united kingdom Dishforth

Dishforth, England
united kingdom

7.7 16EGXZ RAF Topcliffe, England
11.9 43EGNG Bagby, England
14.3130EGXU RAF Linton-on-Ouse, England
19.3336EGXE RAF Leeming, England
29.9132 Foss Barrier, England
32.6209EGNP Leeds heliport - Coney Park, England

1936 to present

54 8 N - 1 25 W
3.5nm E of Ripon
Elevation: 117 feet

Situated close-by the A1(M) near Ripon and within the Leeming MATZ. Has two main asphalt runways (max 1858m) and a shorter, disused SW-NE where helicopters usually alight. Remains a Diversion airfield and a satellite for RAF Linton-on-Ouse.
RAF Dishforth was opened in 1936 as part of Bomber Commands expansion programme, operational 1937. Was home to RCAF units from May 1942. Enlarged in Summer and Autumn 1943 for larger bombers. Became a transport base after WWII with Hastings and Beverley until 1962. Used as a satellite landing ground for other training bases until 1991 when the administrative areas of the base were handed over to the Army, supporting the work of the Catterick garrison and the Northumberland ranges. The airfield remained under control of the RAF who continued to use it as a satellite facility for other RAF units in the Vale of York. Air Traffic Control and other airfield services are managed by RAF Linton-on-Ouse.
After its closure as an RAF base, Dishforth became home to a training establishment of the Nork Yorshire Police Force (callsign M2DF). Dishforth is now home to HQ 9 Regiment, Army Air Corps.

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
2013/now661 squadronLynx AH9A 2011/15
Lynx 2011/14
2008/now659 squadronLynx AH9A 2009/now
Lynx 1981/now
scout ??/81
2006/now669 squadronLynx AH9A 2010/now
1993/07656 squadronWAH-64 Apache 2003/now
Lynx 1985/04
SA341B Gazelle AH.1 1975/05
1992/now672 squadronLynx AH9A 2009/now
Lynx 2004/now
Lynx 2001/04
Lynx 1990/93
1992/07664 squadronWAH-64 Apache 2007/now
1992/00657 squadron
1991/now9 Regiment, AAC
? to ?Nork Yorshire Police

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By Date | By Serial

1994-dec-08 Army Air CorpsLynx AH1XZ645
1994-dec-08 Army Air CorpsLynx AH1XZ651
2004-feb homebaseArmy Air CorpsLynx AH1XZ185
2004-feb homebaseArmy Air CorpsLynx AH1XZ196
2004-feb homebaseArmy Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XW909
2004-feb homebaseArmy Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XX448
2004-feb homebaseArmy Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XX409
2004-feb homebaseArmy Air CorpsWAH-64 ApacheZJ173
2004-feb homebaseArmy Air CorpsWAH-64 ApacheZJ208
2004-feb homebaseArmy Air CorpsWAH-64 ApacheZJ209
2004-feb homebaseArmy Air CorpsWAH-64 ApacheZJ223
2004-feb homebaseArmy Air CorpsWAH-64 ApacheZJ224
2004-feb homebaseArmy Air CorpsWAH-64 ApacheZJ225
2004-feb homebaseArmy Air CorpsWAH-64 ApacheZJ227
2004-feb homebaseArmy Air CorpsWAH-64 ApacheZJ228
2004-feb homebaseArmy Air CorpsWAH-64 ApacheZJ229
2004-feb homebaseArmy Air CorpsWAH-64 ApacheZJ230
2004-feb homebaseArmy Air CorpsWAH-64 ApacheZJ232
2005-mar-23 WAH-64 ApacheZJ183
2005-mar-23 WAH-64 ApacheZJ231

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