Regent class


Support Ship

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22890full load (tn)
195.10length (m)
23.50beam (m)
8draught (m)
12000range (nm)
21max speed (knots)
20000power (shp)
1Naval Engine diesel - Paxman A12YHAXZ
2Naval Gun single 40 mm

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    Typical Max
Royal Navy westland wessex 14
Royal Navy westland sea king 14

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Harland and Wolff - Belfast1
Scott Lithgow (Greenock) - Greenock1

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Royal Fleet AuxiliaryA480RFA ResourceGRFE - RS19671997
Royal Fleet AuxiliaryA486RFA RegentGRMH - RG19671993

2 units

Events of this class Login to Edit    

1963-jan-24Ordered A486 RFA Regent    
1963-jan-24Ordered A480 RFA Resource    
1964-jul-19Laid down A480 RFA Resource    
1964-sep-4Laid down A486 RFA Regent    
1966-feb-11Launched A480 RFA Resource    
1966-mar-9Launched A486 RFA Regent    
1967-may-16Commissioned A480 RFA Resource    
1967-jun-6Commissioned A486 RFA Regent    
1967-oct-6Aircraft A486 RFA Regent     Wessex HU.5 XS499 embarked for c 10 days arctic trials
1968-sep-20Deployment A486 RFA Regent     Exercise Coral Sands participated in Exercise Coral Sands, until 13 Oct.
1968-oct-16Port Visit A486 RFA Regent     visited Hobart, following Exercise Coral Sands, until 22 Oct.
1969-jul-26Deployment A480 RFA Resource     Fleet Review: Ships of the Western Fleet Present at Ships of the Western Fleet review in Torbay.
1970-nov-19Deployment A480 RFA Resource     Operation Burlap to Bay of Bengal to assist in Bhola Cyclone relief efforts
1973-jun-8Deployment A486 RFA Regent     departed HMNB Portsmouth as support for HMS Tiger, Flagship for Far East group deployment of Task Group 317.1, in company with RFA Tidespring. The group was escorted by HMS Dido, HMS Hermione and HMS Rhyl, until it returned to the UK on 21 Dec 1973.
1974-julDeployment A486 RFA Regent     Partition of Cyprus part of Task Force support to Eastern Mediterranean during Cyprus emergency
1977-jun-25Deployment A480 RFA Resource     Fleet Review: Silver Jubilee of HM The Queen Present at Silver Jubilee Fleet Review.
1977-sep-5Deployment A486 RFA Regent     Departed HMNB Portsmouth for 7.5 month group deployment (TG 317.6) to Australia and Far East, supporting HMS Tiger and in company with HMS Rhyl, RFA Grey Rover, RFA Tarbatness and RFA Tidepool. Returned 20 Apr 1978.
1977-nov-25Deployment A480 RFA Resource     Operation Journeyman stood back from the Falklands in support of HMS Phoebe and HMS Alacrity. 772 NAS Wessex embarked.
1979-may-8Deployment A486 RFA Regent     departed HMNB Portsmouth supporting HMS Norfolk, Flagship of Task Group 317.8 for a 6.5 month Indian Ocean and Far East group deployment in company with HMS Achilles, HMS Arethusa, HMS Falmouth, RFA Black Rover and RFA Olmeda. This group joined with the Devonport group of HMS Arrow and HMS Dido, returned to Portsmouth on 14 Dec 1978.
1982-apr-6Deployment A480 RFA Resource     Operation Corporate Departed HMNB Rosyth for South Atlantic with 845 Squadron A Flt embarked, leaving theatre on 27 Jun 1982.
1982-apr-17Deployment A486 RFA Regent     Operation Corporate Departed Portland Harbour, via Plymouth for South Atlantic with 848 Squadron A Flt (XS486/WW & XT756/WM) embarked (on 19 Apr), leaving theatre on 24 Aug and returning to Rosyth on 15 Sep 1982.
1991 A480 RFA Resource     Placed in reserve at Rosyth
1991-jan-10Deployment A486 RFA Regent     departed HMNB Portsmouth in support of HMS Ark Royal leading TG 323.2 to eastern Mediterranean.
1992-octStruck A486 RFA Regent     Removed from service and laid up in Devonport
1993Decommissioned A486 RFA Regent    
1993Deployment A480 RFA Resource     UNPROFOR Reactivated in 1993 in support of UNPROFOR in the Adriatic area.
1993-jan-21Fate: transfered A486 RFA Regent     Sailed from Devonport under new name Shahzadelal for India
1993-feb-19Fate: scrapped A486 RFA Regent     Arrived at Alang, to be scrapped
1994Refit A480 RFA Resource    
1995Deployment A480 RFA Resource     UNPROFOR Returned to Splyt in Croatia and remained deployed until withdrawn from service in May 1997.
1997Decommissioned A480 RFA Resource    
1997-aug-20Fate: scrapped A480 RFA Resource     Arrived in India for scrapping

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