Dec 1978.
1980-decDeployment A76 RFA Tidepool Armilla Patrol with RFA Fort Austin, supported deployment to Middle East for Armilla Patrol, with HMS Ardent and HMS Apollo.
1982-apr-2Deployment A75 RFA Tidespring Operation Corporate Ordered to South Atlantic whilst exercising, she was assigned to the South Georgia recovery via Ascension Island. She continued as a fleet tanker, leaving theatre and arriving back at Portsmouth on 22 Jul 1982.
1982-apr-14Aircraft A75 RFA Tidespring Operation Paraquat Embarked 845 NAS, C Flt Wessex HU.5 (XT464 & XT473) on 11 Apr 1982 for Operation Paraquat.
1982-may-14Deployment A75 RFA Tidespring Operation Corporate called at Ascension Island to restore and collect attrition replacement Wessex HU.5 for 845Sq C Flt.
1982-aug-12Decommissioned A76 RFA Tidepool
1982-aug-13Fate: transfered A76 RFA Tidepool to Chilean Navy as Almirante Jorge Montt
1982-dec-13Commissioned AO-52 Almirante Jorge Montt ex UK RFA Tidepool
1991-dec-13Decommissioned A75 RFA Tidespring
1992-mar-20 A75 RFA Tidespring departed Portsmouth under tow, for India and the breakers yard.
1992-jul-2Fate: scrapped A75 RFA Tidespring scrapping begun at Alang, in India, 18 days after first arrival.
1997-dec-15Decommissioned AO-52 Almirante Jorge Montt

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