Sikorsky s-70 H-60



export version for Colombia as COIN attack aircraft equipped with improved electronics and firing system. Developed by Elbit and designated Arpia

List of Operators of Sikorsky AH-60L

From Organisation with model AH-60L
colombia Fuerza Aerea Colombiana
    s-70 H-60 29 1988/   

Construction Numbers on database of AH-60L


Construction Numbers

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70-2480 CO FAC4125 : FAC d/d 2000. BuNo 00-26853
70-2481 CO FAC4126 : FAC d/d 2000. BuNo 00-26854
70-2482 CO FAC4127 : FAC d/d 2000. BuNo 00-26855
70-2483 CO FAC4128 : FAC d/d 2000. BuNo 00-26856
70-2633 CO FAC4130 : FAC d/d 2000. BuNo 00-26872?
w/o 15dec12 emergency landing near Providencia island
70-2637 CO FAC4131 : FAC d/d dec01. BuNo 01-26902?
70-2638 CO FAC4132 : FAC d/d dec01. BuNo 01-26903?. crash 10jul05. repaired?
This Uh-60 was rebuilt by Sudair ans Helitech in Canada+
70-2639 CO FAC4133 : FAC d/d dec01. BuNo 01-26904?
70-2640 CO FAC4134 : FAC d/d dec01. BuNo 01-26905?
CO FAC4129 : FAC d/d 2000. BuNo 00-26871?
CO FAC4135 : FAC d/d dec01. BuNo unk. dam 13jan03 near Antigua. repa+
This Uh-60 was rebuilt by Sudair ans Helitech in Canada+
11 C/N.

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