argentina Aeroparque Jorge Newbery

Capital Federal

3.6124 Puerto Nuevo, Capital Federal
6.1131 darsena norte, Capital Federal
6.9142 Casa Rosada, Capital Federal
9.6136 Helipuerto Gruppo Modena, Capital Federal
9.7142 Isla Demarchi, Capital Federal
18.8252SADP El Palomar, Buenos Aires

34° 33' 32.04'' S - 58° 24' 59.04'' W
Buenos Aires city
Elevation: 18 feet

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1970/    Agrupacion Aerea Presidencials-76 1996/   
s-70 H-60 1994/   
s-61 H-3 1980/90
s-58 H-34 1975/80


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By Date | By Serial

1990 Fuerza Aerea ArgentinaH-19A ChickasawH-04
2001-aug-11 AS365N2 Dauphin 2PA-40
2003-sep-28 BK117C-1LV-WRW
2003-oct-03 S-76BH-02
2003-dec-28 430N8151C,LV-ZSY
2004-mar-08 BK117C-1LV-ZAC
2004-may-30 S-70A-30 Black HawkH-01
2004-jun-27 206B-3 Jet RangerLV-VFF
2004-jun-27 206L-3 Long RangerLV-WHR
2004-jun-27 212H-88
2004-aug-08 212AE-450
2004-oct-03 S-76BH-02
2004-oct-21 BK117C-1LV-WNS
2005-mar-13 AS350B3 EcureuilF-GJKO
2005-mar-13 S-76BH-02
2006-nov-19 1A109cLV-ZBB
2006-dec-29 bo105cLV-WJX
2008-jan-30 S-76BN7620S
2008-dec-08 212H-84
2009-jun-08 S-76BH-02
2009-jul-23 SA330L PumaPA-11
2009-jul-26 430LV-ZSY
2009-sep Fuerza Aerea ArgentinaS-76BH-03
2009-sep-15 AS350B3 EcureuilGN-928
2010-feb-10 AS365N2 Dauphin 2PA-43
2010-mar A109a-IILV-BLY
2010-mar-05 206B-3 Jet RangerLV-VFF
2010-apr-29 UH-1NH-90
2010-jun-20 S-70A-30 Black HawkH-01
2010-aug-11 212H-81
2010-aug-12 Fuerza Aerea ArgentinaUH-1NH-90
2010-oct-28 222LV-WNP
2010-dec-12 BK117C-1LV-WRW
2010-dec-24 S-76BH-02
2011-may Modena Air Servicebo105cbs-4LV-BZX
2011-may-14 429LV-CIP
2011-jul-09 S-70A-30 Black HawkH-01
2011-sep-08 S-76BH-03
2012-feb-16 Mi-171EH-95
2012-jul-09 EC145LQ-CLQ
2012-jul-09 S-70A-30 Black HawkH-01
2012-jul-27 A109e PowerLV-CLC
2012-dec-20 Policia Federal Argentinabo105cbs-4LQ-WFO
2013-jan-06 EC120BLV-CXC
2013-feb-05 Gobierno de Neuquen407LQ-BBR
2013-feb-05 R22 Beta IILV-CCE
2013-sep-14 EC145LQ-CLQ
2013-nov-03 EC120BLV-BYX
2013-dec-24 Modena Air Servicebo105cbs-4LV-BZX
2013-dec-24 C5Nbo105cbs-5LV-COM
2014-nov-28 EC145LQ-CLQ
2014-nov-28 S-76BH-02
2015-jan-08 412EPH-101
2015-jan-08 Fuerza Aerea Argentina412EPH-101

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