Sikorsky s-70 H-60 in
usa US Navy

1983 to present


  • US Navy s-70 H-60
The SEAHAWK is a twin-engine helicopter developed from the Army Black Hawk and is the Navy's airborne platform based aboard cruisers, destroyers, and frigates. It is used for anti-submarine warfare, search and rescue, drug interdiction, anti-ship warfare, cargo lift, and special operations.

1983 : SH-60B Seahawk LAMPS III replaced the SH-2 Seasprite
1988 : SH-60F Oceanhawk replaced the SH-3 Sea King
1989 : HH-60H Rescue Hawk
2002 : MH-60S Knighthawk Read more here
2005 : MH-60R Seahawk

BuNos 161169-161173 : YSH-60B Seahawk
BuNos 161553-161570 : SH-60B Seahawk
BuNos 162091-162139 : SH-60B Seahawk
BuNos 162326-162349 : SH-60B Seahawk
BuNos 162350-162389 : Cancelled SH-60B Seahawk
BuNos 162974-162991 : SH-60B Seahawk
BuNos 162992-162997 : Cancelled SH-60B Seahawk
BuNos 163038-163043 : SH-60B Seahawk MAP Spain
BuNos 163233-163249 : SH-60B Seahawk
BuNos 163250-163256 : Cancelled SH-60B Seahawk
BuNos 163257-163258 : conv UH-60A
BuNos 163259-163267 : USMC VH-60N Whitehawk
BuNos 163282-163288 : SH-60F Oceanhawk
BuNos 163593-163598 : SH-60B Seahawk
BuNos 163783-163800 : HH-60H
BuNos 163801-163835 : Jayhawk USCG 6001/35 (33-35 canc)
BuNos 163905-163910 : SH-60B Seahawk
BuNos 164069-164104 : SH-60F Oceanhawk
BuNos 164174-164179 : SH-60B Seahawk
BuNos 164423-164440 : Cancelled SH-60F Oceanhawk
BuNos 164443-164460 : SH-60F Oceanhawk
BuNos 164461-164466 : SH-60B Seahawk
BuNos 164609-164620 : SH-60F Oceanhawk
BuNos 164796-164804 : SH-60F Oceanhawk
BuNos 164808-164819 : SH-60B Seahawk
BuNos 164820-164830 : Jayhawk USCG 6036/46 (29-30 canc)
BuNos 164831-164846 : HH-60H

BuNos 164847-164858 : SH-60B Seahawk
BuNos 165095 : SH-60B Seahawk
BuNos 165096 : HH-60J Jayhawk USCG 6047
BuNos 165106-165112 : SH-60B Seahawk
BuNos 165113-165119 : SH-60F conv HH-60H
BuNos 165120-165123 : HH-60H Rescue Hawk
BuNos 165124-165127 : HH-60J Jayhawk USCG 6048/6051
BuNos 165128-165134 : Cancelled SH-60B Seahawk
BuNos 165135-165141 : Cancelled SH-60F Oceanhawk
BuNos 165142-165145 : Cancelled HH-60H Rescue Hawk
BuNos 165146-165150 : HH-60J Jayhawk USCG 6052/6056
BuNos 165154 : SH-60F conv HH-60H
BuNos 165155-165157 : Cancelled SH-60F Oceanhawk
BuNos 165255-165267 : HH-60H Rescue Hawk
BuNos 165268-165270 : SH-60F Oceanhawk
BuNos 165742-165778 : CH-60S Knighthawk
BuNos 165854-165859 : SH-60B MAP Spain
BuNos 166289-166373 : MH-60S Knighthawk
BuNos 166402-166408 : SH-60B conv MH-60R
BuNos 166409-166410 : SH-60R
BuNos 166468-166471 : MH-60S
BuNos 166515-166597 : MH-60R
BuNos 167000-1670?? : MH-60R
BuNos 167812-167901 : MH-60S
BuNos 168034-168035 : MH-60S Thailand
BuNos 168396 : MH-60R
BuNos 168530-168533 : MH-60S

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AN/ALQ-248 Pods for MH-60S and MH-60R, 12-Jan-17 : US Navy awarded contract to Lockheed Martin to provide MH-60S and MH-60R helicopters with enhanced electronic warfare surveillance and countermeasure capabilities against anti-ship missile threats

US Navy to Setup New MH-60S Depot in Florida, 07-Jul-16 : Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division (NSWC PCD) will function as a depot for the MH-60S Seahawk Carriage, Stream, Tow and Recovery System (CSTRS)

Software Upgrade for US Navy and Australian MH-60R, 29-Jun-16 : Lockheed Martin at Owego New York awarded contract for integration of software product improvement of the US Navy and Royal Australian Navy MH-60R Seahawk helicopter

Display Systems for MH-60 TRPS Program, 02-Jun-16 : Esterline Simulation Visual Systems awarded a contract by CAE to provide collimated display systems for the US Navy MH-60 Technical Refresh and Procurement of Simulators (TRPS) Program

CAE to Proceed on US Navy MH-60 Tech Refresh Program, 10-Feb-16 : CAE will perform a technology refresh on US Navy MH-60S/R Seahawk simulators located at Naval Air Stations (NAS) Jacksonville, Mayport, North Island and Norfolk.

US Navy Sundown Ceremony for SH-60B Seahawk, 08-May-15 : Helicopter Maritime Strike Wing Pacific conducts Sundown Ceremony to commemorate 30 years of active service for the SH-60B Seahawk helicopter.

Lockheed Martin Delivers 200th MH-60R to US Navy, 13-Nov-14 : The US Navy received its 200th MH-60R Seahawk helicopter. Manufactured by Sikorsky and equipped by Lockheed Martin, 291 aircraft are projected plus 24 for Australia and 9 for Denmark Navies.

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2016/nowHSC-11 Dragon Slayers NAS Norfolk
2015/nowHSM-49 Scorpions NAS North Island
2014/nowHSM-37 Easy Riders MCAS Kaneohe Bay
2014/nowHSM-48 Vipers NAS Mayport / McDonald Field
2014/nowHSC-5 Nightdippers NAS Norfolk
2013/nowHSM-72 Proud Warriors NAS Jacksonville
2013/nowHSM-35 Magicians NAS North Island
2013/nowHSM-51 WarlordsJP Atsugi Kaigun-hikōjō
2013/nowHSC-14 Chargers NAS North Island
2012/nowHSC-4 Black Knights NAS North Island
2012/nowHSC-15 Red Lions NAS North Island
2012/nowHSM-78 Blue Hawks NAS North Island
2012/nowHSM-46 Grandmasters NAS Mayport / McDonald Field
2011/nowHSM-74 Swamp Foxes NAS Jacksonville
2011/nowHSC-6 Indians NAS North Island
2011/nowHSM-75 Wolf Pack NAS North Island
2011/nowHSC-7 Dusty Dogs NAS Norfolk
2009/nowHSM-77 SaberhawksJP Atsugi Kaigun-hikōjō
NAS North Island
2009/nowHSC-9 Tridents NAS Norfolk
2009/nowHSC-12 Golden FalconsJP Atsugi Kaigun-hikōjō
NAS North Island
2009/nowHSM-70 Spartans NAS Jacksonville
2009/nowHSM-40 Airwolves NAS Mayport / McDonald Field
2007/nowHSM-71 Raptors NAS North Island
2007/nowHSC-8 Eightballers NAS North Island
2007/nowHSM-41 Seahawks NAS North Island
2007/nowHSM-73 BattleCats NAS North Island
2006/nowHSC-84 Red Wolves NAS Norfolk
2006/nowHSC-85 Firehawks NAS North Island
2006/nowHSC-2 Fleet Angels NAS Norfolk
2006/nowHSC-22 Sea Knights NAS Norfolk
2006/nowHSC-23 Wildcards NAS North Island
2005/nowHSC-28 Dragonwhales NAS Norfolk
2005/nowHSC-3 Merlins NAS North Island
2005/nowHSC-21 Blackjacks NAS North Island
2005/nowHSC-26 Chargers NAS Norfolk
2005/nowHSC-25 Island KnightsGU Andersen AFB
2002/05HC-3 Pack RatsNAS North Island
2002/05HC-6 ChargersNAS Norfolk
2001/nowHSL-60 Jaguars NAS Mayport / McDonald Field
1995/13HS-5 NightdippersNAS Norfolk
NAS Jacksonville
1995/11HS-7 Dusty DogsNAS Jacksonville
1994/16HS-11 DragonslayersNAS Jacksonville
1994/13HS-14 ChargersNAS North Island
JP Atsugi Kaigun-hikōjō
NAS North Island
1993/05HS-8 EightballersNAS North Island
1992/14HSL-37 Easy RidersMCAS Kaneohe Bay
Kalaeloa Airport / John Rodgers Field
1992/12HS-15 Red LionsNAS Jacksonville
1992/11HS-6 IndiansNAS North Island
1992/97HS-1 SeahorsesNAS Jacksonville
1991/13HSL-51 WarlordsJP Atsugi Kaigun-hikōjō
1991/09HS-3 TridentsNAS Jacksonville
1991/06HCS-5 FirehawksNAS North Island
NAS Point Mugu
1991/nowHS-4 Black Knights NAS North Island
1990/15HSL-49 ScorpionsNAS North Island
1990/12HS-10 WarhawksNAS North Island
1990/09HS-2 Golden FalconsNAS North Island
1990/94HC-1 Fleet AngelsNAS North Island
1989/14HSL-48 VipersNAS Mayport / McDonald Field
1989/06HCS-4 Red WolvesNAS Norfolk
1988/12HSL-46 GrandmastersNAS Mayport / McDonald Field
1987/09HSL-47 SaberhawkNAS North Island
1986/11HSL-44 Swamp FoxNAS Jacksonville
NAS Mayport / McDonald Field
1986/11HSL-45 WolfpackNAS North Island
1985/09HSL-40 AirwolvesNAS Mayport / McDonald Field
1984/12HSL-42 Proud WarriorsNAS Mayport / McDonald Field
1984/07HSL-43 Battle CatsNAS North Island
1983/06HSL-41 SeahawksNAS North Island
1983/nowVX-1 Pioneers NAS Patuxent River
??/07HS-75 Emerald KnightsNAS Jacksonville
NAS JRB Willow Grove
NAS Lakehurst
? to ?Longhorns NAS Fallon
? to ?NAS Whidbey Island SAR NAS Whidbey Island - Ault Field

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