McDonnell Douglas md500


MD369E / MD500E


Built between 1985-1998. Earlier airframes listed as Hughes 369E / 500E
From 1999 known as MD Helicopters MD500E

Model News

Potomac Edison Inspect Maryland Transmission Lines, 29-Jan-15 : Potomac Edison, a subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp., will use helicopter patrols with a MD369E to conduct visual inspections of transmission lines in its Western Maryland service territory


From Organisation with model MD369E / MD500E
el salvador Fuerza Aerea Salvadoreña
    md500 14 1985/now
hungary Rendőrség
    6 1986/now
argentina Fuerza Aerea Argentina
    2 1996/now

usa State of Puerto Rico
usa State of Tennessee
usa State of California
Construction Numbers on database of MD369E / MD500E


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0102E IL 930 : IAF, to 4X-BCV
0103E IL 932 : IAF, w/o 07nov88
0104E IL 935 : IAF, to 4X-BCW
0112E IL 938 : IAF, to 4X-BCX
0113E IL 940 : IAF, to 4X-BCY
0114E IL 943 : IAF, to 4X-BCZ
0117E 1985 NZ ZK-HRQ : New Zealand, ex N98SP to VH-NPC
AU VH-NPC : Australian Helicopters from Apr07
0119E 1985 US N2480 : to N5247S
US N5247S : DHS; Dec13 on sale
0120E 1985 US N5231G : Puerto Rico Police Dept (PPR); 2014 to UK
US N5231G : Eahot Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE Feb14-Mar15
ZA ZS-HUR : South Africa by Jul16
ZA ZS-HUR : Starlite Aviation Training Academy at Mossel Bay, South+
0128E 1985 US N5242C : to N600TP
US N600TP : Tulsa Police Department (TPD) Nov85-Sep95
CA C-GFYR : Southern Mountain Helicopters at Langley, BC Apr96-Sep9+
CA C-GFYR : Vancouver Island Helicopters Jul96-Jun97, lsd
CA C-GFYR : Harbour City Helicopters at Langley, BC Jul97-Jun98
US N30042 : conv to 369FF/MD530F c/n 0602FF
0129E US N4TP : City Of Tampa Police Dept (TPD) May86-Oct96
0142E CR TI-SPY : Costa Rica, to MSP018
CR MSP018 : Costa Rica Police 2006-2012, reser MSP013
CR MSP013 : Costa Rica Police from 2013 w/o 03feb14 at Cerro Chirri+
0145E 1985 US N97BR : to N7166M
US N7166M : DHS; Dec13 on sale
US N522PA : Patriot Aviation from Mar14
0157E 1985 NO LN-OMV : Heli-Trans, to SE-HNZ
UK G-RISK : Wavendon Social Housing from Jun06
BE G-RISK : Skytech Helicopters; 11jul10 pictured at Sywell, UK
0158E SV 36 : FAS; w/o 05dec00
0159E SV 37 : FAS; w/o 02feb90
0160E SV 38 : FAS
0161E SV 39 : FAS; w/o 04feb86
0177E SE SE-HRB : Sweden, to LN-OMP
SE LN-OMP : Helifly A/S; w/o 21jun01 at Tuddal, Telemark during sli+
0182E 1986 US N570CA : Silverhawk Aviation at Caldwell, ID
Heli Leasing Llc at Nine Mile Falls, WA Dec11-Feb14
US N508PH : K&S Helicopters Inc at Kailua Kona, HI from Jan14; Para+
0212E SV 40 : FAS; w/o 21mar97
0213E SV 41 : FAS;w/o 08mar93
0214E SV 42 : FAS
0219E US N1601U : to N21BN
US N21BN : to JA9482
JP JA9482 : Japan, to N127M
US N127M : Mike Green Assoc at Austin, TX Feb/Jun 2000
AU VH-PCQ : Australia, to ZK-ITJ
NZ ZK-ITJ : Hill Country Helicopters from Mar12; w/o 28oct14 hit wi+
0226E 1987 US N507TV : DAH Aircraft from feb15
0230E US N1602N : IO Aviation at Hilo, HI Jul89-Mar96
AT OE-XXL : Austria, to D-HCHS
DE D-HCHS : private 2003-2004
Nordcopters GmbH 2006; 27nov10 damaged at Guercif, Moro+
US N633JH : Phoenix Heliparts at Mesa, AZ May/Jun 2012
Jack Harter Helicopters at Lihue, HI from Jun12
0241E AR H-45 : FAA
0242E 1998 US N16024 : to N536BH
US N536BH : to C-GREP
CA C-GREP : Rilpa Enterprises Ltd at Calgary, AB Apr/Aug 1998; Nort+
Prism Helicopters at Pitt Meadows, BC Jun01-Jan09
US N369FF : MD Helicopters from Feb09
MD530G 2014 conv to MD530 Scout Attack prototype
Aug14 demo at Yuma Proving Ground
0243E AR H-46 : FAA; w/o 07jun01 near Capilla del Senor Buenos Aires
0244E US N12WL : to N502SL
US N502SL : SLED from Jul04
0247E 1987 US N1605K : Gwinnett County Police Department (GCPD) from Jul88
MD530F 2015 converted to MD530F c/n 0604FF
0251E 1988 US N451DS : LASD Los Angeles County Sheriff Department /Air21, test+
US N922AW : Precision Helicopter Components Inc at San Antonio, TX +
US N922AW : Aug/Dec 2015, sold McDonnell Douglas 500E 1988 . No kno+
0287E US N911BL : LVMPD; conv 369FF type serial 0601FF; w/o 24sep12 durin+
0303E 1988 US N314JP : to N7065C
US N7065C : Rotorhead Helicopters at Albuquerque, NM Nov02-Mar03
UK G-CCKS : London Air Oct03-Jun04
GP Aviation Group Jun04-Aug06
JLC Aviation Aug06-Oct07
UK G-CCKS : Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Oct07-May08
UK G-DIGR : Eastern Atlantic Helicopters May08-Jan09
US N741SF : Starfire Helicopters at Ogen, UT Jan/May 2009
Aerial Resources Llc at Chesapeake, VA Jun09-Mar14
Bulanov Galis Llc at Chesapeake, VA from Apr14
0305E SV 43 : FAS; w/o 10jan91
0306E SV 47 : FAS
0307E SV 45 : FAS
0308E SV 46 : FAS
0309E 1988 FR F-GZGM : MD-500E; ex HA-MSH; JSHS from 1998; June 2011 pictured +
FR F-GZGM : 25sep13 flying over Entrevaux
0314E PG P2-PAR : Pacific Helicopters; MD.369ER/500ER
0316E FI HH-7 : Army MD500E; ex SE-HTM
0320E 1989 US N64RS : rainbow air from 2002 ex VH-ONB (N1605E)
0330E 1989 US N1606L : to N8330P
US N8330P : Dylan Aviation at Carroll Valley, PA Mar/Jun 2007
Agrotors Inc at Gettysburg, PA
US N8330P : Haverfield International Inc at Gettysburg, PA from Ju+
Jan15 with Potomac Edison, FirstEnergy Corp, for Inspec+
0333E 1989 PT CS-HBN : Heliportugal; ex N500AH; to G-OPCS
UK G-OPCS : Productivity Computer Solutions 2001-2008; 2009 to East+
0334E US N1605B : to N500SC
US N500SC : SLED from Jul90
0343E US N510HC : Hamilton County Sheriff Office, Ohio (HCSO) from Nov89,+
Oct17 return to service as MD530F
0346E 1989 US N121JP : to N252JP
US N252JP : Wilmington, DE , canc Feb08
DE D-HHHM : Germany private Jan08-Oct12
UK G-UMBY : HQ Aviation Ltd from Oct12
11jul14 pictured at Denham
Mar15 at Leeds Bradford heliport
0352E 1989 PG P2-PAI : Hughes 369ER, to VH-WHC
AU VH-NPH : Australia from Jan98
AU VH-NPH : Australian Helicopters from May06
0353E 1989 US N16056 : East Volusia Mosquito Control District at New Smyrna Be+
w/o 03sep15 west of New Smyrna Beach, FL
0355E US N10NT : Ontario Police Dept (OPD) , to N174SD
US N174SD : conv to MD530F c/n 0708FF
0356E 1989 UK G-BRTL : Reg new Aug90, ntu F-GHLF, many owners
20aug10 pictured (top) at Starlight childrens day at Po+
14aug13 pictured (bot) at Starlight Children Foundation+
0362E DE D-HMIC : 19may90 pictured at Hannover-Langenhage
AT OE-XKK : from D-HMIC, rtn to D-HMIC
DE D-HMIC : cur
0367E HU R-501 : Hungary Police
0368E HU R-502 : Hungary Police; 16+17aug08 Kecskemet air show
0371E 1989 JP JA9884 : to ZK-HKE
NZ ZK-HKE : to N371EE
US N371EE : from 1995
US N371EE : Haverfield International Inc at Gettysburg, PA from Jul+
0373E 1989 US N522PD : Helicopter Applicators Aug03-Nov07, ex N1607B
SE SE-JNB : Stockholms Helikoptertjanst, Sweden
0374E FI HH-8 : Army MD500E; ex SE-JAT; w/o 10jan07
0399E 1990 US N8371F : Houston Police Department (HPD) from Oct90
0405E 1990 US N1608A : McDonnell Douglas toward N705MP
US N705MP : MNPD; 1991 new ex N1608A
0407E 1990 US N1608B : McDonnell Douglas toward N706MP
US N706MP : MNPD; 1991 new ex N1608B
0414E 1990 US N1608L : to C-FHMM
CA C-FHMM : Heli-Max Ltd at Trois-Rivieres, QC Apr91-Aug93
US N7093S : to N503MP
US N503MP : MESAPD Aug95-Nov12
NZ ZK-HLS : New Zealand 2013
0416E HU R-504 : Hungary Police
0427E DE D-HFAZ : Germany to OH-HWE
FI OH-HWE : Finland, to SX-HBB
GR SX-HBB : private Greece; w/o 23jun17 hit power lines during spra+
0428E 1990 CA C-FMHI : Heli-Max Ltd at Trois-Rivieres, QC Apr91-Aug93
US N7093N : to N504MP
US N504MP : Mesa Police Department (MESAPD), reser N584MP
US N921SD : Fresno County Sheriff's Office, CA from May97, /Eagle T+
0434E 1990 US N1608D : Freelance Air at Atlanta, GA from Oct11
US N1608D : Dept of Justice, DEA; w/o 29jul13 hit wires (?) near Ev+
0440E US N383F : Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) from Feb00
0473E 1991 DE D-HHMC : Deutscher Helikopter Dienst, 1998/99
LV YL-HMC : Latvia from May01
UK G-MRRR : Estate Air Ltd Feb06-Aug10
private Aug10-Dec14; 24sep13 at London Helitech 2013
Helos Aviation from Jan15; w/o 24mar17 crashed next to +
0474E 1991 FR F-GLQP : France Mar92, test serial N1611B
ZA ZS-REO : South Africa, to N92MS
US N92MS : Echo Aviation Inc Owner Trustee at Wilmington, DE Oct98+
CI TU-THV : Ivory Coast, to N369E
UK N369E : Eastern Atlantic Helicopters at Wilmington, DE Jul12-Ma+
US N369E : Captain Rib Enterprises Inc Trustee from Mar13
07oct15 pictured at London Helitech 2015
0478E 1991 US N16092 : MD Helicopters
US N922SD : Fresno County Sheriff's Office, CA from Apr97, /Eagle O+
0480E 1991 US N1610B : East Volusia Mosquito Control District at New Smyrna Be+
0486E 1991 US N101LH : Gantt Aviation at Georgetown, TX Jul93-Sep95, test seri+
UK G-DRAR : Readmans Ltd Sep95-May01
UK G-JIVE : First Flight Long Acre Brimpsfield May01-Mar02
Sleekform Ltd Mar02-Jan13
UK G-JIVE : Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Ltd at Shoreham Airport Ja+
UK G-JIVE : Lima SP Zoo at Golub-Dobrzyn, Poland May/Jul 2013
PL SP-SOO : SG Equipment Leasing Polska; w/o 27sep15 struck power l+
0488E 1991 US N8372F : Houston Police Department (HPD) from Dec91, test serial+
0499E US N126PD : Puerto Rico Police Dept (PPR) ; w/o 26jul93 hit high-vo+
0501E 1992 US N127PD : Puerto Rico Police Dept (PPR) Jul93-Feb14, test serial +
US N127PD : Eahot Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE Feb14-Feb16
ZA ZT-ROC : South Africa by Jul16
Safomar Aviation by Oct16
0502E 1992 US N124PD : Puerto Rico Police Dept (PPR); 2014 to UK
0510E US N992SL : ex N911RS; Riverside County Sheriffs Department (RCSD) +
0511E 1993 US N8373F : Houston Police Department (HPD) from Feb94, test serial+
0512E 1993 UK G-OGJP : 28may10 at Staverton
0513E 1994 US N40NT : Ontario Police Dept (OPD) from Mar95; w/o 25jun02 at O+
0523E US N504MP : MESAPD from Mar96, ex N52323; 08jun14 failure engine, n+
0525E 1995 US N600TP : Tulsa Police Department (TPD) Mar96-Nov07
NZ ZK-IMD : New Zealand from Nov07; Heli A1 Ltd at Otorohanga from +
0526E 1996 US N911RP : City Of Riverside (RPD) from May96, test serial N5231K;+
0527E 1996 US N9140Y : CBP
0529E 1996 US N91620 : CBP; Dec13 on sale
0531E 1996 US N9204U : DHS
0532E 1996 US N9204Y : DHS
0534E 1997 US N551CP : Columbus Police (CPD), to N551CR
US N551PH : K & S Helicopters at Kailua Kona, HI from Jul07
0535E 1997 US N687F : to N62PJ
US N62PJ : Dept of Justice Mar01; w/o 12aug13 engine failure; can+
0536E 1997 US N92076 : Md Helicopters Apr97
US N552CP : Columbus Police (CPD) 1998-2005
US N2066W : J&e Pile Driving at East Syracuse, NY from Mar05
K & S Helicopters at Kailua Kona, HI from Oct12
0538E 1998 JP 8778 : Hughes 500E, c/n 0538E, ff?; reg N? Hughes unk; del JMS+
US N9232K McDonnell Douglas Helicopter I :
0539E 1998 JP 8779 : Hughes 500E, c/n 0539E, ff?; reg N9209G Hughes unk; del+
US N9209G McDonnell Douglas Helicopter I :
0540E 1998 US N553CP : Columbus Police (CPD) from 1998, reser N553CR
CA C-FZHS : Versatile Helicopters at Chemainus, BC Jun09-Mar12
CA C-FHHV : Hunter Helicopters at Langley, BC Mar/Oct 2012
Kecoa Helicopters at Port Alberni, BC from Oct12
0541E 1998 US N9211D : to N500TV
US N500TV : to N500TB, noted Jul05
US N500TB : to N506MP
US N506MP : MESAPD from Oct09
93 C/N.                 continue at MD Helicopters MD500E

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